The Irony of SpaceyG

Fear not, we plan on being done with this issue today. However there’s a few things I wanted to air out:

Firstly, I find it richly ironic that a blogger who specializes in coverage of new media technologies (and the corresponding dysfunction and demise of mainstream media) chooses to leave us in this way. Follow me here – a writer is asked by editors to focus content on the target audience, and instead the writer storms out in a profanity accentuated huff while simultaneously launching personal attacks on the editor and demeaning the audience. To my mind that sounds exactly like the actions of some of the old school media she’s so fond of ridiculing. It’s unfortunate, as I mostly enjoyed the variety she added on the front page.

In the many years that Erick and I have been involved with, and running both Redstate and PeachPundit, I cannot possibly remember all of the various personalities we dealt with. I know there were plenty of doozies, including folks who participated and antagonized just to run to other sites and claim “I was banned!” solely for the publicity. Invariably, though, we learned that making a quick decision was without a doubt the best course of action for us and the other party.

Secondly, to the larger point concerning the topic of posts here at Peach Pundit. For the foreseeable future, Erick and I will continue to run this place just like we’ve done since inception. Georgia focused posts; lots of politics; some Georgia business; and the occasional point of personal privilege on things that are none of the above. We created Peach Pundit at a time that Redstate was becoming a much more serious venture, and PP was always intended to be an informal and friendly place to decompress. If you’ve taken the time to click through a story, and make a snarky, unhelpful comment about a post being off-topic, then I respectfully suggest you engage the scroll bar on your browser instead.

Stay tuned for more information about Peach Pundit – but for the time being know that we are always interested in adding more variety to the front page. If you are interested, let us know.


  1. JamesStratfield says:

    Once again, thanks to Erick and you for using the power of the giant internet eraser to remove Spacey from our view

  2. chancelot says:

    I started following RS and PP at about the same time not realizing they were being run by the same people. I appreciate the dynamics that each site offers and am grateful for the occasional sifting of the wheat from the chaff.

  3. Game Fan says:

    I sure don’t want her to leave all together. Variety is what makes things fun. Like the video of the dolphins and all the abuse that followed!

  4. Doug Deal says:


    I take you are just being civil in saying that you mostly enjoyed SpaceyG on the front page. I found pretty much every key stroke she typed to be boring and not worth the effort of the eye travel to even just look at the words she wrote, much less the brain power to read them.

    Variety, by itself, is no virtue. Rotten fruit adds variety to the produce section, but I would rather have fewer choices.

    As for a suggestion for the site, perhaps you guys could do once daily open thread post so people can get the off topic stuff out of their systems.

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