Nunn out of running for VP

Now that this is settled, I’m thinking Erick’s prediction is spot on.

Former Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn appears to have dropped from the running to be Barack Obama’s vice presidential choice.

The Georgia Democrat will be traveling out of the country until Monday, his spokeswoman said Thursday. Obama is scheduled to appear with his running mate on Saturday in Springfield, Ill.

[UPDATE 22 August 2008] Okay, maybe it’s the second prediction from Erick that is spot on.


  1. Romegaguy says:

    What if his spokesperson is just claiming he’s out of the country until Monday?

    You know what Obama should do? He should have people sign up to receive a text message from him saying who his Veep nominee is the moment it is announced. How unique would that be? His campaign could gather up information to use later from potential supporters.

  2. OleDirtyBarrister says:

    Please, please please let Obama’s running met be….Ray Nagin. That way, the VP candidate could not possibly accentuate Obama’s dearth of real work accomplishment, lack of experience, or preparedness to run the executive branch.

    If not Ray, lying Joe Biden.

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