Rome’s Pork

From the Rome News – Tribune:

Local grants

Local assistance grants are being pulled from the Open Door Home for abused children; Southeast Elementary School’s sensory room for disabled kids; Berry College trails; and the Bartow County 4H Club.

Sen. Smith worked hard to secure the funding but is now one of the few legislators heeding Perdue’s call to cut special earmarks for individual community projects.

“It was a really tough decision but I think it’s important to send a message,” he said.

State Rep. Katie Dempsey, R-Rome, is asking to keep her earmarks for the river education center and handicap-accessible treehouse at Ridge Ferry Park.

“Romans send their tax dollars to Atlanta, so state dollars are their dollars, too,” she said. “My job is to get them sent back when Rome has a legitimate need.”

Kudos to Senator Smith for pulling his pork requests. But given we are going to have to furlough or RIF GBI investigators, graduation coaches and prison guards, does Rome really need a handicap-accessible treehouse this year Rep. Dempsey?


  1. DeacfromGA says:

    Katie’s in a fight for her seat, she can’t pull funding when she might lose in November.

    She’s a great Rep, Romans better keep her. Tell Lucious Verenus and Titus Pullo to get out the vote!

  2. It’s double taxation…you get taxed when you earn the money; your kid gets taxed when you give him the money to buy the candy bar.

    I think anyone under, oh, say 10 years old should have to pay sales tax. And if that passes someday, Chris, I may need to borrow your daughter when I go new car shopping. How’s her credit these days?

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