Perry McGuire Announces Endorsements For Court Of Appeals Race

Personally, I think it would save time just changing his name to Andrew Aaron so that he could be first on the ballot.  I’m not crazy about his campaign tag line – Remember that Perry McGuire will be fifth on ballot in the race for Court of Appeals – so, “plead the Fifth!”.   But it is an impressive list, albeit very heavily Republican.  Read the list below the jump.

U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland

State Senate

Senate President Pro Tem Eric Johnson
Sen. Ronnie Chance (Governor’s Floor Leader)
Sen. Don Balfour (Rules Chair)
Sen. Chip Rogers (Finance Chair)
Sen. Bill Hamrick (Rules Vice-Chair; Judiciary Sec’y)
Sen. Judson Hill (Judiciary Secretary)
Sen. Bill Heath (Governor’s Floor Leader)
Sen. John Douglas (Chair, Veterans, Military and Homeland Security)

State House

Rep. Jerry Keen (House Majority Leader)
Rep. Jay Roberts (House GOP Caucus Chair)
Rep. Wendell Willard (Chair, Judiciary)
Rep. Bill Hembree (Chair, Higher Education; Appropriations)
Rep. Bobby Franklin (Chair, Legislative Reapportionment, Judiciary Non-Civil)
Rep. Ed Setzler (Vice-Chair, Code Revision; Judiciary Non-Civil)
Rep. Rich Golick (Governor’s Floor Leader)
Rep. Tim Bearden (Judiciary Non-Civil)
Rep. James Mills (Chair, Banks & Banking)
Rep. Matt Ramsey (Judiciary Non-Civil)
Rep. Randy Nix (Information & Audits Sec’y)
Rep. Billy Horne (Deputy Whip; Public Safety & Homeland Security Sec’y)
Rep. Mark Butler (Vice-Chair, Appropriations)
Rep. Melvin Everson (Judiciary Non-Civil)
Rep. Clay Cox (Banks & Banking; Higher Education Sec’y)
Rep. Jay Neal (Vice-Chair, Public Safety)
Rep. Tony Sellier (Defense &Veterans Affairs Sec’y)


Butch Conway, Gwinnett County
Steve Cronic, Hall County
Terry Langley, Coweta County
Randall Johnson, Fayette County
Scott Berry, Oconee County
Chris Houston, Greene County

Note:  If your campaign has actual news, I’ll be glad to post it.  It’s much easier than spamming us with the same website over, and over, and over, and over….


  1. ChuckEaton says:

    “Personally, I think it would save time just changing his name to Andrew Aaron so that he could be first on the ballot. ”

    Since a woman named Tamela L. Adkins qualified to run, you’re not that far off. I imagine she’ll be formidable.

  2. yellowhammer says:

    Perry McGuire is a lying, self-serving snake in the grass who uses the mask of Christian conservatism to disguise his true character. We need neither him, nor his faux moralistic views on the Court of Appeals.

  3. yellowhammer says:

    Heck, I was holding back. That was the nicest way I could put it. I couldn’t post my true thoughts about him on a public forum.

  4. RuralDem says:

    So, didn’t he run for SOS or Lt. Gov before suddenly deciding that since Baker had no opposition he’d run against him for AG?

    Now he’s running for Judge? All in a 2 year span?

    Someone’s a little desperate.

  5. drjay says:

    of course he’s desperate, rod tidwell is his only client, and he is not easy to work w/—i thought mcguire did a great job getting tidwell a new contract w/ the cardinals…

  6. Ha by a “heavy” Republican list do you mean 100% Republican? Unless the sheriff in Greene County is a Democrat but we know how meaningless a lot of those party affiliations are.

    But seriously if you ask me the problem with the courts in this state is too many judges that are incapable of thinking outside the box because of experience arguing cases in court. Perry McGuire is the perfect, no actually God-given would be the better term, God-given anecdote to that problem. When he ran for AG, he said in the GPB debate that he had no courtroom experience arguing a case in superior courts across the state on up to the Supreme Court.

    I mean who really needs that kind of experience anyway if you’ve got Lynn Westmoreland and 6 sheriffs backing you?

  7. RuralDem says:


    I doubt he’d chicken out or cow down either, instead, if polling shows he’s doing bad, he’ll simply say his supporters asked him to run for a different office 😛

  8. Perry McGuire is a tremendous person. Over the years I’ve found him to be honest, level headed and a high degree of integrity. I believe all those attributes will provide a solid platform for rending decisions.

  9. OleDirtyBarrister says:


    I am afraid that you are not well apprised about what it takes to make an appellate judge that is capable of rendering good decisions. The field in that race is crowded with intelligent people are honest and moral. The others are better qualified because they are experienced litigators and have actually done appreciable appellate work. Christopher McFadden, for example, is primarily an appellate lawyer and wrote a book on GA appellate practice. He is far more worthy of your vote and mine that McGuire will ever be unless he undergoes a major shift in his work.

    McGuire scares me in his willingness to spend so much of his own money to get a government job. I hope the people of GA against inform him that seats on the bench are not for sale. Moreover, he has been underqualified for every job sought. I am not going to say that he is not good at what he does, he very well may be one of the top paper pushers in the practice in GA, but that does not qualify him to be a judge or AG.
    The other thing that bothers me about this is the politicization. We saw nasty judicial campaigns last year, but this one still has the politics but not nasty advertising. The list above is of endorsements from a bunch of political hacks. There are candidates in this race that have endorsements that are much more meaningful, i.e. endorsements from their peers.

    That state bar sent out its poll on qualifications this week, and the results will be released to the public in mid-October. It will provide more meaningful insight that endorsements from the compulsive liars already holding public office.

  10. I certainly am not in the least qualified to assess the field of candidates. This is, however, a political process as they will be voted on. I have absolutely NO clue who else is in the race. I know Perry as a decent and honest person. For me, that is enough qualifier as the rest of the field must think the public will be calling Miss Cleo for advice. They certainly have done nothing to educate the public of who they. That also speaks highly of the candidate.

  11. Mad Dog says:


    I emailed him last time he ran and advised him to enjoy life as a private citizen. But, worse than my opinion of the tax cheating lawyer …

    Karen Handel says he lives in the district. She’s sure of it.

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