Perdue boots the Clayton Four


Per the suggestion of an administrative law judge who said four members of the Clayton County school board violated their duties under law, Gov. Sonny Perdue today removed Michelle Strong, Louise Baines-Hunter, Yolonda Everett and Sandra Scott from their posts. All nine school board members who were on the board when the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools began their investigation — and whose actions were considered the primary cause of the accreditation fiasco — have since been removed.

“The fate of the Clayton County School System is now in the hands of the voters,” Perdue said in a statement. “Through the elections to replace these four board members, they can send a clear signal that the kind of behavior that has led to this ruling and the system’s loss of accreditation will not be tolerated. We can hope that this marks a new day for Clayton County, a time in which rebuilding can begin.”


  1. tb says:

    I agree, this action was long overdue. Let this be a lesson for every voter to attend school board meetings regularly in whatever county you live in. Too often nobody shows up. And unscrupulous behavior goes unnoticed. Too bad really because school boards are probably more powerful and hold more pursestrings than any other local gov’t agency. It wasn’t til the people here in my district raising hell about lame outdated policies and over spending that changes were finally made. Voters in my district have been holding the politicians accountable. The push was made and we have a new superintendent and slowly our school board has been coming up to the 21st century with new blood. And boy we had some dinosaurs that really needed to go.

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