Mayhem in City of Milton


After five months on the job, Milton City Manager Billy Beckett threw in the towel Monday, saying he was tired of conflict. His resignation is effective Sept. 24.

“I believe disagreement is healthy, but there’s no need to make it personal,” he said. “I’m not blaming anyone, but I wasn’t the right person for the job given the circumstances. It was just bad chemistry.”

And the root cause for this chaos? Whether to extend sewer lines.

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  1. Tea Party says:

    The City of Milton is using sewage as a defense toward rapid develeopment, and that is why this issue is intriguing to me.

    The Metro Region (to my neighbors not in ATL, this is of little interest, especially my friends in Early County, well below the ‘fall’ line) is faced with some tough development choices, doing nothing (growing ivy) is not one of them.

    Milton is restricting sewerage to restrict growth. Problem is, that flys in direct conflict with Regional H20 Planning precepts. Septic, since it returns zero H20 to a treatment plant, is seen as ‘using’ TWICE as much water. Bad for the Region, obviously.

    Sewerage enables density, and while some argue density brings its’ own issues, true ‘new urbanism’ mixed uses are less resource intensive. Some larger developments even pre-treat its’ waste water, returning pre-treated H20 to the plant.

    Boring as watching paint dry, I know, yet important stuff that happens in the background.

    New cities MUST cooperate with regional planning directions. Or we will see all sorts of misery through feifdoms and lack of cohesive regional planning.

    Praise the Lord and all the Angels in Heaven for Fay.

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