Here’s a full-page ad that FIRE put into U.S. News and World Report’s America’s Best Colleges issue:

Question though, how many people would be reading up on America’s best colleges and also be considering Valdosta State?
HT: The Volokh Conspiracy

(I assume Valdosta State is still part of Georgia and hasn’t been washed away or occupied by Russians)


  1. odinseye2k says:

    I’m not a large fan of FIRE, but this case looks like one they’ve gotten right. Expelling a kid over a parking garage is totally crazy.

  2. Burdell says:

    The problem with groups like FIRE is that managing to get one right will validate in their minds all the frivolous cases they’ve pursued.

  3. Burdell says:

    Also, according to comments on Volokh, even this ad is dishonest in its presentation, by omitting the outcome–that Barnes’ expulsion was rescinded.

    I think they’d have more credibility if they didn’t engage in that kind of spin.

    (I’m not justifying or condoning VSU’s actions in any way here).

  4. drjay says:

    maybe some people just need to keep their mouth shut and then they won’t have to worry about their 1st ammendment rights…

  5. The comments on Volokh that talk about the ad being dishonest or pointless because the expulsion was overturned miss the point- there *was* an expulsion. Sure, it was overturned eventually, but the fact is that VSU’s administration did overreact. Without knowing details of the case, it’s possible that the student ended up hiring lawyers or missing important classes because of this. Even if the case was thrown out, their actions caused him harm, and there’s nothing wrong with calling them out on that.

  6. I see “free speech zones” coming soon to a college campus near you.

    Never mind that they’ll most likely be located in the basement under the gym lockerooms or some other out of the way place.

    Also, a non-partisan commision will decide who gets to participate.

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