Marshall AWOL From Denver

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Rep. Jim Marshall, D-Macon, opted to skip the Sen. Barack Obama lovefest that has held the Democratic National Convention in its thrall this week in Denver.

Marshall, one of the most politically vulnerable House Democrats in the country, says there just isn’t enough room on his overcrowded election season dance card to attend the event. Political analysts say Marshall has found it difficult to fully embrace the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee because of the Illinois senator’s stance on Iraq.

Project Logic GA has more. I’ll also add them to the blogroll.


  1. rugby fan says:

    Also worth noting is that I believe eight GOP congressman will skip the Republican convention.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but Norm Coleman or one of the national convention chairs said they would skip it.

  2. I’m sure Marshall knows that Goddard doesn’t need more ammunition aganist him at this point. Warranted or not, Marshall being that close to Democrats he does not exactly agree with but caucus with would simply be fuel for the Goddard camp.

  3. RuralDem says:

    I’m going to have to disagree about this.

    Congressman Gene Taylor (D-MS) supposedly skips the convention every time, yet no one ever fusses at him. Marshall skipping should be no different.

    Did Marshall go in 2004? He didn’t endorse Kerry in 2004.

    There’s no mass conspiracy against Obama here. Marshall’s doing what he needs to do. Wow, so one Democrat is not on ship with Obama, big deal. There are plenty of Reagan Democrats out there that are concerned.

    Saying that it was “difficult” for Bishop and Barrow isn’t necessarily true. Bishop is keeping his seat until he wants to retire! Barrow endorsing Obama actually helped him I would think, considering the nutjob that ran against him in the Primary.

    Marshall’s in a completly different situation than the other Blue Dogs in the GA delegation.

  4. It’s a lot easier to explain why he wasn’t there than it is for him to spin himself as a Conservative after going. The 8th is a very tight district race, and he knows he has to save his political capital and chose his battles.

  5. jkga says:

    Harry – I have no idea what you are talking about. Where does the constitution say that a candidate can’t use political pressure to fight smears during a political campaign? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  6. Harry says:

    The attempted suppression of the Ayers coverage doesn’t bode well for Obama. At the very least, Obama has long-time friendships and/or associations with several very unsavory people. Does this not concern you?

  7. jsm says:

    “At the very least, Obama has long-time friendships and/or associations with several very unsavory people. Does this not concern you?”

    So do the Clintons.

    On the subject of the thread, Marshall is trying to get re-elected in a not-so-safe district. Going to Denver wouldn’t help him do that. Seems pretty clear to me.

  8. slyram says:

    Wow…I have to say I was truly excited to see my little slice of the web Project Logic Ga mentioned on Peach Pundit. My tech-limited friends and I have been read your page for a while. Unlike most blog, Project Logic Ga will be discussing a few issue of specific interest to Georgia Black moderates.

    The debate among my friends is about Rep. Marshall skipping an event of big significance to the Black voting block in his district. Blacks in Macon appreciate his service as mayor and he is a decent congressman but he needs to get on a plane for Denver. The establishment types in Macon can’t control that wave of new, young voters in November. He might have some explaining to do for blowing off our finest hour since the “I Have A Dream Speech.”

    I will put it like this, if Secretary Rice was about to get the GOP nod for president, Scott, Bishop and maybe Barrows would be standing in the back of the hall smiling with a certain kind of pride. Marshall skipping that convention might also upset Hillary supporters because she did bring that fire.

    Put it like this: if Goddard avoids the “politics of fear” and simply pushes McCain and his conservative ideas for running the nation, he might be MOC next year because Marshall did not go to Denver for one night.

  9. Doug Deal says:


    You said:

    Unlike most blog, Project Logic Ga will be discussing a few issue of specific interest to Georgia Black moderates.

    I wish you luck. I have never understood why black in America clings so tightly to the politics of liberal white Dems. If the votes of blacks were “in play” they would yeild much more power than they do. Instead, everyone just takes that 90-10 Dem-Rep split for granted, and no one really listens.

    On the other hand, if the votes were up in the air every cycle (even just between 50/50 and 90/10), the political parties would deliver the moon to get a share of that 13%.

    Personally, I would be insulted if a party kept telling me that I could only succeed witht he help of them and the government.

  10. slyram says:

    Doug Deal: Thanks and you are right….Down here in Worth County we know that the lines are really blurred. When I was a Washington congessional staffer in the 90s, both Rs and Ds respected Senator Nunn’s leadership and don’t think people here don’t know that Saxby and Sanford fought for a balanced Farm Bill.

    So yet, I am supporting SOB..not that SOB but Saxby, Obama, Bishop. Checkout the Project Logic Ga post titled “The Saxby Dilema.” The eastern part of Worth County is in the 8th District; so maybe I should move two miles so I can vote against a D Super delegate who is skipping “the speech..”

    As they say “you done cut off your nose to spite your face” and congressmen who serve well should glide back into office. Jim Marshall could have ridden the Obama wave smoothy but those new, young voters might “trip” about tonight.

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