1. bowersville says:

    “Don’t you just want to choke Alan?”

    Well no. Just send Erickson on to state “It’s the truth, it’s infanticide,” and Colmes and the Democrats will choke themselves on their own spittle as they foam at the mouth when faced with the truth.

  2. John Konop says:

    This issue is a catch 22 for McCain. The reason he is closing in on Obama is Female Hillary supporters like Spacey who are made that Hillary did not win. The number I saw was around 11% that support McCain now that voted for Hillary in the primary. I would guess this issue would hurt McCain with Hillary supporters.

    I would like to hear the view from a female Dem Hillary supporter who is now in the McCain camp.

  3. boyreporter says:

    You guys, especially Erick, accusing Obama of wanting to kill babies are your own worst enemies. You keep proving your committment to ideology above principle. You can’t discuss an issue like this without resorting to the most horrendous lies and attempts at character assassination. Erick, you should be ashamed of yourself and should publicly apologize to Barack Obama for your “infanticide” charges last night. This is a place where people often chide other people for using vitriol instead of logical reasoning and for not supporting their positions with facts. It has now reached a new low, led by its Hannity-wannabe leader.

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