Fort Stewart going green


A Georgia company working to solve America’s energy problem has teamed up with the federal government in an attempt to make millions of barrels of oil daily from virtually anything that grows out of the Earth. Fort Stewart has been chosen as one of the pilot sites, and a spokesman there said the project is in the planning stages. Bell Bio-Energy, Inc. says it has reached an agreement with the U.S. Defense Department to build seven test production plants, mostly on military bases, to quickly turn naturally grown material into fuel.


  1. joe says:

    Ft Stewart has actually been green for a long time. For at least 20 years, they have recycled their waste from timber to furnish a large portion of heating and cooling. It is not suprising that they would participate in a cutting edge technology.

  2. Rogue109 says:

    Are they really painting their jet fighters with cow dung?

    Maybe…if they had any “jet fighters.” They’re an Army installation (grin).

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