John Edwards “Issues” Blogged Here December, 2007

With all this handwringing in and of MSM about how they, ahem, neglected to report the story of John Edwards’ affair (although most outlets, defensively and with obvious self-loathing, claim to have been “investigating” the babydaddy saga all along)… let the record show that I blogged it back in December of 2007, all the while thinking the story would be all over mainstream news media in a matter of days, if not hours. Who knew it would take a near-full term 8 months to, ahem again, present?

However, for some odd reason not known to me, the post has been cut-off at the parens. (The post admonished PP readers to go get a National Enquirer at the checkout line if they wanted the story, and pictures, about the John Edwards’ (then alleged) affair. Funny how all the nasty comments remain though. Completely untouched and unedited. Typical.

Unlike big powerful rich folk in suits and gigantic newsrooms, who so wisely “deliver” the news to us the masses as we passively consume from the couch, I ain’t too proud to read the Enquirer for my political sex scandals. And will continue to do so. Wonder what they (MSM) will do now for theirs?


  1. Clayton says:

    I am assuming a technical problem. The backup from immediately after your post is also truncated. I have no idea why this might happen, but we’ve upgraded several versions of wordpress since then.

    In any case, it was neither nefarious or intentional. If you have the text of the post, I will be happy to update it for you.

  2. Chris says:

    Funny, but all the comments were marked as unread, so I was just as uninterested in John Edwards in 2007 as I am in 2008.

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