Jealousy among the King kids

Dexter is suing.

Two of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s children have been sued by the institution their mother founded —- the latest chapter in a family drama that has become increasingly public in recent years.

In the suit filed on Monday, Dexter King said his siblings have established foundations that compete with the King Center and have used the Atlanta center for personal gain. It also says the foundations conflict with their duties on the center’s board of directors, which all three children serve on.

The lawsuit continues an escalating feud between Dexter, Bernice and Martin Luther King III.


  1. boyreporter says:

    And, uh, this has what to do with GA politics? Nothing. But it embarrasses the King family (deservedly so), and helps Erick scratch a racial itch that seems to keep on keeping on, reflected by recent posts of a “look-at-them-black-folks” nature.

  2. atlantaman says:

    Wasn’t MLK III a Fulton County Commissioner who lost to Mitch Skandalakis in a close race for Fulton County Chairman?

  3. Romegaguy says:

    Maybe they’ll cover it on the Georgia Gang boy. Have you thought about starting your own blog if you dont like the content here?

  4. atlantaman says:

    Boyreporter – I think you’re reaching for an argument that isn’t there.

    The King family has been inextricably linked to Atlanta politics, for better and for worse, for many years. To try and say they have had nothing to do with politics and the leadership of our community, for better and for worse, is really a disservice to the King family.

  5. MaxieGrrrl says:

    The King family has been irrelevant to Atlanta politics for a very long time. That’s no slight against them, just fact. They’ve moved on and so should we.

  6. boyreporter says:

    Just looking for consistency, but you folks’ illogical efforts to justify Erick’s double standard is entertaining, anyhow. Atlantaman is out to lunch, and Rome likes to control.

  7. MediaGuyAtl says:

    A question here, does the King Center receive any Government Grants or do they receive any taxpayer dollars? Whether it is from US, State or Local coffers. If they do, then Erick is correct in posting this here. Also is Dexter using donated funds or funds from the grants, if there are any, to file the lawsuit? If he is, then this is a legitimate post to discuss here.
    So Boyreporter uses the phrase “racial itch” it’s amazing that a white person can never discuss a subject about African-Americans or that “racial itch” gets served up.
    Just like if anyone questions anything Obama says or does he always gets that “racial itch”. You know I think Boyreporter should get some calamine lotion for his “racial itch”!

  8. Rogue109 says:

    Come on, boyreporter. A story about the King Family is a heck of a lot more related to Georgia than a post about getting on the list to find out Obama’s VP selction.

  9. boyreporter says:

    OOOH, MediaGuy: Sounds like you just walked through a whole buncha poison ivy, you scratchin’ so bad. And the excuses for including the original jab at the Kings just get better and better.

  10. boyreporter says:

    Rogue: are you trying to out-do the other Erick sychophants? Obama’s VP selection process, versus knocking the ill-starred King family? Gimme a break. Neither is relevant. But one could make a case for the Obama one since…hello…we do vote for prez in this state, but the Kings are as passee as you can get.

  11. Rogue109 says:

    boyreporter: We can disagree if the King story is relevant, to be sure. But it has more of a Georgia connection than the tripe from some former front page posters (which is what I think we are talking about ultimately). Speaking of which, now that I’m back from vacation, I need to get back to posting! Anywho, have a good evening!

  12. boyreporter says:

    Rogue, the connection is simple geography. Nothing more. That shouldn’t be enough, but I don’t make the rules (which apparently are quite flexible). You need to work on your fixation with the late (and in my opinion, lamented) SpaceyG. Let her go, man. You succeeded. Be proud.

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