Back At Ya, Fresh Loaf

Our good friend Andy over at Creative Loafing asks today why our “top bloggers” aren’t suicidal over some of the news that has come out about Sarah Palin over the weekend.

Until some of these top bloggers can weigh in, I’d like to point out a couple of things:

1) It was a holiday weekend.  Even some of us with no life found a few things to do, and

2) Many of the Republicans from which you are seeking comments are at the Republican Convention, and probably haven’t had hanging out here as their top priority.

As to your direct points,

1) Until there’s any form of evidence that Gov Palin had any knowledge or involvement in the Trooper issue, it’s a non story.  Frankly, I haven’t been following that meme and don’t have any better answer than that.  If it becomes an actual story/issue, you can probably expect some of the top bloggers to comment on it.

2) I think you missed about 60 comments on Palin’s “Bridge to Nowhere” issue, under the thread called “Palin was for the Bridge to Nowhere before she was against it.”

3) This one intrigues me.   Palin once belonged to a state secessionist group.   Interesting.  How many times did this group try to blow up the U.S. Capitol or the Pentagon?  Or anything else? 

Until a top blogger gets back to express his/her opinion and break the supposed silence we’ve had on Palin, I’ll say this:

Palin remains more accomplished, more experienced, and more a proven agent of much needed change than the guy who’s on the top of that other party’s ticket.


  1. dorian says:

    Yea, like we needed this as an example of what a bunch of hypocrites the foaming-at-the-mouth, lunatic, liberal democrat base is. Maybe if she’d snorted 8 balls with terrorists, that’d be socially acceptable.

  2. AtlConservative says:

    Very well stated! 1. She’s not perfect, but doesn’t have racist or terrorist ties that Obama has. 2. She doesn’t have a ton of experience, but she has executive experience – NONE of the other candidates in this race can say that.

    I think the liberal base is searching as hard as possible for anything! And they can’t attack her social conservatism because she has lived what she preaches…

    Libs – get over it – you’re going to lose!

    PS Why isn’t anyone in an outrage over – “Do any blacks live in Alaska?” comment? The NAACP is still whining over a smart aleck comment by some guy in Gwinnett… Also, God is “on their side.”? If a Republican said that it would be EVERYWHERE!

    The media is filled with hypocrites! Just like the party it represents!

  3. You’re dodging the issues.

    1. I didn’t allege criminal wrongdoing. Palin stated her offense was not involved. Then she backtracked after evidence surfaced that she was involved.

    2. I linked to DecaturGuy’s Bridge To Nowhere post.

    3. You’re not addressing that she is or at least was a member of a secessionist political movement.

    Wanting to secede from the United States is the opposite of Country First. Display some integrity and acknowledge that.

  4. Icarus says:

    I don’t think the Republican’s are the ones dodging the issues here. Most of what you posted above are non-issues.

    Obama has gone his entire campaign distancing himself from all the people and organizations that got him where he is. Funny thing is though, getting to where he is is the only experience/accomplishment he has.

    He has no actual achievement from any of the elected offices he has held, except for voting “present” while using that office to get elected to the next one. He hasn’t even voted much in the Senate, because he’s been running for President since he’s been elected.

    Now we’re supposed to ignore his lack of achievement, his ever shifting positions, because he talks about “change” and “working together” while never having demonstrated either talent?

    Then along comes Sarah Palin, and the left has gone nuts. The New York times has three, THREE front page stories on her pregnant daughter today. BTW, apparently Palin once got a ticket for fishing without a license. I’m sure we should be appoplectic that the McCain team didn’t consider that before picking someone that fits into the left’s little conservative republican attack profile.

    But I digress from the central part of this thread. It’s pretty easy to connect the dots and figure out who Sarah Palin is. She’s a non-conformist outsider, who is willing to take significant risks for – wait for it – CHANGE.

    Obama associates with terrorist bombers to build a base for election so that he can talk about Change.

    I’ll still take Palin.

  5. Icarus says:


    There’s no reason to make it personal with Andy. From what I’ve read of his stuff, he’s usually at least thought about the liberal talking points and has been willing to challenge the thinking when he feels appropriate (i.e., his story a few weeks back about guns and carry permits).

    As for posting the video, we’re already way into National politics on this allegedly GA blog. Erick will probably be taking a lot of us to the woodshed when he gets out of the Batman Imax movie.

  6. Game Fan says:

    Bill S.
    A lot of these “radical leftists” are actually “gettin’ paid” and “civil disobedience” along with some “national coverage” is all part of the plan to get exposure. This generally doesn’t happen to Ron Paul supporters since they’re “volunteers” without any “training”.

  7. Doug Deal says:


    From what he has been postiung today, it looks more like he has just figured out how to trackback and is trying to leach off PP’s popularity.

  8. Doug Deal says:

    Bill, his immediate actions are all part of who he is. Like pretty much anyone who writes for fish wrap rags, they just want to draw attention to themselves.

  9. Icarus says:

    From the Times Online:

    “Among those who couldn’t make it to the Tailgaters bar was Lynette Clark, chair of the Alaskan Independence Party, who last night issued an apology for incorrectly claiming that Palin was once a member of the pro-separatist group.”

    What am I supposed to display integrity and admit again?

  10. I posted a correction on my original post on Fresh Loaf.

    Now, if only someone would explain to me why a principled conservative would like someone who:

    1. Lied about her opposition to the Bridge To Nowhere

    2. Videotaped a message to secessionists telling them to “keep up the good work”

    3. Believes the Iraq war is somehow related to Jesus.

    4. Attends a church whose preacher believes that Jewish victims of violence in the Middle East are suffering God’s punishment for rejecting Christ.

  11. Doug Deal says:


    You are good at playing the worthless political hack. When you have to take things out of context in order to make a point, you are doing the same thing as lying.

    1) She stopped the project. Isn’t it funny how the left always want to judge people by words and never by action? The bridge was not built because she cancelled the funding. She moved to stop it. Whether it was to gain political points or not, people who aren’t caught neck deep up in the partisanship look at the results, not the rhetoric.

    2) Amazing how you go through that entire video tape and that is the best that you can come up with. Before, you leftist claimed that she was a member of the organization. When the facts come out, now it is that she wished them good luck on their convention. Graciousness is not part of the left’s M.O., but it is for most Americans. Post a link to the whole unedited video on your trashy rag, and you will be exposed as the fraud that you are.

    3) Again, ignore the context of her prayer, and focus on a miniscule part with loads of spin and mischaracterization. Again, post the entire video to your web site. It is very common to pray that people do god’s will. I am far from being a religious conservative, but if you believe in a just God, that means you hope they do the right thing. Are you against doing the right thing, Andy? (Obviously by how easily you allow yourself to be used as a pawn of the left.)

    4) Ever see that picture of her office that has the Israeli flag sticking up inconspicuously in the background. Yes, that is what anti-Jewish people do; put Israeli flags in their office as a keepsake.

    I realize you lefties do not like when a group you claim as chattel goes off and challenges your claim to their votes and voices, but try not to go off the deep end.

    Here is a novel idea. There are about 60 days left in the campaign. How about trying to let her have a chance to make her case before you whacko partisans try to define her with your hatred. If you had any confidence in your own side, you would. However, when you are in extreme panic mode, it’s hard to be anything but shrill.

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