Time to start telling people I’m really from Tennessee again…

Some of you may recall a couple of days ago, Erick called for two rednecks to not embarrass the state.

Well, don’t look now

The body of a supposed ape-man found in the North Georgia mountains was nothing but an empty rubber monkey suit embedded in ice, according to California Bigfoot enthusiasts who finally got a chance to examine it last weekend.

However; there may still be a chance to go on a mystery search:

The two Atlanta men who stood up at a news conference in California last week and tried to convince the world they had found Bigfoot now apparently can’t be located — just like the real Bigfoot.

Calls to Matthew Whitton, a Clayton County police officer — make that former police officer — and his car salesman buddy Rick Dyer weren’t returned Tuesday.

The answering machine on a “tip line” connected to the pair’s Web site, which still advertises $499 Bigfoot “expeditions,” says they’re still out searching for Sasquatch — as well as leprechauns, dinosaurs, unicorns, Jimmy Hoffa and Elvis.

Matthew Whitton better hope there are still fools out there to pay $499 to walk through the woods:

What is certain is that Whitton, 28, on medical leave after being shot in the wrist by a robbery suspect earlier this year, won’t be going back to work at the Clayton County Police Department.

As soon as he heard Whitton’s Bigfoot was a big fake, “I terminated him,” said Police Chief Jeffrey Turner said Tuesday.


  1. ACConservative says:

    Getting fired for staging a Big Foot discovery.

    Sadly that doesn’t seem like its the first time its happened here in Georgia.

  2. SkylerA says:

    What does staging bigfoot have to do with being a Police officer?

    Some police officers visit strip clubs on the weekends, or on leave, but it doesn’t mean they should be terminated.

    God save Clayton County, Please.

  3. Rick Day says:

    Something smells about this..Maybe they want their own morning radio show…

    Lot of speculation it has something to do with Cartoon Network ‘viral’ marketing techniques.

  4. MSBassSinger says:

    This was the 21st century equivalent of the “alligator farms” that used to draw stupid Yankees (and their cash) on their way to Florida.

    It’s the journalists and other morons that bought into this that look stupid, not the con men who pulled the hoax.

  5. Demonbeck says:

    What I don’t get is why this merited a “Breaking News” email from the AJC.

    I fully expect the next Breaking News bulletin from them to report “Sun Rises in East” or “Traffic is Bad During Rush Hour”

  6. Crazy Bastard says:

    Best quote from the Fox News story:

    “He was a real go-getter,” Turner said, citing Whitton’s wounding in the line of duty earlier this summer while apprehending a suspect who had allegedly shot a woman in the head. “For someone to do a complete three-sixty like that, I can’t explain it.”

    Clayton County has really done a 180 in the last twenty years, maybe they will do another 180 and come back around… doubt it.

  7. Crazy Bastard says:


    I hope you are kidding. Going to a strip club and pulling a nationwide stunt are two completely different things.

    Going to a strip club will not be national news. Pulling a hoax and collecting a reward for the hoax is breaking the trust of the public and fraud to the person offering a reward.

    These officers would not be able to testify in court cases without their honesty/integrity being called into question by even the dumbest of trial lawyers. I hope they have their POST certification revoked.

  8. AtlConservative says:

    There is the whole deal on fraud – as in frauding some crazy person(s) for $50K for exclusive rights or some such craziness! Fraud is illegal, so yes an officer of the LAW, should be fired! (And BTW, no shock that this clown came from Clayton County! Can that county really be saved?)

  9. Icarus says:

    Actually, when I asked some of my Clayton County friends if there was any solid figure in their government leadership, the only name I was given was Chief Jeffrey Turner. My law enforcement friends also give him high marks.

    In reading his comments about the situation, I like him even more.

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