1. Rogue109 says:

    What’s evidently going on in Denver is hero worship:

    From Amy Morton’s most recent posting:

    I will never forget being in the hall when Ted Kennedy spoke tonight. It was a moment when you just knew you were witnessing history. My earliest memory is of sitting on the brown rug in my living room, not quite understanding what had just happened, but knowing it was awful. President Kennedy had been shot. Then Bobby. These leaders challenged us to think of the world as a place where we could serve rather as a place that could serve us. Now, tonight, hearing and seeing Ted Kennedy push the stool aside and stand to inspire a new generation brought it all full circle. He is a lion, and the courage he displayed at the Pepsi Center tonight was remarkable.

    And, if Kennedy was a lion tonight, then Michelle Obama was a lioness. What a remarkable speech she gave. She has such a rare ability to seem at ease in front of thousands. And those girls-so poised, so precious!

    Yes, it’s so very rare to make a speech. And her children, the daughters of a Messiah! They blessed the crowd and that night the mini-bars in all the hotel rooms of Denver overflowed with free snacks and liquor.

  2. atlantaman says:

    Ol’ Teddy inspired me for sure.

    When the bar closed at 2 am, I drove on to a bar that stayed open until 4 am, knowing if I ever wrecked the car my rich daddy could get me out jail.

    Ted Kennedy – an inspiration to gluttonous trust fund babies everywhere.

  3. atlantaman says:

    “And those girls-so poised, so precious!”

    This is a low that even the Clintons wouldn’t stoop to. Continually exposing the children to the national media is pure exploitation without regard to the long-term effect on their lives.

    Using your children for positive media exposure is making a deal with the devil. The payment for this exposure is a green light for the paparazzi to cover their lives. When the girls end up on the cover of US and People magazine for God knows what, the Obamas will have only themselves to blame. Once the public is addicted to the little kids the price for their pictures shall escalate. The Oprah generation’s thirst for celebrity must be quenched with blood.

    I’m sure in the future he’ll say, “leave my kids out of it”, as he currently whines about with his wife, but surely he must understand that media exposure is a two edged sword.

    I always admired how the Clintons and Bushes kept their children out of the spotlight until an appropriate age.

    I suppose if Obama is elected, the girls will have their own press secretaries.

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