More Fantasy Opportunities Than Your Average I-75 Exit Near Macon

Tomorrow is the first big day for the Peach Pundit Fantasy Football League.   Our Draft will begin at 8:30pm tomorrow night (Thursday, August 21) for the 16 folks who took the challenge for this year’s run at glory.

For those who missed that opportunity we have three others.  The first two will require you to sign up with Yahoo prior to joining, the third is with

1)  College Football Pick’em.   Choose the winners of the AP top 25 teams in action every week, factoring in the point spread.  For a guy that likes a certain trade school without organized Men’s sports, Buzz Brockway knows a lot about college football.  Last year’s reigning champion takes on all challengers.

To sign up, go here.   Group ID is 479, Password is Snuggles

2)  Pro Football Pick’em.  It’s new this year to the Peach Pundit sports team, but why not?

To sign up, go here.   Group ID is 2311, password is snuggles

3)  Fantasy College Football.  Also new this year, I’m guessing this is for those who need professional help and/or really, really, have too much free time on their hands (quit pointing at me Deal, Farris).

Sign up here.  Group ID is 19689, password is snuggles    UPDATE:  This one is full, too.

All are invited to join, (Fantasy Pro Football is already at capacity), and females are welcome.  (yes, I was actually asked that.)    I encourage those who are playing that aren’t regular posters to drop by, say hello, and let us know a little about you.  That will make beating up on you all that much more fun as the weeks go by.

NOTE:  It appears that the College Pick’em password needs to begin with a capital “S”.


  1. Chatham Dawg says:

    Longtime reader, but fantasy sports finally got me to comment. Is the College Pick’em password correct? I can’t get it to work.


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