1. tb says:

    Foxnews is reporting problems with 2 levies, one in St Bernard Parrish. My thoughts and prayers are being sent that way. It does not that Louisianna is out of the woods yet.

  2. atlantaman says:

    I know the Democrats are really upset the hurricane did not kill more people and ruin more lives, so it would hurt McCain in the upcoming election. Michael Moore and former DNC Chariman, Don Fowler, both felt the hurricane was a gift from God.

  3. Chris says:

    Atlantaman – As a Republican, I can say that Moore and Fowler’s comments were in complete bad taste. But we on the right have no right to the moral high ground thanks to Coulter and Falwell.

    Based on my (somewhat limited) civil engineering knowledge, the risk window for the leeves is probably 48 hrs. If we make it to Wednesday without a breech then we’re safe. But the scouring from the overtopping can take awhile to cause the levies to collapse.

  4. midtown_maven says:

    Good to hear New Orleans has held up. That was some uneasy video with the overtopping.

    Now Hanna is headed for Savannah. How long has it been since that happened?

    I hope the state officials get back here to be ready.

  5. tb says:

    I hope people recognize how well Governor Jindall did with this hurricane, a whole lot better than the Democrat the held office during Katrina.

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