Sheriff candidate doesn’t let a felony arrest stop his campaign!

Silly goose, why would being arrested possibly hurt a campaign for Sheriff of Candler County?

James ‘K.K.’ Ausbon, Republican candidate for Candler County sheriff, surrendered himself to Bryan County Sheriff’s Department on Monday morning on charges of theft by taking. He was booked and subsequently released on $5,000 bond.

The charges, according to Bryan County Sheriff Clyde Smith, are the result of an investigation at Old Castle PreCast (Mega Cast) in Pembroke, where Ausbon served as general manager/vice president.

Don’t worry…Ausbon has this covered.

“I am still going to run, and I don’t want people to look down on this and frown on it, because I broke company policy and was terminated for it. Why it went to law enforcement, I can’t answer that,” [Ausbon] said. “I don’t believe it will have any bearing on my ability to serve as sheriff,” he continued. “I am going to continue to run for sheriff. That’s what I set out to do, and God willing, we’re going to win. I think He put me in this position to run. I think there’s a reason and a purpose that God put me to run for sheriff; whether I win or lose, there is a purpose for me running.”

What Ausbon clearly has not considered is that the “reason and purpose” God had him run is because God wants the other guy to win.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Something like this is exactly the kind of thing Renee Unterman’s new “ethics revision” bill is trying to stop. She doesn’t want justice to be served in the case of someone running for office. If news like this breaks-out under her bill, this info will likely be banned from coming to the surface until after the election…’cause, you know, things like FACTS must be stopped from being known if it might hurt a political candidate.

  2. Rogue109 says:

    Icarus, is it the gay guy from South Park? Great minds think alike, if so, because that was the voice echoing in my mind when I posted (grin).

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