Elba Island LNG plant foes ask Chatham to ignore Federal decisions

From today’s Savannah Morning News:

Opponents of El Paso Corp.’s liquefied natural gas import facility requested on Friday that Chatham County commissioners pass an ordinance prohibiting expansion of the facility on Elba Island near downtown Savannah.

“Liquefied natural gas is dangerous,” said John Northup, a member of the Citizens for Clean Air and Water. “Everyone knows it. … We do not need to have dangerous natural gas in the middle of populated areas.”

Commissioners questioned whether the county had any power to regulate the industry, which is overseen by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

“I know we all oppose anything that would be unsafe to the community,” said Commissioner Dean Kicklighter. “But passing an ordinance is almost grandstanding because we can’t override the federal government.”

While I continue to have great reservations about the ability of the United States Coast Guard’s personnel at Station Tybee and Air Station Savannah to protect this facility (as now codified under Congressional mandate) due to their current manpower levels, these type of strategies by the foes of Elba Island expansion are just plain silly.