Bob Barr Sues To Get Church Invite

Jim Galloway has the story here.

I am completely baffled that the nominee of the party that most wants to get government out of our private lives believes that a federal court should open church doors for him.


  1. Chris says:

    LP presidential campaigns are nothing more than “Whaa, Whaa, pay attention to me” fests put forth by whatever faux- celebrity personality manages to get enough of their unbathed followers to the LP convention.

    They rarely try and sell ideas, they never campaign, they just move from one publicity stunt to another. When some third-tier newspaper does publish an article mentioning the candidates name – even if the article is negative – they spend the next week patting themselves on the back because someone noticed them.

    That Bob Barr would sue a private organization, for excluding him from a private function, is not surprising. Nor is it a new low for the LP.

  2. boyreporter says:

    Chris Farr, you da man! I have long compared LP folks to guys in the bleachers yelling at both sides but never playing the game, ’cause you could get your hands dirty or get beat up. (Token runs are just that, and a bit annoying.)

    Actually governing — that is, advocating policies with enough appeal to win elections — would terrify them.

  3. ramblinwreck says:

    boyreporter: “I have long compared LP folks to guys in the bleachers yelling at both sides but never playing the game, ’cause you could get your hands dirty or get beat up.”

    Actually, if it was as easy to get on the ballot as a Libertarian, or any other party for that matter, as it is for Democrats and Republicans you’d see a whole lot more Libertarians running for office. To run D or R all you have to to is show up, pay the filing fee and they can’t tell you NO.

    Go try getting on the ballot as a third party candidate. If you listen to most, not all, LP candidates they’re proposing the same principles and ideas this country was founded upon unlike most of the D’s and R’s today who have no idea what’s in Article I Section 8 of the Constitution.

  4. Chris says:

    RW: You and I both know that a competent Libertarian with ties to his community can not only get on the ballot, but win office.

    The problem the LP has is that 90% of its candidates are kooks who crawl out of their parent’s basements once every 2-4 years. They have no community connections, have no ability to raise money, and don’t manage to get more than 2% of the vote.

    A credible Republican or Democrat, looking to win, will canvas their district and visit more households than an LP candidate would need to win.

  5. GOPeach says:


    Where does Bob Barr go to church?

    Has he been invited there to speak?

    If not – why not?

    If so – what does his pastor think of him suing a church?

  6. GOPeach says:

    FYI- Saddleback’s pastor is Rick Warren, author of “Purpose Driven Life” –

    The PURPOSE that DRIVES BOB BARR needs tweaking.

    I would think that Bob would have been smarter to have gotten on CNN / FOX … etc at the time Obamacain is in California…

  7. joe says:

    “The only people getting into the event are Obama, McCain and those who reportedly paid $500 to $2,000 to the church to sit in the audience.”

    Sounds like a 100% political profit making event. Why doesn’t this church lose its tax exempt status?

  8. Doug Deal says:

    Chris is right, the LP people who run are a bunch of closet case kooks.

    I think people that would make quality candidates do not want to dedicate the time and effort for a lost cause. That leaves you with over-zealous single issue wierdos.

    With the rules in Georgia as far as runoffs are concerned, there is plenty of room for a third or even a fourth party, but the R’s and D’s will never willingly make ballot access easier.

    In other states with easier ballot access who are first past the post, and in all Presidential elections, you would have to be a fool to vote for a third party, as it simply helps the candidate that is furthest from your idealology by splitting the vote.

  9. ramblinwreck says:

    Doug: “Chris is right, the LP people who run are a bunch of closet case kooks.”

    Call me a kook then. I ran and got elected as a Libertarian. In fact I got 66% of the vote. Chris is correct that it’s the candidate though. I still believe that if it was easier to get on the ballot the quality candidates would rise to the top regardless of party. Good ideas sell and if your ideas are better than the other guy/party the voters will recognize them and reward you with their vote. Competition makes everyone better and maybe we’d have fewer state races with unopposed R’s and D’s. But, as you pointed out, it will never happen.

  10. Hank Reardan says:

    I remember when you were in the LP oh those were the glory days. You never whined and you were such a stud if I remember right. If we just had more guys like you in the Lp people would think so much more of us.

  11. midtown_maven says:

    There can be only one –
    Libertarian Presidential Candidate.
    Pray for his wife, she is very ill and recovering from multiple surgeries.

  12. umustbekidding says:

    I am a Libertarian, although I will vote for McCain. I believe the Libertarian Party has a better plan for our future. The democrats and the republicans are begining to blend into one. I am realistic in thinking the Presidency is a long shot and we should work more on the local level.

    I am no kook. I think the kooks are those of you who still believe there is a real difference between the other two parties!

  13. liberator says:

    I ran for Mayor of Macon in 2003 as a write-inn candidate due to the insane ballot access barriers for 3rd parties and got 25 percent of the vote winning 9 of 36 precints all in North Macon which are the affluent precints. I repeated that in the 2007 City Council race against James Timley. Not bad for a kooky Libertarian.

  14. Game Fan says:

    I’m not sure why Bob Barr is raising a stink at this point. What we’re talking about is a constituency that’s very angry and tired of the BS. Translation: If I were in the Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin campaign I’d wait until after the conventions to start raising hell. As a hard core Ron Paul supporter I’m not even thinking about anybody else unless McShame is actually nominated as the Republican.

  15. boyreporter says:

    Is GOPeach having a melt-down? Too much caffeine? Or are we listening in on a private moment between her and Bill Simon?

  16. odinseye2k says:

    “I am completely baffled that the nominee of the party that most wants to get government out of our private lives believes that a federal court should open church doors for him.”

    Careful now … I’ve wondered the same thing about Republicans and bedrooms for a long time. Even Ron Paul.

  17. umustbekidding says:

    It’s not that we are “weak on life”, it’s just that that horse has been beaten to death. Ever election cycle we hear the same sh!# different day. “Pro-life, pro-choice? to fix social security, not to fix social security, we need less gov’t / we need more gov’t programs to save the world, We need better schools/our schools are fine, cut taxes/ raise taxes.”
    It never changes and nothing actually gets fixed. Our system is stuck in neutral.
    The LP would like to go back to what gov’t is all about and get away from the nanny state we are in.

  18. GOPeach says:

    umustbekidding –

    In theory, I agree over all.

    However – I want to see an LP Candidate with the balls to say NO to GOVERNMENT Intervention that rips the life out of a woman who for whatever reason has an “unwanted pregnancy”.

  19. IndyInjun says:

    Doug Deal wrote:

    “in all Presidential elections, you would have to be a fool to vote for a third party, as it simply helps the candidate that is furthest from your idealology by splitting the vote.”

    WRONG. Those 20 million of us who voted for Perot in 1992 succeeded in SCARING BOTH PARTIES into greater fiscal conservatism that culminated in budget SURPLUSES in 1998 and 1999.

    The GOP was prompted to co-opt Perot’s balanced budget and term limit pledges into the POPULAR (albeit of limited success) Contract with America that produced the first GOP majorities in 40 years.

    Clinton was prodded into going against the Dem constituencies to pass Welfare Reform, cutting SS expenditures by rigging CPI calculations, cutting taxes (cap gains cut to 20%), and instituting pay-as-you-go rules.

    These efforts produced actual publicly held DEBT retirements in the last 2 years of the Clinton administration.

    On this matter you are TOTALLY WRONG.

    Defeatists continue to vote GOP or Dem, with neither a clue nor explanation as to why rewarding PERFIDY will do anything other than to destroy this country.

  20. Tea Party says:

    umust- I agree with your words, and Indy. What we see in the is Country today is homogeneity between the two political brands — Big Business supporting Big Government. And we see the disturbing ‘big picture’of an unsustainable economy.

    Rate of growth in money supply, looming inflation (will be here next summer), increase in govt spending as a % total GDP, all indicators awry.

    Political ‘hot potatos’ cause people to dig in their heels, and NOTHING is changed.

    Quo Bouno?

  21. umustbekidding says:

    GOPeach – I don’t thing the LP wants to go down that road because that should fall under States rights, not the Presidency.

    Tea Party – you are right, people do dig in their heel on hot topics. Personally, I think it is dumb to vote for someone over one topic but then again some vote because the candidate is “cute”.

  22. GOPeach says:

    umustbekidding –



    Ron Paul’s Sanctity of Life Act of 2007: H.R. 2597

    This would establish the principle that life begins at conception. That’s not a political statement, but a scientific statement.

    This bill removes the jurisdiction of the federal courts from the issue of abortion. If a state law says “no abortion,” it doesn’t go to the Supreme Court to be ruled out of order.

    THAT ROAD is HR 2597 – KEEP the FED out of THE STATE decisions on ABORTION!!!

    That should be a LIBERTARIAN ISSUE!!!!

  23. Doug Deal says:


    I have come around to respect your opinion on things, but in this I must disagree. Third party voting in Presidential elections is a recipe for disaster if you want your side to win.

    You would have better luck voting in the primaries of the party firthest from your opinion to throw support to the less undesirable candidates.

  24. CHelf says:

    Yes, Indy. How is the “seeing the light” from 1992 going? How long did that last? And it worked so well? Where are we now?

    The situation is far different than 1992. The Democrats in Congress were not nearly as far left as they are now. If you want to hand over all three branches of government willingly IN HOPES of parties seeing the light, take that chance. A lot of rights, taxes, regulation, etc. can be changed all while you wait for someone to see the light.

  25. umustbekidding says:

    I see your point, I just think that abortion it not a platform to run on. Maybe Barr should be pointing out that this topic should be put back on the states. There are extremist on both sides of this issue so any time it is brought up, they go to work to get their way and we don’t hear about anuthing else. I believe going down that road stops other things from getting accomplished. We need the Fair Tax, we need are border CLOSED, and we need to stop all the hand outs.
    I understand this issue is important to you, it just seems to be one that takes us in circles and nothing changes. Personally, I am one of those people that sits right in the middle. I don’t think it should be used as birthcontrol, which often happens with the “unwanted pregnancies” but I do think it should be available for rape or severe deformity .
    But hey, I’m nobody important. Just someone with an opinion and a computer. 😉

  26. bawest says:

    I don’t want tick anybody off, but instead of guessing what Bob Barr stands for or why he did what he did, you should visit his website.

    First off, Bob Barr did not sue to get into this forum. He sued to get an injuction to get the event canceled, not to have himself invited. The reason he sued is because according to the law, this so called church event was in violation of the law which McCain passed for campaign finance reform.

    According to McCain’s law, a tax exempt organization cannot sponsor a debate using thier tax exempt money without a clear criteria as to whom will be invited. In otherwords, the publicity given to the candidate should be considered a gift to the candidate because this church has been getting government assistance in the form of a tax deduction.

    Bob has been focusing on issues which matter to most people. He has a statement concerning the border which he wants to protect and he is even going to be making a speach at the minuteman convention. As far as abortion, Bob Barr has stated that he is against abortion, but the state’s have the right to decide this issue.

    Spend a little time on the Bob Barr webpage bobbarr2008. com and read for yourself.

    Just my 2cents

  27. GOPeach says:

    Everyone is IMPORTANT! 🙂

    Let’s keep federal judges out of MORAL/ SOCIAL STATE DECISIONS!

    Start with RON PAUL’s BILL – Sanctity of Life Act of 2007: H.R. 2597

  28. IndyInjun says:

    Doug Deal wrote “Third party voting in Presidential elections is a recipe for disaster if you want your side to win.”

    Indies don’t HAVE “our side”, just the side that does the lesser damage……and that side at this juncture is the Democratic Party from this vantage point. With local races decided for MY SIDE, I am free to cast the first straight Democratic Party ballot in my lifetime, an act that a decade ago would have been unthinkable.

    umustbekidding – “fair???tax” YOU REALLY MUST BE KIDDING!!!!! Just when you think the prospect of $5 gas, $5 bread, and $300 per month utilities have killed folks passion for a tax that would multiply those costs, along comes someone like you.

  29. umustbekidding says:

    Indy, I’m not kidding. Just thing, all 20 plus million illegals would finally pay their share!
    All the hidden taxes would be taken out of products thus making them cheaper pre-tax.
    I am sure you know all this, you just don’t agree with. Just like you believe the Dems will be a better choice this November. Logic is thrown out the window. You do realize our economy was doing well until about 1 1/2 years ago when the democrats took over. They have talked this economy into the ground. They were crying recession when there was nothing in site. They did everything in their power to work against the president and ruin the country, all for a November.
    But hey, you believe what you want.

  30. Icarus says:

    O.K., bawest is finally out of moderation. Welcome to Peach Pundit.

    You started your post by stating that you’re not trying to tick anyone off. I’ll let you in on a pet peeve of mine. I look at being referred to a separate website so that I can be educated on the world as you see it to be extremely presumptive and arrogant.

    I don’t need Barr’s website to know who Barr is, nor what he stands for. (despite this fact, I have visited it several times.)

    I’ve already had my fill of holier than thou Ronulans and Libertarians acting as if they’re they only ones that understand how the world works, how the constitution reads, and are above politics because they know the truth.

    This faction has been especially indignant on McCain Feingold, yet now wants to use it as the basis for the Federal Government to regulate the activities of a church because your non-candidate got snubbed?

    Spare me.

  31. Game Fan says:

    re: “Who exactly is Bob Barr scaring right now? Seriously.”

    Go back to my previous comment (#15) and maybe you can garner the significance there. Or not.

  32. IndyInjun says:

    umustbekidding – The disaster that the “Fair???tax would be for conservatism has been delineated here on PP many times in the past and I see no need to repeat myself or any of the other PPeers who have taken a really honest look at it.

    As for voting Democratic, I have probably contributed more money to the GOP than 90% of the PPeer crowd, but voting for Bush even once, as I did, was the most grevious of errors.

    V.I. Lenin had it right…..the way to destroy the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of inflation and taxation.

    GOP = Party of Inflation
    Dems = Party of Taxation

    So, we are left to choose our poison, no?

  33. IndyInjun says:

    The flames of rage directed at libertarians, constitionalists, independents, and fiscal conservatives for DARING to turn our backs to the party we have empowered are quite amusing.

    If Barr only gets a few % he will deny the GOP the presidency, and y’all know it.

    Decimating the GOP in 2006 was important and finishing the job this year is also important. We TRIED to teach the GOP a lesson quickly, so that a 2008 wipe-out would be unnecessary, but the party is beyond saving.

    The GOP occupies the conservative position in a 2 party system, but it is a liberal party, giving us no choice but to kill it and dump its useless carcass overboard.

  34. Chris says:

    giving us no choice but to kill it and dump its useless carcass overboard.

    Thats great Indy, and trust me 95% of the GOP congress I wouldn’t mind seeing fall off the back of a cruise ship….


    What has been built to replace it? the LP? Ronulans?

    The GOP needs a house cleaning. Some of that will be done by the FBI (Tom Delay, Ted Stevens), some of that will be done by interest groups doing battle in the primaries (Club for Growth).

    But if you just toss out the GOP, with out having a credible opposition party, you might as well suspend the constitution and let Obama and Pelosi rule by decree.

    We need an opposition party. They exist to keep the majority in line. That was true 3 years ago, and its true now. Its why I’m glad we had a Gang of 14. It forced the President to pick qualified judges and it kept in place the only check we’ll have against a Democrat controlled congress & white house.

  35. umustbekidding says:

    Indy – I guess I am just a dreamer. I believe in the fair tax, I don’t think it will ever happen because both parties will loose too much power.
    BTW – I voted for Perot in ’92 also. If others would have had the nerve to vote for the person they thought would do the best job, he’d have won and the name Monica would have Never been heard!

  36. kcordell says:

    I’m a Libertarian and I hope I don’t come across as a “kook” but, nominating a guy who couldn’t even win his own congressional district is pure folly.

  37. IndyInjun says:

    Farris, the results achieved by massive voting for Perot were concrete, albeit not permanent. Without a credible 3rd party, the two corrupt parties went back to business as usual, especially the GOPers who signed the Contract with America who forgot their term limit pledge.

    The finest man in the Senate is Tom Coburn, who honored his pledge in the House, only to be fought tooth and nail by the Bush gang to get into the Senate.

    umustbekidding – Perot might have won, had his non-politician thin skin not gotten in the way. Even I thought the bit about the Bushes interfering in his daughter’s wedding was loony UNTIL respected REPUBLICAN author Kevin Phillips wrote Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush which documents that very sort of dirty trickery.

    As for the Fair???Tax, the postings on here before proved it to be a creature of financial interests and lobbyists. Hey, the lobbying operation openly admits to spending $100 million and that kind of money doesn’t come from ‘grassroots.’

  38. GOPeach says:


    I am no Rick Warren fan. I personally don’t care for fat preachers… They may be praying but the sure as heck aren’t fasting.

    You asked.

  39. umustbekidding says:

    Indy –
    The Fair Tax has “proved it to be a creature of financial interests and lobbyists. ”
    Isn’t that what we have now?
    I would like to see a system where more people contribute and politicians can’t scare everyone with threats of tax increases on the poor, lost of social security for the old, or tax breaks for the so-called rich. The system we have now stinks and until the “perfect solution” comes along, I’ll support this.

  40. Doug Deal says:


    If the Libertarians wanted to be serious about expanding the party, they would recruit someone with some credibility, notarity and finances as their candidate.

    I would recommend trying to find a businessman with a great deal of his own money that he would be willing to spend and couple him with someone with governmental experience on the other side of the ticket.

    Then, have a campaign championing the popular side of the Libertarian platform and saving things like drug legalization and such for a time when the electorate is ready to hear such things.

    The most successful Libertarian was Clark in 1980 (who I voted for in the Weekly Reader’s poll in thrid grade) because he had a rich VP (Koch) who was willing to spend his own money.

  41. IndyInjun says:

    umustbekidding wrote “I would like to see a system where more people contribute and politicians can’t scare everyone with threats of tax increases on the poor, lost of social security for the old, or tax breaks for the so-called rich. “.

    Well, more people will pay a LOT more taxes under the FT because the FT taxes ones employer paid health insurance at horrendous rates, taxes states on the value of MEDICAID services at a horrendous rate (guess who gets to make that up), and taxes the operations of state and local governments.

    Any Georgia legislator or local official who supports the FT is either ignorant of what this bill does or is not being honest with the public.

  42. Icarus says:


    Are you telling me that once McCain is nominated, that you then expect Barr to somehow gain traction that he isn’t somehow gaining now? In 6 weeks, you expect him to go from Bob Who? to Mr. President? You really believe that? Smoke one for me while you’re at it.

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