Macon Mayor in Washington Post

He’s talking about Obama.

Reichert, who turned 60 this week, said he believed that Obama had a chance to carry Georgia not only because of high black turnout, but because he believed that enough white Georgians his age saw in Obama the “validation” of the changes that they had helped bring about in their own lives.

The Post says the mayor “surprised many” when he endorsed Obama over Clinton.

Maybe he surprised people outside Georgia, but anyone who has paid attention inside Georgia would have been floored if he did anything else.

Mayor Reichert has cast himself as a great racial reconciler for the city after winning a majority in the Democratic primary last year against a heck of a lot of black candidates. He won largely with the help of the black community.

Since then, he has gone out of his way to prove he has moved beyond the racial politics that tainted the city in the past. Endorsing Obama was the logical choice, given his desire to move beyond race as a motivating issue in Macon.