Can you say E-Bay?

See here:

A major voting machine maker has cautioned its customers in 34 states to look out for a programming error that may cause votes to be dropped.

At least 1,000 total votes were dropped in nine Ohio counties over the course of a handful elections back to 2006, including the March presidential primary, though the error was in all cases discovered and corrected within several hours. Premier Election Solutions Inc. previously had said complications with antivirus software caused the problem, but on Tuesday the company said in a product advisory that the problem is with the machines themselves.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Ghosts! There are ghosts in the machines! We’re all gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, wait…I haven’t had my caffeine fix today…no need to panic…

  2. Harry says:

    If Democrats don’t trust Diebold, then get Oracle to develop some secure voting software. Why are Democrat politicians looking for an excuse to dump information technology and revert to paper ballots and punch cards? I give Cathy Cox credit here. She’s the one Dem who understood the benefit of moving the voting process to the 20th (nevermind 21st) century.

  3. Game Fan says:

    Actually this country has a non-stop tradition of voting shenanigans/fraud. We put rapists, drug offenders and other criminals behind bars but we give a free ride to criminals in high places. It’s because so many folks get their paycheck from MAMMON CENTRAL!

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