Bummer at Creative Loafing

Tough economic times have caused layoffs.

The journalists we lost Monday were two of our most experienced writers and editors. Senior editor Scott Freeman wrote recent cover stories on Brian Nichols and indigent defense, on a controversial alternative school in Atlanta, and on New Yorkers who hate living in Atlanta and visa-versa. He also ably edited our news section and mentored other writers.

Senior writer David Lee Simmons was for two years our arts and entertainment editor. More recently he’s written film reviews and cultural features, and he’s edited special sections. I hope you’ll still be able to see their bylines in the print edition and in Fresh Loaf but as occasional freelancers rather than full-time staff members.


  1. Grrr says:

    A real shame … it’s the best newspaper for folks living in town and these two were tops. Hate to see anyone on the editorial staff depart. This will only encourage the mediocracy the AJC has trailblazed in their ongoing saga of forgetting why people read their paper.

    Sure, it’s a bottom line issue – but it’s the content, not the advertising, that’s the real measure of a solid newspaper. (Same goes for blogs and forums – I, too, regret the loss of the front page blogger who added a touch of interest and balance to this site.)

  2. Game Fan says:

    Getting “outside the box” with advertisers would be one way to survive. Charging money would be another. I’ve just told these folks they should advertise with CL (if they aren’t already) because I had no idea they were even here. And I’ve lived in the area for a long time.

  3. SpaceyG says:

    So lemme get this straight… you, Erick, are now taking over the Georgia media-related posts here? There are double-standard hypocrites all over the planet. Then there’s you and Clayton. There really should be an award. You guys would win… hands down.

  4. Will Hinton says:

    Spacey: I wouldn’t mind seeing Erick ban you from commenting here as well.

    Have you ever offered any constructive or thoughtful posts or comments here?

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