Judge: Yank Clayton school board members today

Judge Michael Malihi of the Office of State Administrative Hearings, who recently brought the hammer down on Keith Gross (D-Where?), has now also decided enough is enough with the Clayton County School Board and has ruled Michelle Strong, Sandra Scott, Lois Baines-Hunter and Yolanda Everett should be removed for violating the state’s open meetings act and the ethics code.

“The probative evidence shows that the respondents have violated the Georgia Open Meetings Act, have violated the board’s code of ethics for board members, and have engaged in conduct unbecoming of a board member and in breach of the public trust,” Malihi wrote today in his ruling to Perdue.

Perdue is expected to make a decision today.

The cleaning of the Clayton County house continues…of course, we’re also hours away from the decision of SACS concerning accreditation. It may be too little, too late.


  1. Chris says:

    Wait, why is he writing to Perdue? Does Perdue have the authority to oust these —-tards?

    If that’s the case then Sonny Perdue bears just as much blame for Clayton’s [pending] accreditation loss as the Clayton morons.

  2. Redcatcher says:

    With all that has gone on with the Clayton Board issue, how could the accreditation group do anything but pull their accreditation. If they don’t , then they have no standing. The situation in Clayton County is like something out of a National Lampoon movie.

  3. GOP Girl says:

    Dr. J can correct me if I’m wrong, but in all the years of wacky school boards we’ve had in Chatham, I don’t think we’ve ever had a Judge get involved. Maybe we did at some point and I tried to push it out of my mind. But WOW! That’s impressive.

  4. dewberry says:

    Priscilla Thomas, the retired Chatham County school principal, claims to have received both of her Ph.D degrees from the University of North America.

    Please google “University of North America”

    The schools here can’t be much worse than this.

  5. John Konop says:

    How many of you are calling for Kathy Cox to be removed?

    MATH 123

    70% failure rate SS CRCT

    40% failure rate math CRCT

    SAT scores falling

    Kathy Cox gives out waivers for students failing CRCT easier than getting a pizza coupon

    Kathy Cox misrepresenting performance standards to parents to push her failed math 123 on students in Georgia at the expense of our school system

    At the end Kathy Cox performance in her job is comparable to Clayton County.

  6. Andre Walker says:

    Well, Rome, I’ve had a chance to interview both Paul Begala and Howard Dean.

    I’ve seen “the devil” himself, Karl Rove, in person.

    I rode up a press elevator with Ann Curry of the Today show.

    Oh, and I spoke briefly with former CBS Nightly News anchor Dan Rather.

    Does that answer your question on how the convention is?

  7. dewberry says:

    Can someone tell me if there is such a thing called a Ph.D. in Psychology/Educational Administration? I am wondering if a person I know has a fake degree.

    Would this be a dual degree?

    Here is the page


    This is Dr. Priscilla Thomas our 8th district county commissioner.

    “Dr. Thomas is a native of Savannah and graduated from Tompkins High School. She holds a B.S. degree in Elementary Education from Savannah State College, a Master’s degree in Education and Administration/Supervision from Bradley University and a Ph.D. in Psychology/Educational Administration from the University of North America. She retired as principal of Haven Elementary School after 30 years in education.”

    Our schools are pretty rotten here in Chatham County.

  8. drjay says:

    so other than getting to ride w/ ann curry in an elevator the convo has been a real let down for andre…oh well

    on the above question–i know the sacs folks had sav’h schools on probation a few years back–but no i don’t recall any judges ever poking around in the school boards activities…

  9. jsm says:

    How many of you are calling for Kathy Cox to be removed?

    MATH 123

    70% failure rate SS CRCT

    40% failure rate math CRCT

    SAT scores falling

    Konop, do you think there is a person alive who can drastically change these numbers overnight? I’m not necessarily supporting everything Cox is doing, but she can’t be held responsible for the entire performance of a group of students who were in the system before she took over in 2003. These numbers represent students whose critical early years were spent in schools controlled by previous superintendents under democratic governors and legislatures. If Georgia improves, it will be a slow upward trend as methods improve. We’re not going to move up to #5 in a year. Think a little.

  10. Icarus says:

    I missed Konop’s question somehow last night.

    The tests got harder. The CRCT scores are GA specific tests. The first way to show that you have higher expectations of students is to set the bar higher on these.

    In the past, we’ve had functionally illiterate people pass these tests because we wanted high success rates. Kathy is making sure that the CRCT means something so that the national test scores can then begin to improve. While there was a slight setback this year, we’re still two states up from where we were when she took over.

    This is not an overnight process. Step one was a redesign of the curriculum. Step 2 was implementing that curriculum. We’ve barely finished that. It will be another 10 years before the kids that started under the new curriculum and standards take the SAT.

  11. John Konop says:


    In all due respect Kathy Cox created her own mess. She was warned that her ill thought out math 123 would be a failure like in New York. The 40% failure rate speaks for itself. And she was not forced to give out waivers to students like pizza coupons who failed the test. As far as Social Science it was her test that she did not coordinate properly with the school system that created a 70% failure rate and created no way of measuring social science for one year!

    I agree much of this starts at the home first with parents. But by any measurement Kathy Cox failed!

    And my only point is people like dewberry will pile on a black democrat for less than what Kathy Cox has done. And it does come across as racist. Only drewberry knows what is in his heart, but perception is reality.

    I am not excusing the performance of Clayton County schools, yet I think we should not just attack people from a different party and race while turning a blind eye to the failures of a white republican woman.

    The problem is both parties seemed more engaged in the fight than solving the problem. I am parent and tax payer who wants solutions not more finger pointing. And we cannot solve the problem unless we are honest about all the issues. And trust me we have plenty of blame to go around on both sides.

    The solution I have proposed of moving away from all children must be on a college track program for every subject. Why not have joint enrollment programs and classes for students vocational based with a real job waiting for them after high school? Why not let gifted and advance students study math based on the University system not some failed math concept? Why not let home schools, charter schools and private schools come up with more creative solutions working with the school district not against it?

    Instead of talking about the above solution people like dewberry would rather have a personal issue to debate! My issues with Kathy Cox is not personal it is only about performance and solutions.

  12. dewberry says:

    I am a tax payer and take great exception to anyone in our schools or government getting advancements based on fake credentials.

    I simply don’t think it looks good for politicians to parade around titles and credentials of laughing stock.

  13. Bill Simon says:


    “–but no i don’t recall any judges ever poking around in the school boards activities…”

    I believe if you read the whole story, you will find the judge got involved because these 4 members continued to ignore the state’s Open Meeting Rules for government organizations.

    Perhaps you folks in Chatham Country never have “meetings.” You just have low country boils. 😉

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