Savannah City Council tackles pressing issue of the day

Yup…it’s the baggy pants thing.

Edna Jackson says the issue is one that her constituents complain about regularly. Van Johnson and Clifton Jones Jr., too. So as the Savannah City Council is about to move forward with one of its top priorities – a parental-responsibilities ordinance – a majority of the council is ready to consider if it also should address one hot-button item of public debate:

Is it time for the city of Savannah to ban below-the-rear baggy pants?

“When I have residents asking continuously, ‘Why can’t we do something about this?’ then I have a responsibility to pose the question,” said Jackson, an alderwoman-at-large and mayor pro tem. “I just think people in Savannah, just like other cities, are tired of seeing this in their community.”

Don’t worry about rising crime rates, ya’ll! Keep your eye on some dudes pants.


  1. Burdell says:

    “residents asking continuously, ‘Why can’t we do something about this?’”

    They could try minding their own business instead.

    Cities need to ban banning things.

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