Lithonia Mayor to be recalled?

Clayton County voters took steps to clean up their County’s image on August 5 by tossing out their, shall we say, troublesome D.A and Sheriff. Now the folks in Lithonia are taking some steps of their own:

Organizers of a recall effort against Lithonia Mayor Joyce McKibben say they have gathered enough signatures to force a vote on her fate.

The group needed 330 signatures on its petition to force a recall. Organizer Ric Dodd said the group planned to gather more signatures than the minimum necessary, in case elections officials throw out any names.

The group will hold a press conference at 6 p.m. today to announce its results , as well as next steps in the process.

Dodd said McKibben has embarrassed the city, restricted access to public records and refused to sign business licenses for city operations.

McKibben is the second mayor in a row in the south DeKalb County city to be targeted for recall, though the effort against Mayor Darold Honore failed.

McKibben has not commented about the recall other than to say she has turned the matter over to God. In the past, she has accused her opponents of targeting her because she uncovered financial problems in the city.