Kasim Reed: Atlanta’s Mayor?

Will Kasim Reed be the next mayor? What about Clark Howard, isn’t he running?

Also, from the tipline:

Steve Brodie will announce on 9-2 that he is running again for City Council, against Ann Fauver (who he lost to last election by 4 votes), on a position of fiscal responsibility and to clean up the petty politics on the Midtown neighbor groups meddling with business.


  1. Rpolitic says:

    Maybe if Kasim would worry more ab out being the Senator and less about maybe being mayor he could avoid whining and sounding stupid in the AJC. He is a member of the committee that had hearings on HB1112 but chose not to attend any of the hearing on the bill, and then was aghast that such an amendment was added. He was quoted at length in the AJC about his disgust with the amendment but never once mentioned that he did not bother to attend and then clearly did not bother to read the bill before voting for it.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Karen Handel’s has been doing a good job, but her office is as responsible as any Senate Committee member concerning the provision that was added to HB1112 in the Senate. HB1112 originated (perhaps in her office?) as run-of-the-mill update/revision SOS legislation. If her office objected to the Senate-added provision, her office did little to publicize its objection.

  3. Rick Day says:

    The more I hear about Mr. Reed the more I like him. I would vote for ANYONE I could that might clean up this horrible political mess at City Hall.

    Where do I mail the donations?

  4. kevpriest says:

    So, Mr. Brodie’s going to take another shot at it, huh? He’s a good guy with his heart in the right place, but he’s awfully thin-skinned for a politician.

  5. DemBones says:

    Rick – If you read a little closer on Mr. Reed’s website you will see that he takes credit for helping create “this horrible political mess at City Hall.”

    He was instrumental in helping to find the folks that would tell our current mayor whatever she wanted to hear about the financial mess the city was getting itself into. He worked tirelessly to pass whatever legislation the current mayor proposed to “fix” the city.

    He may be the next mayor of Atlanta but don’t look for him to change anything.

  6. accuracy says:

    HB 1112 passed the Senate with one dissenting vote. The amendment was a last minute addition to what was a simple house cleaning bill. Several Senators including Senator Reed are currently authoring a bill to restore this protection.

    Your points are simply inaccurate.

  7. anthem says:

    He was Shirley Franklins’ campaign manager. He managed the campaigns not her office. What went on the Mayors’ office can not be blamed on someone that was not there. He is a Senator not on council.
    And as far as whining in the AJC goes, you should be happy to see someone actually doing something to right a wrong instead of making excuses and watching the rest of us pay for them.

  8. MaxieGrrrl says:

    Sounds like Micheal Bonds is going to run for Ceasar Mitchell’s seat. I guess if he’s willing to give it up, he should expect somebody to sit it in. If he runs his own mayoral campaign as badly as he did Robb Pitts, I think Reed has one less opponent to worry about.

  9. Rpolitic says:

    Were you there? I was the hearing was held when the amendment was offered. I sat by the side door of the hearing room on a table.

    Where were you? Where was Senator Reed?

  10. Dave Bearse says:


    Were any other committee members absent?

    Reed at least can say he wasn’t there. I expect most if not all of the remainder of the Senate Local and Gov’t Ops Committee (Senators Grant, Weber, Lee, Emmanuel Jones, Mullis and Ramsey) are wishing they were paying better attention or didn’t attend.

    I know at least one House Government Affairs Committeeperson and bill sponsor is unhappy the bill was dumped back to the House with what anyone should know would be a controversial provision without notice at the end of the session.

  11. Dave Bearse says:

    And with the way the provision was handled, I question whether Senator Wiles ought to be Committee Chairman next year.

  12. Rpolitic says:

    With all due respect the hearing was not at the end of session and the convienent answers from those now aghast at the legislation are a bit hollow. I do not know the date of the hearing but it was well before the end of session and not an 11th hour amendment slid in under the radar.

    It is true that the bill passed int he final days/hours of the session but the amendment started well before then.

    And if I am not mistaken, ignorance is not an excuse and as a lawyer Sen. Reed should know better. I would have much more respect for him if he said I failed in my job to know what happened in my committee and as a Senator for voting for the bill on the floor.

    He like Al Gore find the truth to be inconvenient apparently.

  13. Dave Bearse says:


    I take no exception to Reed as a member of the Senate Committee being held to higher standard or responsibility than the Senate at large. Indeed he should’ve been ‘fessin’ up some responsibility.

    Just making the point there was a Committee quorum (and in a previous post SOS representation) present, and those present either weren’t paying attention or did a disservice to the Assembly (and in the case of SOS staff and GOP Committee members the leadership) by not bringing the provision to attention.

    Perdue has no excuse having both staff and time to review legislation before signing it. This was housekeeping legislation whose other components could have waited until next year to be implemented just as easy as we’ll wait for the change to be rescinded. As I think I’ve written before, this is like tax legislation he signs without knowing what he signs.

  14. Rpolitic says:

    Dave if that is your argument then I don’t disagree. What is bothersome about Reed in this case in particular is that he did not do his job, and then went on the AJC about how bad the bill was, when he along with I beleive 7 other members were supposed to be the first line, the committee members to vet the bill.

    It is disengenous at best on Reed’s part to act so appalled and shocked.

  15. Joeventures says:


    I had heard about the death threats and all, but I’ve not heard of any verification that any death threats were made, or that any of the neighbors of the 13th st project engaged in the sort of bullying/harrassment they were accused of engaging. No charges were filed that I’m aware of, either.

    Even after what happened there, Steve has shown so much propensity to unnecessarily cause controversy, then show off his filo dough thin skin that he no longer represents us on the NPU. Good riddance, as far as I’m concerned.

    The worst part of that 13th street deal is that he began the process by saying, “You’ll have a chance to comment later.” Then he ended the process by saying, “You’ve had your chance to comment.” He hates opposing viewpoints.

    He really would be an awful representative of our district on the City Council.

  16. 6th District Voter says:

    As a novice, Steve Brodie ran a tremendous race against Anne Fauver and lost by a handful of votes. It would be great for him to challenge her again. Anne Fauver is totally ineffective and has been asleep at the switch for her 7 years in office. We need a strong, fiscally responsible person representing the 6th District. Steve seems to be that person.

  17. Braeton says:

    Re: District 6 – I actually like Anne Fauver as a person (unlike some of her political supporters), but have ended up not agreeing with her on some district issues. To say Brodie is too thin-skinned is a little amusing, as Anne has privately acknowledged in the past to being too bellicose with neighborhood activists, once telling me to give her a nudge if she got too wound up as we were heading into a meeting with a group of vociferous Virginia Highlands residents. She has loyally supported the Franklin Administration, and has not been patient with opposite-minded residents. I must admit I was disappointed to hear a rumor this year from multiple people that Anne doesn’t really reside in the district but instead lives mostly down south somewhere….

  18. VoteSmart says:

    I know it is more fun to single out Sen. Reed’s vote on HB1112 with the upcoming election but let’s try to remember that he was not in the minority on this vote. As a cancer survivor I am especially pleased that he co-authored “Smoke Free Air Act”.

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