Welcome Trevor Southerland

Trevor, who has been a great commenter on the site for a while, will now be on the front page giving us the Democratic perspective and, no doubt, being taken advantage of in some Peach Pundit fantasy league by Buzz.

Sadly, I forgot to ask him if he was a Tech guy before putting him up front. We have enough of those people.


  1. Chris says:

    Trevor has spent time in our Arch Enemy Tennessee. He must therefore be treated with suspicion.

    Seriously, Congrats!

  2. Trevor Southerland says:

    I haven’t even posted and I’m already slandered with talk of associations with Tech and people in orange? Horrible…

    Just to clear the air… I attended UT-Chattanooga and Georgia State… so I’m a huge fan of my Chattanooga Mocs and of course support the Georgia State Panthers…

    But as far as the “big leagues” go, I do indeed bleed red and black. 🙂

    Looking forward to the fun, thanks for the welcomes!

  3. odinseye2k says:

    Wait, you all act like those public buildings in Athens are some kind of university or something…

    I mean, I guess there is a football team 😉

  4. heroV says:

    Trevor, I googled you and read your Jason Pye’s interview of you. Based upon that reading, you seem like a well spoken young man who can actually contribute something thought provoking and useful to this site, unlike SpaceyG.

  5. Chris says:

    Sorry, my reference to “Arch Enemy Tennessee” was the state not the school. Spacey’s Anti-MSM rants were more interesting to me than college fooball is.

  6. Icarus says:

    “The more Techies, the merrier!”

    I don’t know what parties you’ve been attending, but I’ve found no anecdotal evidence that would back this claim.

  7. Obis_Sister says:

    Well now, that’s a relief. I have quite a deep-seated aversion to the color orange and anything related to the NATS. No problem with the Mocs though!

    Welcome aboard. Most everyone is nice. 😉 Maybe someday, when I grow up, Erick will pick me.

  8. GREAT! I’m down here with my troops looking for Russian invaders around Richmond Hills (we also have guards posted at Ft. Pulaski), and PP is allowing an invader from the north become a front page poster!!! Between the Russians and the Tennesseans, there isn’t going to be much Georgia left to defend!

    Welcome Trevor! At least you’re not a Techie.

  9. Romegaguy says:

    Trevor tell us about your thoughts on main stream media, Matt Towery, and the children. Also, are you currently receiving any monies from any political candidate?

  10. I’ve been to a lot of tech games. I like to remind Bill that I still have the score card from 2002.

    UGA 51
    Tech 7

    That win was definitely for the children.

    By the way, have ANY of you seen any Russians? I am depressed that I can’t even get Dr. Jay to come out with the rest of the troops down here in Southeast Georgia to serve in the MASH unit we have set up here on River Street.

  11. Bill Simon says:


    “The more Techies, the merrier!”

    I don’t know what parties you’ve been attending, but I’ve found no anecdotal evidence that would back this claim.

    In order for one to be able to recognize evidence that is “anecdotal,” one must be sober. Since Dawgies clearly demonstrate (anecdotal and otherwise) that they can only function after chugging beers all day, I doubt you would are a good decider of what is a good claim and what is not.

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