Moultrie takes a plea

This is not unexpected.

Robert Moultrie, chairman and chief executive of The Facility Group of Smyrna, Ga., admitted he gave $45,000 in contributions to the re-election campaign of then-Gov. Ronnie Musgrove, who is now running for the Senate.

Moultrie, 67, is the latest to plead guilty in the scandal that already has resulted in convictions for three other people, including former beef plant owner Richard Hall Jr.

U.S. District Judge Mike Mills is set to sentence Moultrie in 45 to 60 days.


  1. Rpolitic says:

    Nice, now maybe the Governor and the AG will look at the thousands of dollars given to the slush funds that have avoided campaign scrutiny here in Georgia.

    Maybe he can share a cell with Robin Williams or Charles Walker.

  2. Three Jack says:

    r, didn’t the cherokee sheriff return campaign contributions received from fg recently?

    did fg contribute to his unregistered charity currently being investigated after the fox5 story?

  3. georgianative says:


    I agree with you. Why hasnt anyone looked under the rock of Ways and Means State Rep Earl Erhardt, who just recently resigned from Facility Group of June this year.

    He was a paid SR vp of Sales for the firm for many years.

    Also, the Moultrie gang good friends of our speaker, Glen Richardson.

    Go figure

  4. Rpolitic says:

    They donated 10s of thousands to the charity but we do not know how much since it has never been a true charity and more of a personal and political slush fund.

    As for the returns he did give back the money from Moultrie and Earl Ehrhart but not from Bill Hutson the consultant working with Cherokee on a needs asessment for a jail expansion.

  5. georgianative says:

    For Cherokee County, Glynn County/Brunwsick and Paulding County – all of these are big moneyu design/build projects.

    With their bonding stripped from them, how will these counties be affected?

    The school in Brunswick ( is over budget. Facility Group gave a GMP of $11.5 million and now it is up over $19.0 million

  6. georgianative says:

    Let’s take a look at who is “buying into” Paulding County Government.

    I know The Facility Group is building our new county couthouse and administration complex. I believe they did the BOE building and some of the schools the past couple of years. And I know there are relationships between Earl Earnhardt a State Senator from Cobb County and The Facility Group, He works there.

    When I read the article about the 3 guys from The Facility Group who were indicted in Mississippi yesterday, one of the names, Robert Moultrie, rang a bell. So I pulled out my copy of Jerry Shearin’s December 31, 2007 campaign contributions.

    Sure enough:
    Robert Moultrie, Owner of the Facility Group, $2000

    Donya Green Edier, Exec. VP of the Facility Group, $2000

    Neighbors for Earl Earnhardt, Sales Rep for the Facility Group, $2000

    Facility Group Political Action Committee, $2000

    Facility Holding Corp, The Facility Group, $2000

    The Facility Group obtained the contract for the design and construction of our new Paulding County Courthouse and Administration Complex for $65 million dollars without having to do go through a competitive bid process. I wonder if there are some disgruntled architechtural firms out there who did not even get to discuss their bids with the county ?

    Wonder if the FBI would be interested in investigation these contributions? Sounds awfully similar to the campaign contribution indictments in Mississippi

  7. Rpolitic says:

    IN Cobb they are building schools left and right and in Cherokee they have built the jail, working on the assessment for an expansion, and are building the new administrative building.

    It is amazing that no one has bothered to take a closer look. Maybe Sonny has done anything in Cherokee because he and the Sheriff are hunting buddies.

    Oh and guess where they like to hunt…..

  8. Laugh all you want about this tragedy, but think about the poor children in Moultrie, Georgia. They’re are going to have to change the town’s name! Wait….Saxby is from Moultrie…does anyone else see a connection?

  9. georgianative says:

    Lt Col, cute one

    To Rpolitic, yes the firm has been very very succesfful in Cobb, Cherokee, Paulding….

    what is common denomiators: Glen Richardson and Earl Erhart

    when will the curtain fall on Erhart?

  10. Rpolitic says:

    Not sure about the common denominator of those two, not that I am apologizing for them, I think the real commonality is the money and if these guys got any side money for special projects or personal charity/slush funds.

    You know the one name that has been left out of this discussion entirely but who has as much to do with this is Matt Towery.

    Towery is the guy who “taught” FG how to engage the political process for the best business gain. He helped create a culture that now we can say is corrupt, dirty and now convicted.

  11. Rpolitic says:

    When will Robin Williams get out of jail for helping the feds I wonder?

    and it still is sad that once again Mississippi is ahead of Georgia when it comes to good government.

    Where is Sonny?

  12. georgianative says:

    yes, where is our great Governor? Oh yea he is in China.

    I think he needs to move to China! He has put that country over the great people of Georgia

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