1. boyreporter says:

    GOPeach, the “beast” apparently resides in your heart and what passes for your dismal soul. Yes, let’s defeat Obama and continue the disastrous course set by W and his helpers. We have a chance to pull the car out of the ditch, but let’s not. Let’s stay thereand even keep revving the engine and spinning the wheels and digging deeper. That’s the wise course.

  2. GOPeach says:

    Boy- nice try

    Clearly you are confused beyond words.

    You attempt to sound astute a philosophical when in fact you are a mer child in so many ways beyond your awareness.

    As for MY SOUL… It is WELL WITH MY SOUL!

  3. boyreporter says:



    An acquaintance of mine who is not American and speaks Arabic, French, English and Italian…struggles mostly with English…makes more sense than you. Isn’t it time to take your rental PC back to the loaner company? Stop by Kaplan for a refresher course in “tawkin’ and speakin'” first.

  4. GOPeach says:

    boy – Sweetie you have a lot to learn –

    Now run along now and wipe that nasty nose of yours. Your Mama should have spanked your fanny when you were younger.

    Oh … and what French person can NOT Speak Arabic!??? Hell – France is an Arab country –
    I was in Paris last month. I know!

    Embrassez mon âne!

  5. boyreporter says:

    As they say down here in the South, you are just eat up with class. And ignorant, too, but I know you are proud of that.

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