Diversity Programs?

They could cut those and women/gender studies programs.

Regents will unveil plans today to slice college spending in order to get by with 10 percent less state funding as the University System of Georgia comes to grips with state’s deepening budget crisis.


  1. Demonbeck says:

    Georgia Tech should cut men’s football and UGA should cut men’s basketball. It would save millions and none of the fans would even notice.

  2. Trevor Southerland says:

    Cut the defending SEC Mens Basketball Championship team?

    Come on Deamon, it’s foolish to cut the best team in the league.

  3. Harry says:

    How about this: forget college football and basketball, and let folks spend their time and money otherwise.

  4. Maverick17 says:

    I agree with Icarus on his point.

    As for GT football, give Paul Johnson a few years and he’ll turn the ship around. The important thing is, we are finally rid of Gailey and Ball.

    And Erick is correct, “diversity,” and “gender/women’s studies” programs should probably be on the low end of priority in education dollars being spent.

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