Handel Fights On

This gets fun (and expensive)

Georgia’s secretary of state is continuing her fight to keep Public Service Commission candidate Jim Powell off the November ballot.

Karen Handel on Monday filed to appeal Fulton County Superior Court Judge Wendy Shoob’s decision that Powell could remain in the race. Powell is the Democratic candidate in District 4, running against Lauren McDonald, a Republican.


  1. odinseye2k says:

    Hmmm … Ken Blackwell would be proud. We’ll see how committed she is to counting votes properly in a couple of months, I guess.

  2. C’mon grift. 2 judges (and soon to be 3+) have told Handel to let it go and she continues to soldier on and odinseye2k is wrong to make a partisan comparison?

    That office has changed. If you email me I’ll be glad to show you the open records requests I’ve had to file to obtain information they gladly gave out (and helped you figure out how to get) back when Cox ran it. Also, I am/was no great fan of Cox so this isn’t just a partisan hit on my part either.

  3. griftdrift says:

    Chris I’ll stop when you guys stop spouting the “two judges” nonsense. The ALJ didn’t tell Handel anything but his findings which she has every right to overrule. Instead you guys continue to use the lack of knowledge of the arcane procedures of Administrative hearings to deceive people into thinking some great injustice has been done here.

    Give me an effing break.

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