Decatur Mayor Blasts Tax and Spend Governor Sonny Perdue

I’m proud of my Mayor, Bill Floyd, for taking on tax and spend Governor Perdue and his tax increases for property owners in Georgia. One of the very first things Sonny did in office was propose raising taxes, and now as a lame duck Governor, he has revered to form and is back at it again.

Floyd said:

The Governor has demonstrated once again that he apparently doesn’t understand how local governments work, what their purpose is, how their budgets are established, and how the decisions about revenues and expenditures are decided. He seems to be following closely in the footsteps of Speaker Richardson who proved last year, without any doubt, that he doesn’t understand or have a regard for local governments, nor does he care to. The Mayor of Atlanta gets hammered for a shortfall in revenue and she is vilified, but now, less than four months after the Governor signs his approval of the state budget, his revenue estimates are off by almost 2 billion dollars, that’s with a B, and there is no outcry. It looks to me like someone should ask how that happened. Was the economy not in trouble in March? Should not the buck stop at the governor’s desk? But then the governor says it’s not his fault; it’s those incompetent city and county folks who have messed everything up.

Floyd then presents our big government, tax and spend Governor with this challenge:

I invite the governor to come to my community, stand in front of our citizens and tell us we don’t know how to manage our budget. We carefully plan our budgets every year and make hard choices, in front of citizens (not in some back office at the capital), about cuts and tax increases. If we get out of alignment with our constituents, there are two opportunities every month (our council meetings) and an election every other year for us as citizens to straighten it out. And we can’t hide in China or on a plane to Spain. Our mayor’s office is out on the street corner.

Tough words. But its a fat chance that our tax and spend Governor would speak to an unfriendly crowd.


  1. Mitch says:

    Purdue has been such a dissapointment, maybe the worst Governor of Georgia ever. I hope officials like Mayor Floyd will continue to speak out rather than wring their hands and whine that it’s not their fault that they have to increase property taxes, saying it’s the state’s fault, because taxpayers will not make a distinction.

  2. atlantaman says:

    I do think he contradicts himself when he acknowledges that Shirley Franklin and Atlanta are experiencing a huge budget shortfall, but then wants to compliment the cities for being superior in budgeting.

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