That’s gonna suck

Will the headline be “GOP is Anti-law enforcement”?

As part of a required reduction for the 2010 state budget, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has submitted a proposal that would shut down busy crime labs in Midland and Moultrie, Ga.

Combined, the two Division of Forensic Sciences labs process evidence for 46 counties, including Muscogee and Harris. The results of those tests are given to officers, investigators and district attorneys for use in catching and prosecuting criminal suspects.


  1. Rick Day says:

    find out if if less than 20% of the tests are identifying and measuring the purity ‘for drugs’ and I’ll shed a tear.

    Because according to a online bud of mine who works at the Midland lab, about 80% of what they test is to validate the identity of drug powders (field test evidence don’t cut it for felony cases, I’ve heard)

    Otherwise, dismantle the system and reallocate the resources to fighting real crime, like child and domestic abuse, rape, murder, burglary…you know…crime

  2. odinseye2k says:

    Naw, don’t worry about this – we need to cut spending, right? Why should the government steal *my* money just to protect those fools that get in trouble?

    I mean, what person with any sense would be out of their house after five o’clock in the evening? Who keeps their guns unlocked at night?

    Either way, it’s outrageous that anyone would abject to the use of fiscal discipline to cut good, hard-working Georgians’ taxes.

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