Yet MORE problems in Clayton

Clayton, Georgia, that is (the county seat for Rabun County). Seems like the Mayor is going before the Grand Jury to see if he’ll be facing felony charges.

A Rabun County grand jury next week could hear a presentation of criminal allegations against Mayor Tom Ramey Sr., said David Fowler, executive director of the Prosecuting Attorney’s Council of Georgia.

The presentation will have nothing to do with the ongoing water dispute between Ramey and Clayton City Council regarding the alleged theft of services at Stave Mill and Laurel Falls apartments.

Instead, grand jurors will have the opportunity to review allegations against Ramey that were forwarded by City Attorney Davis Bauman to Mountain Judicial Circuit District Attorney Brian Rickman in February.

Those could include allegations that Ramey used city funds to purchase tires for his wife’s vehicle, gravel hauled to the mayor’s property and other purchases. The city was later reimbursed for the tires.