Which School Superintendent Do You Think The NAACP Wants To Resign?

Superintendent A  sold himself a car belonging to the Board of Education that was valued at $16,475 for a deep discounted price of $5,766.

Superintendent B  made a statement that a statistical outlier in demographic data didn’t have the same makeup as his system while trying to address and fix a problem that minority students received a disporportionate share of diciplinary referrals.

You already know the answer.  Superintendent A is black, and Superintendent B made the horrific mistake of speaking bluntly in a manner that might possibly allow someone to perceive his remarks to be racist.  Thus, Superintendent A will be allowed to pay back the money that he misappropriated, while the “media” in the form of the editorially lazy AJC continue to flame the non-news story on Super B.

They are now piling on with the Metro Association of Classroom Educators calling for Gwinnett Superintendent Wilbanks’ resignation.   A few items to note about MACE before taking them seriously:

1) They are the largest force behind the former and current Clayton County Board of Education that has had accrediation threatened not once, but twice in the last five years.  (and looks like they’ve succeeded this time),

2) They are openly hostile to all administrators.  From their website:

If you are tired of the I gotcha approach to supervision; if you are tired of being snoopervised by petty and myopic administrators who seem to enjoy any contrived opportunity to “write you up”; if you are tired of having your teaching micro-managed and having your professional knowledge, wisdom, and judgment ignored; if you are tired of being treated like a “day laborer” and dealt with in a heavy-handed fashion; if you are tired of having little or no input into your teaching environment; if you are tired of having to put up with an inept top-down management style that’s been proven to be ineffective in business, industry, and education; and, if you are just plain tired of all this mess, then join the Metro Association of Classroom Educators (MACE).

3)  MACE follows the same script as the NAACP to use lazy reporters and media outlets to let any issue become a publicity stunt for thier overall cause.


The entire issue with the Gwinnett Superintendent is a completely manufactured stunt, and it’s time to call the AJC out for being a willing accomplice.


  1. bucky says:

    Methinks John Trotter protests too much — as in, maybe he’s trying to distract from MACE’s involvement in Clayton County’s losing accreditation? For example, this is from the 3/30/08 AJC:

    “In its recommendation that the Clayton school district lose its accreditation on Sept. 1, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools wrote that a districtwide curriculum program was scrapped last year because “it was not endorsed by the teacher’s union in which one of its members is the executive director.”

    Norreese Haynes, removed from the school board this month for not living in Clayton County, is MACE’s executive director.

    “This left the school district without a clear curriculum for the school year and further deprived the schools and its teachers with an academic vision and purpose,” the report said.

    The decision cost the school district over $1 million, SACS said.

    This is not the first time Trotter and MACE have caught blame for Clayton’s problems.”

  2. Icarus says:

    Thanks for the details Bucky. I know MACE has been at the root of Clayton’s problems since their original accredidation issues, but didn’t have time this morning to look up specifics.

    Apparently, neither did the reporter at the AJC, that decided their demand for resignations at Gwinnett (and not Clayton, worst SAT’s in the state, now with no accredidation either) was somehow “news”.

  3. tb says:

    Disagree with this website’s logic that this is manufactured by the press, the issue with gwinnett county. This is not the first time a verbal gaffe has been made either. Mr. Wilbanks needs to apologize and be the better man, eat a little humble pie, and move on and learn something.

    WE’VE GOT A PROBLEM WITH ARROGANCE IN MANY EDUCATION SYSTEMS. THAT’S FOR SURE. No educrat wants to listen to the people, the parents, or the teachers. Period. And they would rather there not be people to answer to anyone at all. Hence, Georgia’s education problems. educrats would rather keep the public at arms length and not have the community involved at all. That’s why we have widespread problems. Did I mention they retaliate if you do try to do something? Yes they do. I have experienced some of this myself.

    If the Governor was serious about education he would invite the fellow from Connecticut that turned around Hartford City Schools and not have a lop sided committee that is supposed to be some lame task force. Secondly, he would have parents on the task force too.

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