1. drjay says:

    haven’t checked my email yet to see if i have a new pv– but from what i understand a printer or two has had a big order of mcain/romney stuff in the past day or 2…i guess we’ll know in the next day or so…

  2. Icarus says:

    If this is all based on the printing of bumper stickers, I’ll remind everyone of the Obama/Bayh stickers that were being printed on the day Biden was announced.

    Doesn’t mean it’s not Romney, just doesn’t mean it is, either.

  3. jsm says:

    I’m not all that excited about any of the others who ran for prez.

    I’m kinda hoping McCain surprises folks and picks Ridge. Plus, this would make for a very interesting VP debate.

  4. Doug Deal says:

    Is Thune even being vetted? I have not heard much about him since April.

    As for Portman, Kasich would be a much better candidate for VP because Portman is too close to Bush.

  5. Mike says:

    Romney is not a good choice, too much political baggage comes with him.

    Danforth would be a safe pick, Lieberman would be a game changer, those are my top 2.

  6. Doug Deal says:

    With the prep work being laid down by McCain’s team, it won’t be Pawlenty and I bet it won’t be Romney.

    My guess is that it is one of the women or Lieberman. There is a certain amount of hype being built, and the rumored attempts to disrupt Obama’s speech with a “leaking” of the pick point to something that is shocking.

    However, in GOP parlance, shocking usally means jaw dropping things like Dole picking Kemp.

    My odds on the pick are:

    Lieberman: 25%
    A woman (Palin, Hutchinson, Rice or that Ebay Lady): 40%
    A relatively unknown dark horse: 25%
    One of the candidates: 5%
    Pawlenty or some favored outsider: 5%

  7. jsm says:

    I can’t believe all this speculation about Lieberman. McCain cannot afford to lose half his GOP base like that. You don’t put a democrat on a GOP ticket.

    Picking Lieberman would be the death toll for McCain’s chances.

  8. PegM says:

    I agree with jsm. Lieberman, although a generally good guy, would be the death knell to McCain’s campaign. Most conservatives are holding their nose to vote for him anyway, and Joe would sent them screaming to the hills.

    I go with Romney…charisma, experience both political and business, name recognition….I think he’s a team winner

  9. Doug Deal says:


    I am no fan of McCain and I disagree with 90% of what Lieberman stands on economic and social issues. I am not trying to build my dream ticket, I am simply trying to predict McCain, and the way they are acting, it probably won’t be Romney (I voted for Romney in the PPP in Feb.)

    But, if he does select him, it is insane, childish and stupid to “sit out” to teach him a lesson if it means Obama becomes President. To insure the election of someone that you know will be horrible for the country to prevent someone who is a decent guy from becoming VP because he is against you on abortion. And let us not pretend there is any other reason.

  10. SavannahDem says:

    Assuming that Romney is the pick, then I propose an office pool:

    How many total homes are owned by the GOP ticket (spouses included)?

    I call 14!

  11. John Konop says:

    I have no real issue with it, but Romney being a Mormon could be a problem. America is making history a black guy vs a Mormon. This could only happen here!

  12. Bill Simon says:


    There is no religious test to be President. It’s in that dad-blamed Constitution that conservatives like to claim they love. Remind anyone in earshot who whines about the Mormon issue of that fact.

  13. If he really wants to shock people, pick Ron Paul – it’s crazy enough to almost work. Or you know, he could pick other people that no one suspects like Newt or something to that affect.

    Bob Barr can then parachute into the Obamathaenon tonight and tell us about Liberty while McCain tries to ruin the speech.

    I just hope it’s not Joe Liberman, he’s a nice guy and all but it’d be like picking Arlen Specter or some other RINO.

  14. Fox News radio just said that Pawlenty has cleared his schedule for the rest of the day. Either he’s the one or he got the call saying he’s not the one and is taking the day off to sulk.

    Or it could be something else all together.

  15. Icarus says:

    On to the bonus round, SD:

    We know how McCain (wife’s money, wife’s houses) and Romney (Bain Capital) paid for their real estate.

    How did Obama pay for his $1.5Million starter home? Who was the buyer that paid significantly over market for Joe Biden’s “$1.2Million” home? Hint, it was an officer of a large Deleware company with major legislation before his committee.

    I’m really surprised that you guys want to go down Rezko Road to look at real estate.

  16. Icarus says:

    If you want to stick with the real estate issues, Savannah Dem, let’s extend it out to the mortgage crisis. Care to name the party of the Senators who got VIP below market mortgage rates from Countrywide while their oversight committee looked the other way on the subprime mess? (cough ** Chris Dodd ** cough)

    Really, let’s continue to mock those who have succeeded in the private sector, while continuing to ignore those who have abused their public postions to get personal sweetheart real estate deals.

  17. Bill Simon says:

    Well, yeah…sorta….he told someone something who told someone else something…who then called someone I know locally…who then called me.

    So, yeah, he did.

  18. SavannahDem says:


    It’s a good idea for Obama in this scenario b/c it reinforces two negative stereotypes of McCain. He’s out of touch and he’s old/confused.

    Sure, Obama has a house problem too. The difference is that it’s harder to explain.

    McCain – so rich he can’t tell you how many houses he owns or what car(s) he drives.

    Obama – bought a house with the help of a convicted felon.

    The average voter knows that an out of touch president is bad for the economy and for the voter.

    The Obama thing requires more explaination before the voter knows to care. What felony? How much help did Obama get? Did the felon get favors from Obama? Etc.

    Would be better without Rezko. Still worse for McCain.

    For the impact of being viewed as out of touch in a bad economy see generally Bush, George H.W.; 1992. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0fIhnboptk

  19. SavannahDem says:


    Without hijacking this thread into a different subject, I’ll just say that Republicans in Congress shouldn’t throw stones.

    How many Democrats have resigned or been indicted in the last five years? Republicans? We can go with sitting members of Congress or include lobbyists as well. Your choice.

  20. Icarus says:

    Again, you’re looking at the same set of facts, and coming to different conclusions. Look at the number of Republicans who were rejected by their peers for their transgressions. Then look at Rep. William Jefferson who the dems fought to keep as a committee chair after finding almost $100K IN HIS FREEZER.

    The difference is that the Republicans answered the wake up call we got in 2006. The Dems “most ethical Congress in history” is having news crews arrested in Denver who dare photograph them drinking with lobbyists.

  21. Doug Deal says:


    A better question is, “How many Democrats SHOULD have been idicted or SHOULD have resigned in the past 5 years?”. That number would be staggering.

  22. Romegaguy says:

    Can you imagine the fun things that GOPeach will rant about if Romney is the VP nominee? I’ll give you a hint, it will contain “Bain Capitol” and “baby killer” maybe even in the same sentence. Somebody go get me some popcorn

  23. SavannahDem says:


    I thought with Rove and Gonzales at Justice ya’ll had a chance to indict all the Dems you wanted.

    Just sayin’ is all.

  24. Doug Deal says:


    Each party should police their own members. It should not be the Republicans who get corrupt Democrats to resign, it should be the leadership of your own party.

  25. jsm says:

    “But, if he does select him, it is insane, childish and stupid to ‘sit out’ to teach him a lesson if it means Obama becomes President.”

    Tell that to the GOP base.

    “And let us not pretend there is any other reason.”

    What if we pretend it’s because Lieberman is a democrat?

  26. Doug Deal says:


    If it was a pro-life Dem he was considering, it would be hailed by these people as a brilliant pick.

    In any event these single issue Abortion Warlords are not the base of the party. The base of the party is the small government crowd that like me who get dumped on every 4 years by the tax and spend Republican liberals who happen to think the Federal government has a place in the abortion debate.

    Elections are about convincing the independents, not kowtowing to an unappeasable fringe.

    I have given up getting anything out of this election, but would at least like a chance at preventing setbacks that will take decades if not centuries to undo if The One is elected. If that means accepting Lieberman, then so be it.

  27. Bill Simon says:

    Jason, that would just be cruel to the printer to be used and abused like that…to act as the “spreader” of false information on behalf of the campaign…SURELY the GOP is cleverer than to replicate a trick on the Dem side…

  28. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Y’all aren’t talking about the only thing that matters today!

    The only thing that matters tonight…GO GT! Beat LSUs exQuarterback. 🙂

  29. John Konop says:

    Doug Deal

    We saw the national debt soar to 10 trillion dollars under Bush. This was the largest expansion of government in our history. And the bills like No Child Left Behind, Farm, Energy, Highway, Drug Prescription…..not only were pork driven but poorly thought out policy!

    Please tell me how it could get worse?

    I am no Obama fan but McCain is more of he same. The sad part is I voted for McCain against Bush when he stood for something. No he is a zombie like Bush thinking you can cut taxes or spend money with out PAYGO. As I warned you years ago you if you spend more than you take in it will catch up.

    This is why I am voting for Bob Barr. Because at the end Mcbama are pushing the same BS and I am not buying!

  30. jkga says:

    Governor Palin has a 4 or 5 month-old baby. I wonder if voters might feel uncomfortable with a man or a woman with very young children being a heartbeat away from the presidency. On the other hand, it would make for good photo ops – always a baby on hand to kiss!

  31. North Ga Indy says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaat! You’re supporting Barr! That is insane. Oh just so you know, I supported your opponent in 2006.

  32. It’ll be Lieberman, Romney, or Ridge. Probably. 🙂

    If it’s Ridge, expect a good bit of dismay and disappointment from the base of the GOP, mainly because he’s pro-abortion (whether you like it or not, Doug, it’s just the way it is).

    If it’s Romney, expect all those Republicans who made a point of NOT voting for Romney no matter what to raise a little bit of a stink. Plus the fact that he’s the father of gay marriage won’t help things much.

    If it’s Lieberman, all bets are off. There will be a revolt at the convention, and it’s likely the delegates will vote someone else in for the VP nominee themselves, after multiple ballots and backroom/floor deals.

    Fact is, “the small government crowd that like me who get dumped on every 4 years by the tax and spend Republican liberals” don’t want a pro-abortion Ridge or a pro-whatever-is-expedient-this-year Romney, but we sure as HADES don’t want a Democrat as our VP pick.

    And no, many Republicans are more concerned about principle than about “setbacks” of expediency. Sorry about that.

  33. Bill Simon says:


    “We saw the national debt soar to 10 trillion dollars under Bush. This was the largest expansion of government in our history. And the bills like No Child Left Behind, Farm, Energy, Highway, Drug Prescription…..not only were pork driven but poorly thought out policy!

    Please tell me how it could get worse?”

    How could it get worse? How about the complete destruction of our capitalistic society in favor of returning to the days when UNIONS held all the marbles and prevented free enterprise?

    How about rules and laws developed to cap all CEO salaries?

    How about laws developed that state a CEO can get paid no higher than 5 times the pay rate of the lowest-paid worker in a company?

    Don’t think the Dems have the power to promulgate such laws? You are SO naive, John. Truly, you are.

  34. Icarus says:

    “Governor Palin has a 4 or 5 month-old baby. I wonder if voters might feel uncomfortable with a man or a woman with very young children being a heartbeat away from the presidency…”

    Given that the dems are reaching to portray McCain as “out of touch”, I think a mother of 5, with a newborn which has Down’s Syndrome, would add just a touch or reality, don’t you?

  35. Icarus says:


    the pre-printing of collateral material is just about having stuff ready when the decision is made. Much like the Patriot’s 19-0 T-shirts that ended up in Nicaragua. I’ll bet there are stickers/signs/shirts being made with 5-10 name combinations on them as we type.

  36. Icarus says:

    Sure Bill. I’ll be glad to send them on my church’s next mission trip. There are poor children in the world that would be happy to have any new shirt, even one that says that.

  37. Three Jack says:

    konop, you are so good at seeing the future and less than shy when frequently reminding us of this dubious skill, how about just telling us if bill’s print job is real or a dupe.

    what position does bob barr have on issues today?

  38. Three Jack says:

    one more thing, mccain should pick hillary for vp. it would fit well with his practice of partnering with the most liberal of the liberals during his long senate career.

    mccain / clinton v. obama bin biden – now that would be full time entertainment.

  39. Doug Deal says:


    I had no doubt that they would bellyache, my point is that they would be insane to think the better option is to help Obama get elected.

    I will defend McCain’s pick if it is Lieberman, but that does not mean it is who I want. Unlike abortion is the only issue liberals (you know social “conservatives”) I am not 10 years old and can live with something that is not 100% my way.

  40. Doug Deal says:


    We can have 2 40 year old replacement liberal justices on the Supreme Court for 40 more years giving us a load of even more weird made up rights that obligate other people while removing those that obligate none. We can have a filibuster proof Senate passing maximum wage laws and confiscating profits from the few profitable businesses that will be left when our second great depression starts.

    It can get a lot worse John. But I don’t expect you to see that.

  41. ReaganRepublican says:

    If it is Romney–Millions like myself who always vote republican will not sit out–no way–we will definetely show up and vote against that ticket… Heck, Romney bragged about voting against Reagan when he ran against Kennedy.. He is a punk and a bum….. The Christian right is starting to get sick of all the empty rhetoric the GOP leadership is feeding us. Every election we work very hard and get nothing in return. We need to take back the GOP and get rid of all those phony politicians faking that they are one of us.

  42. ReaganRepublican says:

    For crying out loud, that bum voted for Jimmy ( I never met a commie I did not like) Carter….

  43. John Konop says:


    Try this from HOTAIR and Politico.

    Politico: Congressional Republicans told to expect a “traditional” VP pick; Update: Romney’s out?

    …“Traditional” has a lovely connotation vis-a-vis Joementum and a not so lovely one vis-a-vis Gingrich’s warning to McCain last month about boring white guys. Drudge, conspicuously, is teasing a link to a weeks-old Journal profile of Pawlenty as I write this, and a reader e-mails to say that David Gregory was dropping heavy hints on MSNBC a little while ago about McCain’s VP possibly appearing on talk shows this Sunday (Pawlenty’s booked for “Meet the Press”). I can’t believe they’d be holding back if the pick had leaked, but clearly everything they’re hearing is pointing them towards Pawlenty. I’ll back McCain regardless, obviously, but in all candor it makes me nervous to think that a guy I’d never heard of three months ago could be next in line behind one of the oldest presidents in history come January. And if I’m having that reaction, what are independents going to think?

    Update: For what it’s worth, and probably not much, a source tells James Poulos at the Confabulum that Romney “no longer understands himself to be in consideration” and that he’ll be home in Massachusetts tomorrow. I wonder if this is why…..


  44. Doug Deal says:

    If the word is now a traditional pick, that is in contrast to what I heard this morning, which was a non traditional pick.

    If that’s the case, I would bump Pawlenty up as well as knock any worthwhile candidate down. Pawlenty would be a very boring pick which will do nothing to help McCain, and may actually cost him some.

    In the end, I blame Bush, as he pretty much killed the Republican bench by poisoning the name of anyone within smelling distance of him. Hopefully, it is just more misdirection, and a decent candidate is selected that actually has a future in the party besides being an unemployed cheerleader after his term expires.

  45. Three Jack says:

    if obama’s acceptance speech is any indication, mccain could win with konop as his vp nomination.

  46. Icarus says:

    I think he’s continuing to drift off course, away from what got him where he is.

    It started with the Biden pick. Biden’s strenghts are foreign policy, and Obama would be better off with a Clinton ’92 strategy of “It’s the economy, stupid”.

    Then, tonight, while he had a few platitudes of hope, he seemed to be a bit harsh, with an edge typically reserved for the VP attack dog, and far away from the “transcend politics of yesterday, hope, working together, blah blah BS” that has worked for his thus far.

    I’m sure the Dem base loved it. George Steph. on ABC probably needs a change of shorts he was gushing so much afterwards.

    I’m just not sure it, or Obama, will wear well over the next few weeks.

    But then again, I’m biased.

    …and that’s what I thought about it.

  47. Harry says:

    Kennedy: “Ask not what your counrty can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”

    Obama: “Don’t you worry about taking care of yourself; that’s the responsibility of government”

    (lifted from another source but accurate)

  48. John Konop says:

    Three Jack

    Bottom line Obama hit the cover off the ball with his speech! I disagree with him on many policy issues but any objective person could see it was a great speech.

  49. jkga says:

    About Palin and the baby at home – I think people who know the reality of raising young kids could legitimately worry that it’s an important, time-consuming activity that would be tough to balance with being President. (I’d say the same for the father of a baby/toddler as well.) Sure, VP isn’t the same sort of job, but the idea is to have someone ready to step in.

    Romney’s a clown. McCain is apparently out of good options.

  50. Doug Deal says:


    Raising pre-teens is no picnic either, yet you do not complain about Obama’s choice to run for president. So her husband cannot take care of the kids while she campaigns? At least the VP is a do-nothing job, and perfect for a new mother. Obama has pretty much made the decision to abandon his kids due to the time demands of the Presidency.

    I would love to see the Democrats raise this as an issue when Clinton was treated the way she was during the primary. It would guarentee McCain getting her voters.

    So, keep spreading that meme. Please.

    Of course it is all speculation now.

  51. Three Jack says:

    if lies “take the cover off the ball”, then indeed it was a great speech. you are truly naive konop.

  52. Three Jack says:

    i’m sticking with newt as vp. he has not appeared all week on fox and has been extremely quiet when one would expect him to be part of the dialogue about all the bs coming from denver.

  53. North Ga Indy says:

    Reports are now saying that Palin, Pawlenty, and Romney are not it. It is now in my opinion that it is either Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge. However, i hope it is someone like Richard Burr, Rob Portman, or John Thune.

  54. jsm says:

    “In any event these single issue Abortion Warlords are not the base of the party.”

    Ya know, Doug, you’re the one who brought up the subject in this thread. You seem to be the one with a hair trigger on a pet issue. You’re punching the wind.

    “I am no Obama fan but McCain is more of he same.”

    blah blah blah, whatever…

    Just admit you’re a democrat, konop.

  55. Doug Deal says:


    The issue I have with abortion is that it is a part of process at the national level. The only issue at the national level should be the overturn of Roe as bad law, and that’s it. The Republicans should campaign on that and send the issue to the states, and be done with it.

    You abortion warlords have actually guarenteed the continued existance of late term abortion as well as upholding of Roe because you support unelectable extremists who keep giving seat after seat to the Democrats. Good candidates, who would back you on things like banning partial birth abortion, but not a total nationwide ban still further your goal, but you single issue types only care about “purity”.

  56. North Ga Indy says:

    Breaking News! CNBC has confirmed that Sarah Palin of all people has been chosen as McCains V.P.

  57. Tea Party says:

    I thought the fan bowing a breeze on Old Glory was a nice touch to the speech last night. The man is a gifted orator, hit the highpoints and reached out to GOP and Indie voters.

    He is a great public speaker. That does not mean a great POTUS, but the speech was very good.

    If the Palin comment is correct, I cannot imagine picking a person with less name recognition. The machine must have an extra pallet of grease to get that one known be 11/4.

  58. jsm says:

    “You abortion warlords …”

    “…you single issue types…”

    Care to back up these labels you’ve stuck on me?

    Some rant you’ve got going on here.

  59. Doug Deal says:


    It may be unfair, as I do not know you face to face, but that is how you come across. It may be that I just suffer from selective memory, but pretty much every post I have seen from you has been a comment on some pro-life related topic, or a comment on the pro-life credentials of some candidate. (Save the odd comment about how evolution is wrong, which kind of goes in the same pile).

    If I have misjudge you, then let me apologize.

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