The Speaker’s Fundraiser

Tom Bell, et al, had the fundraiser ($$) for the Speaker.

Here is what’s funny. I’ve examined our traffic for the last month and the 4 most popular reads on Peach Pundit are the ones about a challenge to the Speaker.

In fact, I know of two high profile GOP consultants who think the GOP in the House might be surprised this year as a result of the Speaker’s behavior.

Here’s what I think: The man most secure in his job in Georgia is Glenn Richardson and the man least secure in his job is David Ralston. Glenn is going no where and the opposition better come to terms with it.

The only way Glenn goes is if the GOP gets a tough series of losses in the House. And I don’t see that happening despite the speculation of some.

I also suspect the Speaker might just turn a corner in his relationship with the loyal in-house opposition this year, in which case he’d really be a formidable Speaker.


  1. GOPeach says:

    Maybe Glenn is growing up.

    When you have been baptized in fire – in the way he has ……it has a way of burning the ” I am invincible” thing off of ya.

    As for David Ralston … he needs to deal with the Crystal Meth issues in his District. Gilmer County is where the Crystal Meth makers live. From what I hear, the ATL drug dealers go the Ellijay to get their “stuff”… WAKE UP REP. RALSTON … Time to bust some drug rings.

    Georgia is not safe as long as David Ralston’s Gilmer County is producing Crystal Meth!!!!!

  2. bowersville says:

    Since you live in the greater Atlanta area, you can start by cleaning up the demand side of the equation in ATL and the supply side will dry up.

  3. DoubleDawg3 says:

    How in the heck do you propose Ralston do anything about meth in Gilmer County? What’s he going to do – become Shaquille O’neal and start busting the druggies himself?

    Sounds like you have a problem with the Gilmer County Sheriff – see, that’s what his job is.

  4. GOPeach says:

    Well boys…

    Me thinks David is a little law maker and me thinks he needs to call for tougher laws in Gilmer County. Start by looking along the Coosawatte River!!!!

    Hiram doesn’t have this problem – Ellijay does!

    If you want to kill a dog – starve it to death!
    If you want to clean up Atlanta – Clean up Gilmer County!

  5. Bill Simon says:

    “Tougher laws.” As if current lawbreakers will stop what they are doing because a “tougher law” has been instituted.

    It would be better to dump more county money into law-enforcement resources. David Ralston does not run the county, thus he cannot “clean-up” Gilmer County.

  6. DoubleDawg3 says:

    I don’t think Ralston even lives in Gilmer County (he lives in Fannin Co, I believe). If that’s the case, heck, he can’t even vote for/against the Sheriff or County Commissioners in Gilmer.

    As for why “wonderful” Hiram doesn’t have meth problems…last I checked, Hiram doesn’t have 400+ square miles of basically rural forested land which provides about all the cover you need to produce meth in some back woods shack.

    Oh…and meth’s not only a problem in Gilmer County, it’s a problem in most of the state in case you haven’t noticed. Huh, who could get laws passed that effect the entire state? Maybe, oh, say…the Speaker of the House?! Don’t cast stones against Ralston for crap like that, which he has as much control over as Richardson does.

  7. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Should’ve added that neither actually has much control over meth in Georgia, short of great increases in funding to fight meth (don’t see that happening with the budget in the state it is anytime soon).

  8. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Is Col. Poole still alive, and still wearing bright yellow suits with a red, white, and blue pattern on them?

    Got to be honest, I liked Ellijay better when the Wal Mart was where the Ingles is, the Ingles was where the furniture mart or whatever is, and there was some little Chinese restaurant where Jimmy Carter had eaten before that was solid and rarely crowded – that was Gods Country! With the 515 growth, it’ll be Canton and Riverstone Pkwy. esque in no time at all.

  9. Brian from Ellijay says:

    God forbid DD3. 🙂 Col. Poole is still alive and kicking, just not in Ellijay alot; he retired and put Pooles in his sons hands.

    Ellijay is much different than when I graduated in HS in 2001. Hard to believe that 7 yrs later the community could be so completely different. Town basically moved 2 miles south on 515. And one developer did it all.

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