Palin Was For The Bridge To Nowhere Before She Was Against It

The storyline about Governor Palin, who apparently John McCain met only once in person 6 months ago before selecting her for the Vice Presidential nomination and putting her a heartbeat away from the Presidency if the 72 year old candidate is elected, is that she’s a reformer who fights corruption.

However, during her race for the Governorship back in 2006, it seems that she supported the Bridge to Nowhere and any other pork barrel projects her corrupt buddies in the Alaska Congressional delegation, like Sen. Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young, could bring home before the Republicans lost the majority in the 2006 election, and hence their ability to steer pork barrel projects back to Alaska.

The key statement from the October 22, 2006 Anchorage Daily News:

5. Would you continue state funding for the proposed Knik Arm and Gravina Island bridges?

Yes. I would like to see Alaska’s infrastructure projects built sooner rather than later. The window is now – while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist.

So while Ted Stevens was making commercials endorsing Palin, she was supporting his efforts to build the Bridge to Nowhere.

What a reformer. Sounds like politics as usual if you ask me.


  1. boyreporter says:

    By this choice, John McCain proves he is an irresponsible hypocrite. Country first? Nah, politics first. I hope it backfires as it should. Eff that creepy McSame. Some of us had him figured out long ago, but still, continuing confirmation is a good thing.

  2. tb says:

    Poking holes in the palin pick is, well……..preposterous. The dems are scrambling and the republican naysayers just want something to howl about.

  3. Bob Barr to announce VP
    Actually the Libertarian VP was selected by the delegates at our convention in Denver. Meet Wayne Allyn Root I would love to see him in the debates, as would most Americans, I’m sure.

    5. Would you continue state funding for the proposed Knik Arm and Gravina Island bridges?

    I believe that she’s been consistant. She said, if we need the bridge, we’ll build it. Which I took as meaning no special pork federal dollars. For “a bridge to nowhere”, let the state decide if they want it and let them pay for it. However, I do think she is more of a big government spender than she’s being made out to be by the GOP. Is Palin a reformer and fiscal conservative?

  4. Progressive Dem says:

    The bloom won’t be on this rose very long.

    The larger question is what it says about McCain’s judgement and temperment. In a tough decison, he throws the dice on an inexperienced unknown – a person he had met once before she was selected. Rather than choosing someone who is clearly prepared to become president, he makes a political choice. Rather than stick to his committment to fight what he believes to be the most important challenge of our times – Islamic fascism – he chooses someone with no foreign policy expereince. The man is 72 years old for crying out loud. If ever we needed someone with experience in the VP slot, this was it.

    Finally, he shows his contempt for women. Hillary was supported by 18 millin women and men becasue she was qualified and many thought she was the best person for the job. Is Sarah Palin, the best person for the job? Does anyone expect her to play a significant role in the McCain admistration? McCain chose her for symbolic and political reasons, not qualifications.

  5. Chris says:

    How dare a politician pander to the masses before an election only to do the right thing once in office.

    Why, why, that would almost be liking promising to stop the war, only to fund additional troops once your party took control of both houses.

    What Sarah Palin promised to do, or who endorsed her, during the general election when she was running against another corrupt Alaskan politician (in this case Democrat Tom Knowles) is pretty immaterial.

  6. Decaturguy says:

    The window is now – while our congressional delegationis in a strong position to assist.

    In other words, we will use state money so long as our congressional delegation can bring home some pork to help.

  7. midtown_maven says:

    Does Sarah Plain go to a church where the pastor shouts “God Damn America”?

    Does she have a mentor who gives awards to Louis Farrakhan?

    Does Sarah Palin have fundraisers at the house of folks who planted more bombs than Eric Rudolph?

    Since Obama came from a background of friendships with anti-Semites and domestic terrorists it will be refreshing to
    support a woman who puts country first in both political associations and core beliefs.
    That is a qualification for the presidency Obama clearly lacks.

  8. GOPeach says:

    Midtown Maven- Ditto!

    Gov. Palin is bringing WHOLESOME back to this county! She has INTEGRITY and GRACE. This is what has been missing from the whole election year. What a breath of fresh Alaskan air!

  9. DMZDave says:

    Apparently the Democratic supporting commentators on this blog disagree with their candidate on the need to get beyond slash and burn politics – now there’s a shock. Politics of change? Just rhetoric we don’t actually believe that stuff.

    Barack Obama blew his first major decision when he failed to choose Hillary and all the Republicans rejoiced. He spoke about only sending troops into battle with all the necessary equipment to get the job done and then as he girded for battle with the GOP, he left the big guns below deck and unilaterally disarmed.

    Sarah Palin is indeed a bold and unusual choice but it is clear that democrats don’t know how to criticize women without being sexist. Watching Paul Begala just wetting himself on CNN and making one over the top comment after another, I realized what a genius move this may have been. The Begalas of the world are going to make women so angry with their sexist stupid comments that Republicans really are going to capture votes we had no hope of capturing a few days ago.

  10. Chris says:

    DMZ – that would explain the super secrecy of the McCain Veepstakes. By keeping to focus on Romney, Pawlenty and Liberman, it didn’t give the Obama people time to come up with a reasoned line of attack on Palin.

    Right out of the gate the Obama Press office was slamming her inexperience, while Obama and Biden themselves were issuing a congratulations to Palin to the traveling press corps.

    Good job McCain….. No leaks, and you kept your opponent totally off guard.

  11. Dave Bearse says:

    The most impressive thing about oppostion to a $400M bridge to an island of a couple hundred residents (maybe even after the GOP lost the wherewithal to direct federal funding) being called “reform”, is the backhanded admission that the GOP was and is corrupt and fiscally irresponsible.

    “What Sarah Palin promised to do….during the general election when she was running against another corrupt Alaskan politician (in this case Democrat Tom Knowles) is pretty immaterial.”

    If that’s immaterial, her beauty pageant and village politician experience is immaterial too. That leaves only gender, and her being a pro-life creationist Republican as material.

  12. atlantaman says:

    The problem for Obama is any criticism of Palin being inexperienced or the fact she is being nominated because she is a woman will lead people, like Geraldine Ferraro, to state Obama is also inexperienced and is the nominee because he is black.

  13. The “Bridge to Nowhere” was a perfect symbol of the excesses of Washington. Republicans, like Chris Farris, who rail against pork barrel spending and earmarks rightly said that they needed clean up their house. So here’s what happened. One year, the money was there with an earmark for the bridge to nowhere.

    The next year, the same money was in the budget but no earmark. Palin killed the project but kept the money for other projects in Alaska, actually to fill a gap in their DOT budget much like the one Georgia faces. OK, so they didn’t build the bridge. They still redistributed billions of dollars of taxpayer money to Alaska to build roads subsidized by taxpayers here.

    So why no outrage anymore? As of 2005, Alaska got nearly $2 back from the federal government for every $1 they put in. Georgia got $1.01 back for every $1. Alaska’s state government has spent recklessly and has huge DOT shortfalls — Georgia’s state government has spent recklessly and has huge DOT shortfalls. Georgia’s federal taxpayers bail out Alaska while Georgia gets nothing. Give Gov. Palin an award…she sure is glad to spend our money.

  14. Ronin says:


    Not by population:

    Delaware (2006) 853,476
    Alaska (2006) 670,053

    Alaska barely beats Cobb County at 679,325 … and is less than Gwinnett 757,104.

    Albeit, comparing Biden’s legislative service to the executive experience of managing a population. But, if numbers count then Sam Olens, counts as much as Palin does.

    And, Karl Rove (based on this) should think that Palin isn’t qualified for being veep.

  15. AF Veteran 2004 says:

    Now wait a minute. Gov. Palin in her speech from Dayton, OH said “If Alaska wanted a bridge they would build it themselves. The question in this story was “Would she continue STATE funding of the bridge”? Well she is the Governor if she wants to spend STATE money on the bridge that is Alaska’s business. What does Federal pork spending have to do with the STATE government of Alaska. It is time the power came back to the states.

  16. bowersville says:

    This frontier woman is going to kick the @ss of the delusional democrat from Connecticut and the Obamacrat of William Ayers fame from the Chicago thugs. Think not?

    Who would you rather sit down to dinner with? The Ayers Pentagon terrorist bomber? Or Stevens the crook?

  17. bowersville says:

    Well, just as I thought. Not one of you Democratic wizards would come forward and defend the likes of of Obama/Biden.

  18. SouthFultonGuy says:

    WOW I have seen more posts on PP from Decatur Guy on Palin since the Palin announcement than I’ve seen all year.

    I guess that’s the litmus test that dems are panicking.

    What they really need to be concerned about is this issue:

    From the mouths of babes: my daughter asked me why Obama would be friends with terrorists?

  19. JamesDowning says:

    What a wonderful choice in Gov. Sarah Palin for VP! Gov Palin balances the ticket beautifully and is the best person to aid John McCain as Vice President in his administration to run our country well. She brings in a distinguished record of executive experience – running a successful and popular government in Alaska. She has a record of clean government, reduction in spending and bipartisan dealings. An ideal ticket has 1 person who brings in Washington experience – experience with foreign policy, national security etc. while the other brings in executive experience – that of running a government. All major tickets, especially winning tickets in the last 4 decades or so have had such a combination. The Democratic ticket has no experience in running a government smoothly whatsoever.

    As for the argument of experience – it is by no means of the table! It says a lot when the nominee for President is comparing his resume with the opposite parties nominee for VP! The VP position does lend itself to on the job training, but the office of President most certainly does not, like Joe Biden himself said. And anyway there is a world of difference between running for President and running for VP. The question of her becoming President and being capable/incapable of doing that arises only if something unfortunate were to happen to President McCain in the next 4 years. Obama could be President in under 4 months! Anyone who believes that Gov Palin is too inexperienced to be VP cannot even dream of Obama as Potus. I’m guessing we wont hear much from the Obama campaign this fall about the (in)experience of Sarah Palin – they would just be shooting themselves in the foot.

    I however believe Gov. Palin is definitely ready to be VP, and even the President should such an unfortunate event arise. She has an amazing track record of running a Government and would certainly be able to do the job well atleast to serve out President McCain’s term. Anycase by all indications Sen. McCain’s health will be fine for atleast 4 years.

    Also she has been the Governor of a state (a small state perhaps but a state none the less) and the Commander-in-Chief of a State National Guard (again, a small force perhaps but a force none the less). This alone put her as having more experience than the Democratic Ticket combined as neither of the 2 people on that ticket have any experience running a government or any experience of commanding an army (the person on the top of the ticket has no experience of being in an army, let alone commanding it!). Who would you rather have as CIC? For me its a clear choice – Palin. People ask whether you want to have Palin as CIC if anything happens to McCain – I ask whether you want to have Obama as CIC if anything happens to Biden (him not being there to mentor him and hold his hands every step of the way) or want Biden as CIC if anything happens to Obama. All this talk about heartbeat away really gets me – I would rather have Palin a heartbeat away from the Presidency than Obama at the Presidency! Also Nancy Pelosi is 2 heartbeats away from being CIC – now thats scary!!

    I do not agree with people saying that the selection of Gov. Palin is a blatant attempt to get the women voters to vote republican this year. Anyone saying that is really insulting the intelligence of both the McCain campaign and more importantly the women of the country. I would ask all of you, especially women, to vote for the ticket not because of the gender of the VP candidate, but because this is the best ticket for a successful America for the next 4 years. Vote for Gov. Palin not because she is a women but because she is more than capable for the job of VP. None of us knew much about Gov. Palin till yesterday and I must admit that I was at first skeptical when I heard Sen. McCain’s pick. I did some research on her and liked what I saw. I hope all voters would do the same so that they would realize Gov. Palin is not on the ticket just because she is a woman, she is on the ticket since she would be an excellent VP with the executive experience she brings in. I am sure that as this campaign progresses and people get to hear more about her and her achievements, the initial backlash from some quarters (‘an insult to women thinking they will vote republican simply there is a woman on the ticket’, or ‘a pretty face totally incapable of taking tough decisions’) will evaporate and people will vote for Gov. Palin and Sen McCain on the basis of their combined experience and achievements.

  20. bowersville says:

    Hello Decatur Guy, take up for that liberal Obama maniac Ayers.

    Where are you Boy Reporter?

    Tell us how Ayers perpetuates the American way. Tell us how Palin doesn’t.

  21. This was definitely the right choice. She brings a whole new enthusiasm to the Party, and the race (on both sides). All we’ve seen for a couple of years is the some bunch of politicos only repackaged and reshelved to make them look different. Problem is, it’s the same stuff.

    This will be the ticket to follow. After reading up on her, she’s a solid fiscal and social conservative and connects well to the people.

  22. Ronin,

    Alaska may not have as many people as Cobb County, but the fact of the matter is, asphalt probably costs about the same as it does in Cobb County and workers probably command similar salaries…in fact…maybe more since labor is a higher commodity in AK. Condemning land to build the road is probably cheaper in Alaska, but eventually quanity will help the cost even out.

    Juneau to Anchorage alone is over 800 miles of roads that must be tough enough to survive Alaska’s winters.

    While there are less people to deliver government services to, they are spread much further apart making delivery more difficult and resulting in different kinds of challenges that must be met.

    And as for the “bridge to nowhere,” I think the 50 residents of that island should have a bridge to the mainland rather than having to rely on ferries, but the bridge should not cost the American taxpayers $400 million. Let Alaskans pay for it themselves, whatever the costs.

    In Cobb, a road from

  23. bowersville says:

    Since when does a road run from Juneau to Anchorage?

    You Cobb countians and everybody else doesn’t get it. But you will.

    Cobb, you ever heard of the turnagan(sp?) arm?

  24. Decaturguy says:

    Just found out that one of the first things that Palin did as Governor was impose a windfall profit tax on oil companies doing buisiness in Alaska, every Alaskan will get a $1,200 check as a result of Governor Palin’s windfall profits tax, and the State Senate President (also a Republican) from her same hometown called her economic policies “liberal.”

    Is it still too late before the convention for McCain to change his pick before it is too late?

  25. bowersville says:

    Change his pick before the convention? You have got to be kidding?

    Kill a down syndrome baby? Vote Obama, put that unwanted baby in a closet and let him/her die like Obama lacked the intestinal fortitude to speak up on behalf of the dieing baby.

    And you, Decatur Guy, wants to speak of before it’s too late. You, my friend, are just like the rest of the Dems, no sense and no compassion.

  26. ReaganRepublican says:

    The Christian right asked for Huckabee or Palin. We got it, now we will once again deliver this election… For those of you making fun of Alaska, how big is Delaware?

  27. GOPeach says:

    Oh … and you guys know that ” one heartbeat away from being president” rhetoric coming from the dems???…..

    That sounds like a prophesy to me!

    I believe if Palin was running for President – She would win! That lady is a STRAIGHT SHOOTER!

  28. John Konop says:

    Will McCain gain back the support after the GOP convention?

    Polls: Voters Doubt Palin’s Qualifications While Obama Expands Lead

    FOXNEWS-Most voters are unfamiliar with John McCain’s new running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and many question her qualifications to be president, according to a USA TODAY/Gallup poll.

    Meanwhile, another Gallup poll shows Barack Obama maintaining an 8 percentage point lead over John McCain following the end of the Democratic convention Thursday.

    Republicans begin their four-day convention Monday here even as Hurricane Gustav picks up steam as it approaches the Gulf Coast. Palin is scheduled to speak Wednesday.

    In the poll taken Friday, 39 percent said she is ready to serve as president if needed, 33 percent said she isn’t and 29 percent have no opinion.

    That’s the lowest rating any running mate has had since then-Indiana Sen. Dan Quayle was selected in 1988 to join George H.W. Bush’s team.

    By contrast, 57 percent of voters rated Delaware Sen. Joe Biden as qualified after Obama selected him last week. Eighteen percent said he wasn’t qualified.

    Meanwhile, the Gallup daily tracking poll shows good news for Obama, following the close of the Democratic National Convention and his high-profile nomination acceptance speech Thursday.

    The poll, taken from Wednesday to Friday, showed Obama leading McCain by 49 percent to 41 percent for the second day in a row — a campaign high for him.

    Before the convention, the two presidential candidates were tied at 45 percent.

  29. Decaturguy says:

    Go ahead and believe that Bill. If you’re against affirmative action you should be against it. This is affirmative action at its very worst. Not to mention she’s a tax raising, windfall profit tax and re-distribute the wealth Socialist with close associations with corrupt Alaska politicians and questionable ethics.

  30. bowersville says:

    Believe that Bullsh*t if you will DecaturGuy. Despite what your ilk believes, it took no affirmative action for Palin. Unlike the Obamacrats, she the real deal.

  31. Dave Bearse says:

    The Palin choice is not significant foremost because VP choices are rarely signficant. In this case informed independents tunred off by an unqualified right winger VP backstopping a 72 year old maverick will offset an energized GOP base. That leaves the election up to less informed independents, sure to make for an interestingly election season.

  32. Decaturguy says:

    Nobody seems to want to address why she supported a windfall profits tax on oil companies doing business in Alaska and distributed that money in welfare checks to Alaskans.

  33. bowersville says:

    DG, if you had ever lived in AK, you could answer your own question.

    Drill there, pay here. What makes you think the oil companies paying to do business on AK soil is welfare?

    Duh. You don’t get it.

  34. Decaturguy says:


    You completely miss the point. Of course Alaska can tax oil companies who drill there and they always have. However, shortly after Palin became governor she increased those taxes (a $6 billion increase in taxes on oil companies) that oil companies pay to do business in Alaska. That is a tax increase however you look at it.

    If I do business in Georgia and if the government increased my taxes … as our Republican Governor has a tendency to want to do … that is tax increase just like Palin increased taxes in Alaska.

    She then took that tax increase on oil companies and re-distributed much of the money to Alaska residents by the government writing them checks.

    How is that not the very definition of socialism, is it not?

  35. bowersville says:

    Dg, the last time I lived in AK(circa 1970s Jimmy Baffon Carter years) there was no state income tax and plenty of gas for my home, my vehicles and so forth. But not here, not in Georgia, the national news showed everybody lined up as the gas station.

    I’m not trying to argue with you, but it gets to me when the lower 48 doesn’t get it. Drill here, drill now and pay for it as you go oil companies. That’s a different concept I know. But if the Ds and Rs want to kill the controversy over drilling. Make the oil companies pay for it. What do you think those middle eastern countries are doing?

    Are we so stupid that we can’t reap the wealth in a legitimate way?

    Socialism, no. Economics, yes.

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