Rasmussen On Chambliss, Sonny and the start of school

From Rasmussen Reports™:

… The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the Peach State finds the incumbent ahead of his challenger 48% to 43%.

When “leaners” are included, Chambliss leads 50% to 44%.

.. the poll marks the lowest level of support for the incumbent since tracking of this year’s election began. Last month, Chambliss had a 51% to 40% lead over the Democrat.

Chambliss picks up votes from 91% of Republicans and six percent of Democrats in Georgia. Martin is backed by 88% of Democrats and six percent of Republicans. Among unaffiliated voters, Chambliss has a 42% to 35% advantage. While the Republican has a dominant 54% to 38% lead among men in Georgia, Martin has a modest 46% to 43% lead among women.

The incumbent senator is viewed favorably by 57% and unfavorably by 34%.

Georgia Republican Governor Sonny Perdue earns good or excellent ratings from 47%, down slightly from 50% last month. Sixteen percent (16%) of voters give him a poor rating, down just one point from July.

The latest survey also found that most voters in Georgia (58%) think the school year starts too early, while 26% disagree…. 46% say spanking should not be allowed in schools, 41% take the opposite view. ….

While nearly all voters in Georgia (89%) are at least somewhat concerned about drought conditions this season, half (48%) say they are less concerned about it than they were last year. Just six percent report not being very concerned about drought this year. ….

The 91% support from self identified Republicans seems to poke a hole in the theory that the Gang of Ten is hurting him. First off, the people most upset about the Gang of Ten are partisian Republicans. Independents and Moderates don’t follow politcs as closely and probably don’t know of the Gang of Ten. If they do, they know of it as a “bipartisian effort”, not as the so-called “stab in the back” that talk radio is portraying it as.

A more likely explanition is that there is now a face to the opposition, and that face isn’t immediatly associated with “sexual harassment scandal” in the minds of voters. Martin’s best bet is to disconnect from the Senate’s national leaders and run a local Georgia campaign with a more conservative focus. He can then try and appeal to Georgians without the albatross of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barak Obama around his neck.

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  1. GOPGrassroots says:

    Saxby and Johnny are doing the right thing with the “Gang of 10” and pushing for increased domestic production of oil.

    Despite some of the attacks from the far right (the same folks who were peeved that Saxby and Johnny backed McCain), average Georgians recognize that we need action on the energy front, not partisan bickering and grandstanding.

  2. Three Jack says:

    another question that should have been asked, how many would like to spank saxby everytime he does something stupid.

  3. AtlConservative says:

    I’m not a fan of Saxby, but he’ll get my vote. It’s simply a lesser of two evils. How many of that 91% of Republicans feel the same way? Martin would certainly be worse – even with Saxby “stabbing us in the back.”

  4. rightofcenter says:

    I’m no pollster, but it seems their numbers are weighted kind of weird. Considering the Republican tilt of the state (and that he outpolls Martin in their respective parties) and the healthy lead among independents, his overall numbers should be a good bit higher, or so it seems.

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