Here’s One For Bill Simon

Really more for TPNoGa, and I guess Doug Deal, since he hasn’t announced who his alma mater is this season.

Don’t let it be said that I can’t have a laugh occasionally at my own team’s expense.

As for Dr. Jay, this video is for him.

Note to Erick:  I’ve already admonished myself for this non-GA politics post.   Let’s just consider this the “open thread” that Doug keeps asking for.


  1. Chris says:


    I assume that was Downfall. I’ve had that on my Tivo for over a year now. Maybe I’ll finally watch it.

  2. LOL. Good one Icarus.

    I hope UGA is undefeated coming in to the Tech game so we can be the ones who destroy they’re national title dreams. Our offense will be clicking by then and we’ll be unstoppable. Hope springs eternal.

    Of course, y’all never thanked us for the 1980 championship. We took tied Notre Dame which allowed UGA to take over the top spot in the polls.

  3. John Konop says:

    Rumor has it Georgia wants to move the Georgia Tech game to homecoming. Nothing like a blowout during homecoming weekend!

    Could Georgia Tech beat Vanderbilt ?

  4. midgajim says:

    Yes, John – every time we’ve played them in the past 10 years. The ‘dogs can’t say that.

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