I Heart John McCain

John McCain has made a brilliant strategic decision today in picking Sarah Palin. Palin is a reformer. She defeated the corrupt Murkouski to become Governor of Alaska. She is anti-pork. She is the exact opposite of the corrupt and incompetent GOP leadership that lost us the majority two years ago.

Even if Senator McCain does not win in November, he has raised Palin’s profile putting her in a solid position to be the nominee in four years. This would change the course of the GOP back towards responsible limited government.

John McCain has saved the GOP today.


  1. ramblinwreck says:

    Absolutely BRILLIANT! I’m actually going to donate money to his campaign now.

    A great day, TECH WINS and McCain makes an excellent choice for VP all within 24 hours. It doesn’t get much better than this.

  2. Doug Deal says:


    Who would have thought that it would be McCain of all people to pull the levers to put life back into the Republican party that Bush drained.

  3. odinseye2k says:

    Watch out … there’s a scandal in Alaska that may have her name on it. I don’t know what kind of legs it has.

    Let’s just say that hell hath no fury and so on.

  4. jsm says:

    “John McCain has saved the GOP today.”

    That’s a pretty big statement, and I hope it’s true.

    What I like is that this choice is apparently bringing happy surprise to Republicans, as opposed to the controversy and angst among some democrats at their VP nom.

  5. Chris says:

    So when the Republicans lose the White House and more seats in Congress will you stand by “John McCain has saved the GOP today”?

    The corruption and incompetence of the Bush/Hastert/Frist/Lott lot mean a November 2008 victory is a tall order. As I said this is a long term decision, creating a positive future for the GOP even if McCain doesn’t win this year.

  6. EAVDad says:

    It’s an interesting pick.

    On the plus side, it certainly gives the ticket a little youth and energy, and of course puts a woman in the mix.

    On the downside, I think given McCain’s age, there is a desire for a VP that is ready to serve in case he, ya know, dies or has a stroke, etc… She doesn’t fit that bill.

    But very very interesting.

  7. Wow, you guys mean to tell me that Sarah Palin had the courage to “take on” a Governor who had an 18% approval rating and ended up finishing 3rd in a GOP primary?

    What this pick really tells us about John McCain is that he thinks he will live forever. A 72 year old who questions the readiness of a 4 year US Senator who served 8 years in the state legislator and was President of the Harvard Law Review is willing to put someone “one heartbeat” away from the Presidency who is not even a 2 year Governor of a pork addicted outpost in the northern wilderness whose previous experience consists of running a city 1/4th the size of Valdosta.

    What’s with McCain’s former-beauty-queen complex?

  8. John Konop says:

    This is a crazy pick. McCain could of picked Ridge, Romney, Hutchinson, Newt…….all very qualified!

    Biden will clean her clock on foreign policy debate which the above mentioned could of stood toe to toe. The Hillary supporters flocking to McCain will look at this pick as an insult in my opinion. BTW the exit polls showed Hillary supporters for McCain thought he was pro choice. And this takes the best attack on Obama off the table experience.

    I do not get it!

  9. Decaturguy says:

    Let’s see here. McCain and that unashamed bigot Sean Hannity have been saying for weeks that Obama is not ready to be President since he’s only been a Senator for 4 years.

    So who does the 72 year old Republilcan nominee with a history of health problems pick? A 2 year Governor of an obscure state with a tiny population whose only previous experience was finishing runner up in the Miss Alaska contest and being on the city council and then mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (Pop – 5,470).

    How exactly is she qualified to be President? Say what you will about Mitt Romney, you may not like him but he was clearly qualified to take over if need be.

    Oh, I also just read that as Governor she vetoed a bill that would have prohibited benefits for same sex partners in Alaska.

    Strange choice to me. Looks like a hail mary to try to get some of the women vote.

  10. jkga says:

    It was a Hail Mary *and* a smart choice, because the only way McCain would win is if his oppenents make a serious error, and this selection could elicit such a blunder if Biden or another surrogate goes after her in an inartful way. (Obama has style; I’m not worried about him.)

  11. jwilkes says:

    John Konop: “McCain could of picked Ridge, Romney, Hutchinson, Newt…….all very qualified!” I think you mean “could have”.

  12. Decaturguy says:

    Macon has a population of over 97,000. I guess Erick Erickson is over 19 times more qualified to be President than Palin, given his service on the Macon city council.

    Heck, Fulton County has about 300,000 more people than the whole state of Alaska. Since Karen Handel was chair of the County Commission, maybe McCain should have picked her.

  13. CHelf says:

    It seems the Obama Dem talking points are to equate her with Dan Quayle – Kos, HuffPo, Salazar, and numerous others have all repeated the same thing on all of the blogs and interviews. Is this all they had on her? She’s Dan Quayle?

  14. Executive experience IS executive experience. You can also very easily run a small city into the ground or keep it prospering depending on your leadership. While Alaska may have a small population, the issues dealing with land use, industry and the environment are huge issues in AK.

    Also, Bill Clinton was the Executive of a small state as well and you Dems put him in the White House.

    Obama and McCain both lack executive experience. Joe Biden has sat in the Senate since he was 30. He has been there since 3 years before I was born. He may have held a few hearings, but knowledge of foreign affairs and conducting foreign affairs are two vastly different things.

    With the possible exception of McCain dropping dead on Jan. 21, 2009, Palin will have at least a few years of gaining experience in DC.

    The self-described “Hockey Mom” who put her foot down as Governor to stop the $400 million “Bridge to Nowhere” is a brilliant pick for McCain and represents the real future of the GOP.

    I’ll pick anyone who can juggle kids, a career, and put together a sled dog team over either Barak the bodysurfer or Joe Biden’s 30+ year Washington career.

  15. Decaturguy says:

    I’m not equating her with Dan Quayle. Dan Quayle was far more qualified to be Vice President than Palin.

  16. SavannahDem says:

    She’s not experienced enough to be Quayle.

    Quayle served in Congress for 12 years before being picked for VP (House, 1976 – 1980 and Senate, 1980-1988).

    To paraphrase a great American “she’s no Dan Quayle.”

  17. Doug Deal says:

    John K.,

    You would have been complaining about whoever McCain picked. You want to be a Democrat this year, go for it, just stop pretending that you are soem sort of independent.

  18. BooWho says:

    I hear people talk about executive experience being a qualification for a presidential candidate. Can someone define what that is?

  19. heroV says:

    I feel like the McCain camp really overthought this one. Romney was ready and waiting, and I think he would have been a superb choice. He’s unquestionably qualified (political views aside) and they could have hammered the experience thing down Obama’s throat. Is the fact that he’s a Mormon THAT important to conservatives?

  20. Cobb you clearly know nothing about Biden’s history serving in the Senate and caring for his infant children after their mother died in a terrible car accident if you make a statement like that.

  21. c_murrayiii says:

    Its funny Dems are hitting Palin, the VP candidate for not being experienced, and totally overlooking the top of their ticket has the most un-experienced, un-qualified Pres. candidate in history. Palin’s two years as Gov of Alaska, actually making reforms, stopping the wasteful spending, and her work on the Gas and Oil commission of Alaska (which provides real American energy, not tire gauges) and also funds a large portion of the state budget, give her a whole lot more experience than Obama.

  22. CHelf says:

    I guess someone who is much closer and more in touch with average America is still somehow less qualified than someone from Hyde Park and 4 years of DC experience.

    Dem arguments are so contradictory. First we needed a DC outsider. We needed executive experience. We need someone who is in touch with middle America. We need someone who fights corruption and big business. Now suddenly someone who brings all of that is bad and unqualified. What was good last month is suddenly just not fit for even the VP spot.

  23. Doug Deal says:


    Executive experience is being the person who signs checks, determines policy and has their personal stamp on every action of their organization (governmental or private).

    There is a big difference between being a legislature in Congress and being mayor of city. The mayor is much more qualified than the House member. Legislatures hide from the problems and claim credit for the successes. No legislature ever had a placard on their desk that read “the buck stops here”.

    A would take a manager of a Wendy’s over Obama in the experience department. He has never been in charge of anything, not even his own sub-committee. Governor of any state (even weak governor states like Texas) are on a whole different level than voted yes and no depending on what some aid told you was best for your image.

  24. Doug Deal says:


    But Biden is smarter than all of us. He has three degrees, and had a full academic scholarship, finishing at the top of his class.

  25. Doug Deal says:


    But Biden is smarter than all of us. He has three degrees, and had a full academic scholarship, finishing at the top of his class.

    Oh, nevermind.

  26. Tea Party says:

    As a life long, Repub, lately disenfranchised, but no less fiscally conservative Repub, I say enuff about Romney, already.

    The Mormon aspect aside (that would be a reason FOR me to vote FOR him, they are usually pretty stable and industrious folk) the guy just cannot waffle that much in one political career.

    Early Romney or later Romney, two completely different people, and that is an issue to me.

  27. GOP Girl says:

    My gosh. I’m so happy with his pick that I can almost bring myself to congratulate Bullmoose.

    John K, don’t be so quick to think she’s gona get “her clock cleaned” by Biden. Biden is yesterday’s news and his speech put people to sleep. Palin is one tough cookie.

  28. I’m very happy. Pawlenty did not settle that great with me, but Palin does. A Reformer and true Conservative. And with her NRA rating, perhaps the chatter about Barr getting the NRA endorsement shall end.

  29. CHelf says:

    Barack Obama’s campaign is blasting John McCain for putting “the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

    So putting someone with none IN THE WHITE HOUSE is BETTER???

  30. atlantaman says:

    The whole thing is funny. Mr. Change Obama goes and picks the ultimate Washington insider Biden, who represents no change, and McCain, critical of Obama’s experience picks Palin.

    Both the Presidential candidates seemed to offset themselves.

    I will say if you’re just going to compare raw experience as qualifications for President, I’d take someone with 2 years of executive experience in a Governor’s mansion over someone with 4 years experience in a legislative body. Especially if the legislator has essentially been running for President since day one and probably couldn’t even tell you were the Capital bathrooms are located.

    At least in recent history, the American public seems to agree that those with executive experience are better qualified to be President than those with legislative experience.

  31. Bill Simon says:

    How many state planes/helicopters did Roy Barnes park, Bobby?

    From my research on the issue, none, as they were frequently used by Taylor and Barnes. 🙂

  32. No chris, Biden, like most Dems., choose to continue working in DC rather than staying close at home to care for his children when thier mother and sister were tradically killed.

    Most reports were that he resisted calls to step down. So he goes to work in DC. What a great example of a family man he is…leave your grieving kids at home with the nanny or other family to become the DC big shot. Another Democrat showing that nothing is more important than the Government.

  33. tb says:

    Woo Hoo! Did you all hear her speak?! My whole house is ecstatic with this pick. Get this -as governor, she got rid of that perk the previous administation had and got rid of that personal jet. A member of the NRA! Loves to hunt and fish.. Now that’s a woman I can relate to.

  34. Hey Shep,

    That’s close to being out of line.

    Biden’s never lived in DC he’s always headed home after “work”. If you know someone who loses a parent do you suggest the lone parent quit their job (and thus, likely ending all sources of income for the family)?

  35. RobertC says:

    I’m so upset. Sonny was a leading candidate. He said so himself on every trip overseas and at fundraisers here in GA.

    He was “on the short list”. How could he not have been the pick????

    i am of course kidding. Sonny is a joke. but I think the whole thing is funny.

  36. Icarus says:

    Icarus is trying to get out of town (one step ahead of the law, as usual),

    but I have to go back to a very early comment from Chris H on Obama’s experience.

    His crowining achievement is being President of Harvard Law Review.


    That’s the actual “achievement” on Obama’s resume.


  37. ramblinwreck says:

    I just saw a clip of Gov Palin shooting what appeared to be an M-16 on full auto. You have to love a woman who can effectively squeeze off 3 round bursts AND cut wasteful spending.

    I jazzed!

  38. Team Ox says:

    From John Oxendine:

    Senator John McCain has made an outstanding choice in Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. Governor Palin is strong for America and will be strong in Georgia and the South. Her strong pro-life principles will be well received across Georgia. More then that, her common sense approach to the energy crisis and her support for drilling for oil is what America needs. Governor Palin is a lifetime member of the NRA and strong supporter of free market capitalism.

    By picking a strong conservative, Senator McCain has ensured that Georgia will deliver its electoral votes for the Republican ticket. Georgia conservatives are very excited to welcome Governor Palin to our state; we are fired up to win Georgia for the McCain-Palin ticket.

  39. Icarus says:

    “You have to love a woman who can effectively squeeze off 3 round bursts ”

    You would think so, but Erick keeps trying to shut down the spas anyway.

    Icarus, Out.

  40. Wayne Mosley says:


    It seems that the Democratic detractors to Gov. Palin have overlooked tow very important issues.

    First, they are ranting about her shortcoming with respect to foreign policy experience. In addition to being mentored by a true sage in FP, Alaska and therefore Gov. Palin are on point for America in that most prominent of global issues–energy. It is also relevant that Alaska’s nearest neighbors are Canada and Russia. Talk about “tip of the spear”, Alaskans live at the “tip of the spear” Somehow being from Delaware or a community organizer from Chicago just doesn’t measure up.

    Second, and I believe more important is that she has been a mayor of a city of 9000. The GOP should constantly remind us of that fact. From what I have seen in my time in Iraq and Afghanistan is that the Federal approach to all problems is often more of a hindrance than a help. Perhaps you have heard the saying “When the only tool you have is a hammer, the whole world suddenly becomes a nail” I like the fact that she was a mayor. Not only does that executive experience trump that of the entire Democratic ticket, but I bet your executive and political skills have to be practiced on a much higher level when you are apt to run into your constituents at the local supermarket.


  41. Mike says:

    Palin was the safest “risky choice”, executive experience, strong woman. I really thought McCain was going to pick a northerner to help in PA so Im a bit suprised but it is a good pick. I’m a goldwater/ron paul republican and im ok with the choice and it appears from the people I’ve talked to that the social conservatives are ok with it as well.
    I’d love to have seen Danforth or Lieberman. I’m glad it’s not Romney.

  42. A bunch of red state Republican Georgians who loved Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney are now cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs for Sarah Palin because she’s a creationist who can shoot and fillet moose.

    If I’m an Obama strategist, I’m feeling good today.

  43. Goldwater Conservative says:

    I must say I disagree with Farris.

    If anything, McCain has shown that the only thing that the GOP cares about is trying to win elections.

    Obama was spot on last night. The GOP does not get it.

    I will leave it at that.

  44. John Konop says:


    The reality is all the polls show disenfranchised Hillary supporters were keeping the race close. Why do you think a woman (Sarah Palin) who believes in creationism and is pro-life will maintain or keep drawing over Hillary supporters who are pro-choice soccer moms? At the end most experts on both sides think the race hinges on the 30% of woman who voted for Hillary and are mad as hell she did not win.

    At the end what people like you and I think does not matter because pollster believe we are in our camps. You are voting for McCain and I am voting for Barr. They claim the swing vote is woman like Spacey. I know some die hard female Hillary supporters and in my opinion this selection was a poor pick for them. And I would be interested in what Spacey thought because she is the target market for the pick not most the people commenting on this thread.

  45. AtlConservative says:

    She is a brilliant choice and I applaud McCain and his team! To quote the dem at lunch – McCain will win! What? An Obama supporter saying that McCain wins with this choice?!?! And no, he wasn’t being sarcastic.

    Say what you will, but McCain is going to the White House for 4 years!

  46. Progressive Dem says:

    This is the move of a desparate man. She is unknown and inexperienced. I bet many of the fundamentalist base will come to believe that a mother of a four month baby with down syndrome should stay home.

  47. John Konop says:


    And one more thing I have said on multiple occasions I though his smartest pick would have been Ridge or Paul. Ridge because of Pennsylvania being a key state and Paul to target fiscal conservatives like me.

  48. Doug Deal says:


    Space case and those idiots at the Dem convention are a tiny fraction of what comprise real word people. You actually think that delegates to a convention or political junkies posting on web sites in any way resemble ordinary people?

    The kooks in Denver are the distilled spirits of various themes supported by the voters at large. McCain does not want them, he wants part of that 18 million, plus the 30 million of the voters out there that does not make up their mind by looking at the r or d before pulling the lever.

    Palin has taken on the bad folks in her party, McCain has been very critical of the very same people that you have been critical of. He is not my favorite candidate, but my favorite candidates have about a 0% chance between them of winning a nomination. That is what independents are looking for.

    And it is the independent voter that determines the winner every time.

  49. Doug Deal says:


    Go ahead, you Dems make the “she should stay home” comment over the next 2 months and see how far Obama gets buried in the landslide. Why is Obama abandoning his pre-teen daughters performing a 24-7 job like President when I am sure they could use a father. The VP’s only duty is to stand behind the President during the State of the Union and fill in at the death of the President.

    She raise her family much better than Obama can. But of course you now think a woman’s place is in the home. Try that approach too!

  50. CHelf says:

    I still find it humorous that Dems are calling her inexperienced. Her as VP brings more to the table than Obama as Pres. She represents middle class America, she appeals to Joe Sixpack, she’s a successful female with executive experience in local and state government. She relates to the hunting and fishing crowd. She’s a union member. She has the photogenic family. She’s fought corruption and wasteful spending. She’s smalltown America.

    Last night we heard about Obama’s middle America roots. Palin is far more representative to middle America than Obama could dream of. She is far more in touch with middle America than career DC politician Biden and professor Obama.

    I just think it’s hillarious that what Obama is, Dems are throwing at Palin. Using the line inexperience a heartbeat away from the White House is laughable when inexperience IN the White House is what Obama brings.

  51. Yes, like when Fred Thompson left the Senate after the death of his daughter.

    Biden was a 29 year old Senator-elect then. He was still an attorney. Doubtful he would have had no prospects for a high income much closer to home and his family.

  52. CHelf says:

    Biden can always count on his lobbyist son or brother to give him a job. Of course him leaving cuts off their access to the trough though.

  53. atlantaman says:

    “Sarah Palin because she’s a creationist who can shoot and fillet moose. If I’m an Obama strategist, I’m feeling good today.”

    Andisheh, don’t know if you saw Obama’s video last night, but there weren’t a whole lot of green tea sipping liberal types on it. Most of the pictures were of white, WWII generation, swing voters.

    Obama made fun of those salt-of-the-earth types when raising money in San Fran and has been back-tracking ever since.

    They’ve already got your gang on your board, this election is about those swing voters: hard working miners, factory workers, and farmers from states like Ohio and Penn.; who like to hunt and go to church on Sundays.

  54. John Konop says:


    Anyone can see McCain has been playing the Hillary card with his advertising dollars. Why do you think he is dong it? I am not arguing policy I am just pointing out what the polls say. And this pick goes against McCain’s strategy of going after Hillary supporters. I think he made the pick thinking it would help, but my only point is I think it will backfire.

    And I think you were right on the other thread that the abortion issue weighted to hard will hurt the GOP. And I think the McCain of old would of made a maverick move and picked the most qualified person regardless of social issues.

  55. tb says:

    I support this maverick that has really tried to end corruption in her own home state. I am dying to know when that will really happen in GA. — likely when florida freezes over. It’s about time that a woman can show how to buck the system. And it’s about time us women get due respect in politics.

  56. John,

    I would have to disagree with you there. There have been a lot of conservatives pushing for Palin as someone fresh and new for a while now. I have been suggesting her as a potential running mate for several months now, the perfect candidate, but too much of a dark horse to really get the nod…too far off the radar out there in Alaska.

    After this bold move coupled with his Saddleback Church appearance, he has earned the full trust of the bulk of the Conservative base.

  57. Progressive Dem says:


    Try to pay attention. I said the fundamentalist base (your family values voters that Rove whips into a lather every four years) will eventually be critical of her not staying at home with a down syndrome baby. The Democrats won’t criticize her, you all will eat your own.

  58. Doug Deal says:


    You need to read the “progressive blogs”. That is one of the big points they are making. How dare she leave a 4 month old baby to campaign? Basically same ol’ same ol’. Changing core beliefs to fit the desired outcome.

    John K,

    If by qualified you mean those empty suits that ran for the GOP nomination, no thanks. No one worth my vote ran for President in either party, but McCain represents the best and only hope. Palin on the other hand has a number of libertarian leanings (the right kind) and actually fights against corruption. If you actually cared about those issues, you wanted be wasting your time on a kook like Barr.

  59. John Konop says:

    Cobb Needs a Front Page Poster

    You are not disagreeing with me I am just pointing out the strategy. Read for yourself.

    More Hillary supporters going for McCain

    Sixty-six percent of Clinton supporters, registered Democrats who want Clinton as the nominee, are now backing Obama. That’s down from 75 percent in the end of June. Twenty-seven percent of them now say they’ll support McCain, up from 16 percent in late June.

    “The number of Clinton Democrats who say they would vote for McCain has gone up 11 points since June, enough to account for most although not all of the support McCain has gained in that time,” says Holland.


    McCain Ad Appeals to Clinton Supporters



  60. Progressive Dem says:


    Do you believe the self-proclaimed Christian Right would criticize a female, liberal, Democratic candidate if she didn’t dedicate the majority of her time to taking care of her four month old disabled child? Or would they give her a free pass because they respect her to make the right decisons for her family? I think the family values types would be all over her. I don’t know what’s going on at other blogs, but pointing out the hypocracy of the other side is fair game, and just who is changing “core beliefs to fit the outcome,” Doug? Can you say, “family values conservatives?”

  61. tb says:

    How come the press is not covering Obama’s statements from the acceptance speech that he is going to make college accessible to everyone. How is that possible and How is he going to pay for it. He alluded that people in this country can’t send their children to college because they do not have access to student loans.

    I can firmly attest that this is categorically untrue. I am middle class that has a student now attending college. He had an opportunity to use Federal Student Loans to use for tuition.He qualified for scholarships too. We opted out of the loan option and dipped into our savings so our child would not have the burden of repayment when he finishes college. IT IS up to the parents of children to save for their tuition and not overspend. We have sacrificed much to send our child to colege. And we are a hard working middle class family. My own child works to help pay for his college. We were offered several federal student loans but declined them. We applied for scholarships too and received 1.


  62. yellowb says:

    It’s funny that the ones who are complaining about this are the liberals. That must mean it’s the right pick. Biden wasn’t the highest approved selection by Obama because of Hilary, but the Republicans don’t seem to have that problem.

  63. Bill Simon says:

    John Konop,

    More Hillary supporters are going to McCain, and you’re going to Bob Barr. Clever ploy there to help yourself get a brighter future.

  64. “Andisheh, don’t know if you saw Obama’s video last night, but there weren’t a whole lot of green tea sipping liberal types on it.”

    You’re right. Obama’s video did not include Republican caricatures of Democrats.

    I suspect McCain’s bio video will not include rebel flags and shotgun racks either.

  65. John Konop says:


    My point is picking Sarah Palin will hurt McCain with Hillary supporters. Also I do not depend on the government from either party to help me with my future. I just figure out the best products and companies via which side is in control. Do you think Bush and company running up a 10 trillion dollar national debt help your future?

  66. c_murrayiii says:

    I must say, these bitter fringe/Paulista conservatives are really starting to get on my nerves. They are worse than the Hillary whiners. You lost. And you bash Gov. Palin, who is, by her record, exactly what you should want. She has cut unnecessary spending items in the state budget, grounded state helicopters/planes to save money, and worked against the GOP machine and wasteful pork spending. Alaska is a libertarian-leaning state, and she represents that well. Guess what, no candidate with a shot at actually being President will fit your preferences completely, and since you folks only make up, maybe 5% of the national vote, you will never see a serious presidential contender in the mold of Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin. You are living a fantasy. And sadly, you actually have a chance to push forward a VP candidate who can take on the mantle of the Republican party and who matches, for the most part, your values. But nope, you go on talking about people who will NEVER be president or real leaders, like Paul, Barr, and Baldwin.

  67. Three Jack says:

    konop, palin will hurt mccain? are you serious? her selection is the single best move made by anybody in the gop over the past 14 years.

    what ever made you think you belonged in the category of conservative republican? as bill said, you are really either very naive or just full of **it.

  68. John Konop says:

    Three Jack

    Read this and tell my how picking Sarah Palin helps McCain with Hillary supporters?

    More Hillary supporters going for McCain

    Sixty-six percent of Clinton supporters, registered Democrats who want Clinton as the nominee, are now backing Obama. That’s down from 75 percent in the end of June. Twenty-seven percent of them now say they’ll support McCain, up from 16 percent in late June.

    “The number of Clinton Democrats who say they would vote for McCain has gone up 11 points since June, enough to account for most although not all of the support McCain has gained in that time,” says Holland.


    McCain Ad Appeals to Clinton Supporters



  69. ReaganRepublican says:

    The Christian right is energized and ready to deliver. A gruop of us knocked on 300+ doors 2nite. Sarah Palin came from us and we will not let her down….

  70. Goldwater Conservative says:

    The christian right really just needs to shut the f*ck up.

    This is not a “christian” nation, and your silly beliefs are costing real living human beings their jobs and standards of living.

  71. John Konop says:




    The longer I think about it, the less well this selection sits with me. And I increasingly doubt that it will prove good politics. The Palin choice looks cynical. The wires are showing.

    John McCain wanted a woman: good.

    He wanted to keep conservatives and pro-lifers happy: naturally.

    He wanted someone who looked young and dynamic: smart.

    And he discovered that he could not reconcile all these imperatives with the stated goal of finding a running mate qualified to assume the duties of the presidency “on day one.”

    Sarah Palin may well have concealed inner reservoirs of greatness. I hope so! But I’d guess that John McCain does not have a much better sense of who she is, what she believes, and the extent of her abilities than my enthusiastic friends over at the Corner. It’s a wild gamble, undertaken by our oldest ever first-time candidate for president in hopes of changing the board of this election campaign. Maybe it will work. But maybe (and at least as likely) it will reinforce a theme that I’d be pounding home if I were the Obama campaign: that it’s John McCain for all his white hair who represents the risky choice, while it is Barack Obama who offers cautious, steady, predictable governance.

    Here’s I fear the worst harm that may be done by this selection. The McCain campaign’s slogan is “country first.” It’s a good slogan, and it aptly describes John McCain, one of the most self-sacrificing, gallant, and honorable men ever to seek the presidency.

    But question: If it were your decision, and you were putting your country first, would you put an untested small-town mayor a heartbeat away from the presidency?


  72. Howard Roark says:

    It seems that Goldwater Conservative thinks that Christians shouldn’t be allowed to practice free speech because of their religious beliefs. It reminds me of some guy in Germany who believed that Jews should be silenced because of their religious beliefs.

  73. GOPeach says:

    Okay – I am weighing in!

    I have been sitting on my peach colored chase lounge watching C-Span, CNN, and FOX cover the Presentation of America’s Princess – Sarah ( which is Hebrew for Princess) Palin –

    I see a noble, down to earth, common -sense, leader who is PRO-LIFE !!! She is the most articulate of all the candidates. She clearly speaks from the heart. We are blessed to have such an opportunity to make history.

    When given a chance, there is no stronger candidate than a conservative woman. ( It is a shame we let Doug Stoner unseat Ginger Collins) .

    I have been thinking of how proud Cindy and John McCain’s mother must feel. How secure John is to stand beside such a person as Governor Sarah Palin. WOW!

    Now, I know this is PEACH PUNDIT and Erick wants us to relate everything to Georgia – so I will.

    The whole time I was watching Sarah Palin, I thought of Cindye Coates – having a solid family and a strong husband who stands in complete support.

    Sarah Palin lost her race for Lt. Gov and then ran again and won! I am so very glad our C-Biscut is running again. She, like Sarah is no quitter and I am glad to see so many peopke supporting her in the Cobb and State GOP. That is just wonderful!

    This is an exciting time to see these young conservative women show such strength and leadership. Even though they have husbands to love and kids to raise, they still have the heart to get out there and make the effort to fight for their community.

    I am inspired and I am excited – like NEVER BEFORE! Yeah – I am truly excited. This is helping me get completely over Gov. Mike Huckabee. THAT IS SAYING A LOT!!!! 🙂

  74. John Konop says:


    I am not debating policy; I am just debating the logic. Palin was clear she is going after the 18 million women who noted for Hillary. Help me understand why you think a female democrat will vote for a pro-life woman with no exceptions and is for teaching creationism in the schools?

  75. GOPeach says:

    Ann Coulter was a Hillary supporter and she is PRO-LIFE and an advocate for creation science.

    It is a woman thing! — Breaking the glass ceiling principal…. She will make it good for all women to be taken more seriously … and you don’t have to look like Janet Reno either.

  76. GOPeach says:

    There is a myth that women who are young, pretty, married with children at home can not be a logical choice for a leader. This is being shattered as we speak!

    I know quite a few Conservative Christian women who would have voted for Hillary had she got the democratic nomination… just because she is a woman and it would do great things for women in business.

  77. I’m still unconvinced. Palin is more palatable than Romney or Huckabee by far. I see lots of small government folks who set aside her disagreeable social views and point out that she’s a crusader for reform and fiscal responsibility. Yet it’s really easy to be fiscally responsible when you’re sitting on a state budget that makes possible an American welfare state where the state sends everyone checks every year. She’s never been in a situation where she’s had to tighten budgets.

    At least McCain just ended any discussion of whether Obama has enough experience to be president. Maybe now we can see some talk about issues?

  78. Three Jack says:

    konop, first let’s play with real data; 18m votes were cast for hillary by both men and women. so when you say palin is going after the 18m women who voted for hillary, you show your naivete yet again.

    it is useful to note your opposition to a real conservative like mrs. palin while bestowing hero like status on a guy who has served less than 150 days in the us senate.

    qualifications? let’s compare palin v. obama all day long. she has run a business, obama hasn’t. palin has executive level experience, obama doesn’t.

    if you had a clue about politics, you would understand the selection of palin was not done solely to attract female hillary voters. moreso, it solidifies support within the gop. she embodies all that many of us have sought for years and will make a fine vp.

  79. David says:

    Great pick, McCain! And to those Dems screeching that Palin is inexperienced, that’s like being called ugly by an ape. The GOP #2 has more executive experience as the Socialist #1! I love it!!! They better attack Palin, ’cause they can’t go after McCain on experience. Palin will cement the base and increase turnout! Good decision!

  80. GOPeach says:

    Why is Palin better than Romney? Huckabee?

    1. Let’s take the PRO-LIFE issue. Palin not only votes pro-life … she LIVES IT! Even with a baby with down syndrome. She has 5 kids ( like me)!

    2. Let’s take the fact the GLASS CEILING issue. Romney created the glass ceiling and Huckabee finds Southern Baptist Bible verses that keep women out of the spotlight. No thanks! Those of is who are not Baptist understand the redemption from the fall.

    3. Let’s take EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE – yeah That one is really fun! She led an entire state and fought corruption even among the GOOD OL BOYS NETWORK! That is just classic!

    Moderate men were sold on McCain. Now conservative men will be as well. As for the women….

    What non-black woman would vote for Obama?… Besides Caroline Kennedy?

  81. c_murrayiii says:

    First, why do the dems and libs keep saying “you put the mayor of a town of 9,000 a heartbeat away” when her most recent job is….Governor. Oh thats right, if they called her a Governor theny that would be honest and truthful, can’t have that in the new Obama politics of Change. Plus it would highlight her executive experience versus Obama’s experience in delivering tax money to convicted felons and other Chicago Political Machine crooks.

    Second, I think the view that this choice is a cynical ploy by McCain just for women votes is a little far fetched. Especially when you really look at Sarah Palin. I know McCain made the decision on the fly, and surely he was thinking that a woman might help peel off some women voters from Obama. But there were other women he could have chosen. He picked Palin because she is a reformer, a Pork fighter, someone not afraid to take on the Big Guys in her own party, and someone who also connects with the average person and family. Now with the exception of that last trait, who does she sound like? McCain picked his mirror image…

  82. Goldwater Conservative says:


    I do not want to limit free speech…I do want to limit the lies that the christian right prepetuates.

    Your garbage beliefs (slave morality) does nothing to save our country’s downward slide.

  83. boyreporter says:

    Goldwater C: For what it’s worth, I am more impressed with your insight and intellect every time you weigh in. Don’t know why you stay a conservative, but you have much going for you, and I appreciate your well-reasoned and intelligent offerings.

    Then there’s GOPeach…someone give her a course in how to be a decent human being, beginning with eschewing racist comments. She could also let go of the shouting about being pro-life, as if she’s the only one and everyone else is too dense to get her tilt sans caps.

    And finally…”Country First” can no longer be claimed by a man who just showed he values political gain over his country. Still, it is gratifying to see the acclamation rightwingers have for this horrible pairing. It’s a train wreck, heading down the tracks, and we’ll all be better off for it.

  84. GOPeach says:

    You white boys are so sensative about using the word, ” black”. That is why we can not get BLACK people into the GOP. You guys are silly.

    Black people know they are black. My grandkids are black. So what? I use that term in a political sense. ” The Black Vote” – Like … Obama is going to get “the black vote”. Is this so shocking?

    Get over it. At my age, I don’t need to go to “boyreporter” to coach me on charm. I have plenty! 🙂

  85. boyreporter says:

    Yes, Peach, you do have plenty. In fact, you are full of it.

    By the way, racist attitudes are not exclusively epressed through terminology. Attitudes and emphasis show as much if not more.

  86. bowersville says:

    Goldwater C, BS, your ignorance perpetuates our downward slide. Just like BR & DG, you don’t recognize the American spirit when it hits you in the eye.

    You have Palin, the Frontier woman, not dependent on any of you ignorant fools. The mother of two undesirables in the eyes of a Democrat. One, a handicapped child, the other an Army soldier. Not as if you liberal freaks ever did a thing for this country other than to decry, I need the Government, I can’t make it on my own.

    Let me tell you. Have at it. I’ve not seen such whining in all my life as you ignorant Democrats. Help me, I can’t do it on my own. Oh please, not Palin!. YOU WHINING PIECES OF CRAP.

  87. John Konop says:

    Three Jack

    As usual you avoid the question. The question or debate is not if I am fiscally more conservative than you because I have 10 trillion reasons why I win that debate.

    The question is simple why do you think this pick will not hurt the recent support McCain got from Hillary supporters? Did you know 80% of Hillary supporters not supporting Obama thought McCain was not pro life? Did you know the Hillary for McCain group have been telling voters he is not pro life? Do you get the problem yet?

    I am not speaking out against Palin I am merely pointing out the issue.

  88. JamesDowning says:

    What a wonderful choice in Gov. Sarah Palin for VP! Gov Palin balances the ticket beautifully and is the best person to aid John McCain as Vice President in his administration to run our country well. She brings in a distinguished record of executive experience – running a successful and popular government in Alaska. She has a record of clean government, reduction in spending and bipartisan dealings. An ideal ticket has 1 person who brings in Washington experience – experience with foreign policy, national security etc. while the other brings in executive experience – that of running a government. All major tickets, especially winning tickets in the last 4 decades or so have had such a combination. The Democratic ticket has no experience in running a government smoothly whatsoever.

    As for the argument of experience – it is by no means of the table! It says a lot when the nominee for President is comparing his resume with the opposite parties nominee for VP! The VP position does lend itself to on the job training, but the office of President most certainly does not, like Joe Biden himself said. And anyway there is a world of difference between running for President and running for VP. The question of her becoming President and being capable/incapable of doing that arises only if something unfortunate were to happen to President McCain in the next 4 years. Obama could be President in under 4 months! Anyone who believes that Gov Palin is too inexperienced to be VP cannot even dream of Obama as Potus. I’m guessing we wont hear much from the Obama campaign this fall about the (in)experience of Sarah Palin – they would just be shooting themselves in the foot.

    I however believe Gov. Palin is definitely ready to be VP, and even the President should such an unfortunate event arise. She has an amazing track record of running a Government and would certainly be able to do the job well atleast to serve out President McCain’s term. Anycase by all indications Sen. McCain’s health will be fine for atleast 4 years.

    Also she has been the Governor of a state (a small state perhaps but a state none the less) and the Commander-in-Chief of a State National Guard (again, a small force perhaps but a force none the less). This alone put her as having more experience than the Democratic Ticket combined as neither of the 2 people on that ticket have any experience running a government or any experience of commanding an army (the person on the top of the ticket has no experience of being in an army, let alone commanding it!). Who would you rather have as CIC? For me its a clear choice – Palin. People ask whether you want to have Palin as CIC if anything happens to McCain – I ask whether you want to have Obama as CIC if anything happens to Biden (him not being there to mentor him and hold his hands every step of the way) or want Biden as CIC if anything happens to Obama. All this talk about heartbeat away really gets me – I would rather have Palin a heartbeat away from the Presidency than Obama at the Presidency! Also Nancy Pelosi is 2 heartbeats away from being CIC – now thats scary!!

    I do not agree with people saying that the selection of Gov. Palin is a blatant attempt to get the women voters to vote republican this year. Anyone saying that is really insulting the intelligence of both the McCain campaign and more importantly the women of the country. I would ask all of you, especially women, to vote for the ticket not because of the gender of the VP candidate, but because this is the best ticket for a successful America for the next 4 years. Vote for Gov. Palin not because she is a women but because she is more than capable for the job of VP. None of us knew much about Gov. Palin till yesterday and I must admit that I was at first skeptical when I heard Sen. McCain’s pick. I did some research on her and liked what I saw. I hope all voters would do the same so that they would realize Gov. Palin is not on the ticket just because she is a woman, she is on the ticket since she would be an excellent VP with the executive experience she brings in. I am sure that as this campaign progresses and people get to hear more about her and her achievements, the initial backlash from some quarters (‘an insult to women thinking they will vote republican simply there is a woman on the ticket’, or ‘a pretty face totally incapable of taking tough decisions’) will evaporate and people will vote for Gov. Palin and Sen McCain on the basis of their combined experience and achievements.

  89. GOPeach says:

    James –

    I agree 100%.

    So much so, I would even vote for Sarah Palin if she were running for president alone. She has more to offer than Obama and Biden combined.

    So much for “one heart beat away from the presidency” rhetoric.

  90. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Bowersville, you disgust me. If liberals stood up to all the stereotypes you hold them to…I would not complain.

    Fact is, there are many liberals in the military. There are even more liberals that support our military. There are even more liberals that would like to see government work properly rather than have zealots (like Bush, Cheney, McCain, etc) that will tell you government does not work…then go to Washington and prove it.

    Undesirables? How quickly have you forgotten that the only people to vote against restoring the ADA were Republicans?

    I can’t make it on my own? Have you also forgotten that Democrats are the wealthiest members of Congress? That they make up a larger proportion of political donations…both in numbers and average amount contributed.

    I understand your humiliation…I really do. If I stood up for the GOP and their ideology…I would be embarrassed too. It is time we go back to the “true” conservatism. Which is actually political liberalism. Secular government, secular society, stay out of my bedroom and encourage unionship (collective bargaining works when group form rather than letting individuals think about things).

    I am so excited about this election season.

  91. bowersville says:

    GC, I apologize, but not for the Republicans and I’m glad I disgust you. I apologize because I have always been a Democrat until the likes of you came along.

    H*ll, let’s get with it, I’m like Zell, you pukes have left me, I have not left the party.

  92. John Konop says:


    Why not debate GC on issues? Many of the fiscal conservatives are turned off by the spewing of gay bashing comments. For the GOP to make a viable comeback they must focus on the roots of the party fiscal and personal responsibility.

    When I read your comments like you wrote it makes me not want to associate with people like you. The odd part is you call yourself a Reagan Republican yet he was famous for being a statesman.

    If social conservatives keep the attacks up this will be the death of the movement in the GOP. Instead of focusing on how to move woman away from having a abortion the bashing comments only in power your opponent on the issue. And your gay bashing comments only push souls away and not open up hearts.

    This is the same mistake the GOP made with minorities in this election. Instead of supporting the racist attacks from the Clinton’s on Obama this was an opening to bring minorities in the GOP. The reality is the GOP will die a slow death because our minority population is growing fast and the lack of embracing them will but the party in a tough position.

  93. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Way to go ReaganRepub…name calling. I am not a homosexual. You are obviously a xenophobe.

    Konop is correct…again. In addition to alienating large portions of the population, the GOP has consistently reduced themselves to namecalling. There campaign tactics are down to scaring people and pointing a finger at their targets to blame.

    Bowersville, stop. You never were a Democrat. The democrat party has a philosophy. The GOP is a piecemeal of issues and conflicting ideologies. I am glad that you are disgusted by my beliefs. They are the beliefs this country was founded upon. Liberalism. You should seriously look into supporting the entire Constitution…not just the parts you and your right-wing nut job friends support.

    I think what disgusts me most about you, Bowersville…(along with about a third of the GOP) you claim to love America…but you obviously hate Americans.

  94. John Konop says:

    Three Jack

    We all read or heard numerous racist comments supported by Rush and company and spewed out on this blog and other places. At the end the hypocrisy of so-called social conservatives like you is the death of the movement.

    The sad part is social conservatives could have had a real voice but some leaders and followers have embraced judgmental hate instead of love. Jesus was very outspoken about the righteous like you.

  95. Bill Simon says:

    As I recall, _I_ was accused of being a “racist” by you, John…and then you later decided you were wrong and merely accused me of having bad taste in my comments about Andi.

    Frankly, John, I don’t think YOU know what constitutes a “racist statement” and what doesn’t.

    And, by the way, “racist” is not like pornography where it is in the eye of the beholder.

  96. Three Jack says:

    konop, bill is right, you do not even know what constitutes racism. thus i guess it would be fairly difficult for you to provide evidence of such on the part of mccain, rush or any other republican.

  97. bowersville says:

    What philosophy is that GC? You don’t know me and with luck you never will. Tell me how you care about Americans and I don’t. Please splain it to my ignorant self, oh please master Goldwater, please splain it to me.

  98. John Konop says:

    Three Jack

    If I have to point the numerous attacks on Obama non-issue based on this site and on shows like Rush I feel sorry for you. At the end you can sleep, eat and embrace hate it is your life. The irony is you are no different than Boy Reporter, you guys love the fight more than your country. You guys deserve each other! And BTW I pointed out when in trouble Dems like Hillary and Bill used the same tactic. I will only pray that you see the light!

  99. bowersville says:

    While you splaining thangs to me master Goldwater, tell me the difference in liberalism and liberty.

    My constipational law isn’t up to date on that liberalism crap.

    JK, I have to take up for BR here, we all enjoy the fight, including me and BR. That my friend makes America what it is. We are all patriots and we all love our country. That’s right, me and BR love our American way.

  100. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Bowersville, I am not about to take the time to explain the democratic party’s philosophy. Unlike the “new” republican party, the democrats can not sum up their beliefs in bumper sticker slogans and soundbites that sound appealing to the uneducated masses.

    Read everything John Rawls wrote. Read it all as if it were true. Then, conceptualize your own form of government and its politics. I am absolutely certain, so long as you understand our American roots, that by the time you can no longer synthesize new theories (because you are either out of ideas or get too old) that your world view will look rather progressive.

    Liberty is freedom from something. Liberalism is a political ideology that stresses the rights of an individual as well as the belief of a level playing field. Perhaps you might read about such a thing in Rawl’s books…or from the dozens of famous philosophers that have written about liberalism hundreds of years ago.

  101. Three Jack says:

    konop, thanks for proving what was already determined. you think it is racist for a radio talk show host to use satire during his show about the political relationship between a rich, philandering, scumbag attorney and his wife suffering from cancer who is a control freak, neither of whom are black.

    your boy obama is the first and only candidate running for president to play the race card. and he will continue to do so now that his opponent has the momentum.

    sourcing keith olberman, are you kidding me?

  102. Goldwater Conservative says:

    I almost forgot…bowersville.

    Civil liberties. Our freedoms stem from civil consensus. When you and your right-wing nut job friends bring up god or religion…you are not being civil. Let the churches decide what is right for them…let individuals engage in contracts.

  103. bowersville says:

    Thanks GC, I’m glad you explained liberty to me and liberalism.

    That’s why I read the DailyKos, such liberty, liberalism and freedom of thought and actions.

    How inspiring.

  104. John Konop says:

    Three Jack

    Attacking a woman with cancer while her husband is cheating on her is not funny. And this demonstrates what a hypocrite you are. As I said this is why so many of the fiscal conservatives like me are turned off! You guys would rather attack someone than deal with real issues.

    Until enough base Republicans like you find the light or leave the party it is in trouble.

    As I said I will vote for Barr in 08.

  105. Three Jack says:

    who cares who you are voting for konop?

    and i’m still trying to understand what rush limbaugh commenting on the edwards’ campaign has to do with racism which is what we were discussing until you went A.D.D. on me.

  106. John Konop says:

    Three Jack

    I never said that comment was racist it is spewing of hate that you support. So why not answer the questions?

    Why have you not spoken out against your hero Rush for attacking Elizabeth Edwards? Does your church teach attacking a woman’s sex life is proper if her husband is caught cheating?Do you enjoy attacking cancer victims with children?

  107. Three Jack says:

    konop, i know it has been a while since you posted this – almost 26 hours, “We all read or heard numerous racist comments supported by Rush and company and spewed out on this blog and other places”.

    so it is understandable that you would want to change the subject, but i still await your example of racism by ‘rush and company’ or ‘spewed out on this blog’.

  108. Bill Simon says:

    Konop said “Barack The Magic Negro” The History Of The Song


    See how that works, John? Now I’m a racist too, just for using the word in a blog post.

  109. Bill Simon says:


    Rush was DISCUSSING this LA Times article. He actually read it verbatim, and then he commented on it.

    You “racism” charge is directed at the wrong individual. Direct it at David Ehrenstein, L.A.-based DAVID EHRENSTEIN writes about Hollywood and politics. who authored the article on March 19, 2007

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