I’ve Kicked SpaceyG Off the Front Page

I have, from time to time, lightly cajoled various front page posters from Bull Moose to Demonbeck to SpaceyG to spend their time focusing on Georgia politics or national politics that have a substantive Georgia angle.

If Obama is coming to Georgia, perfect coverage. If Obama is offering up a text message for his vice-presidential nominee, no. If McCain is telling Saxby Chambliss McCain thinks him the idiot a lot of the base today now thinks Saxby is, okay. If McCain is saying the same about Lindsey Graham, not okay.

We all cover other stuff from time to time, but the purpose remains that this site is about Georgia news. We try to keep a balance of Democrats and Republicans on the front page. Frankly, I continue to think we need more balance and we also need to strive to be more objective, as opposed to championing a party line. Usually, we do a good job at all that, but sometimes we need work.

In any event, after again requesting that Spacey tone down the non-Georgia coverage on the front page, she informed me that I’d have to kick her off the front page entirely if I wanted her to stop and, likewise, I could trust that she’d make a big show of it.

Well, there you have it. Unleash the show.

I guess it’s the Reaganite in me, but I’m not going to negotiate to threats about making a big show of it.


  1. Chris says:

    Seriously. Russia is bombing our pipelines, and all she could talk about was John Edwards?

    I always suspected Nashville had its agents in the Kremlin, now I’m sure of it.

  2. Palmetto Peach says:

    Amen, Erick. If I want to read ten-paragraph screeds about how she blogged about some insider media navel-gazing ten months ago, I can go to her site.

  3. Chris says:

    so much for the new media revolution. I couldn’t find a jpg from 2001 where HAL pushed Poole out the airlock.

  4. SpaceyG says:

    FU, Erick. You can have your little (small) swinging d*ck party all to yourself now. Go ahead, post about spanking your little two-year old kid ’til the cows come home to roost with the chickens and the mixed metaphors. She lives in Georgia after all, with her real classic jerk of a dad. If she never speaks to you as a teen, don’t say I didn’t warn ‘ya. (BoyReporter too.)

  5. heroV says:

    It’s pretty funny how SpaceyG threatened Erick with a big show as if anyone would care that she’d been booted. Can it be a “big” show if nobody cares?

  6. boyreporter says:

    Well, heroV, some do care, especially since Spaceyg was one of the bright spots in a pretty dismal, petty line-up of ignorant, tax-obsessed rightwing nuts without an ounce of humanity. I join in the hearty FU Erick, master of the nonsequitur, author of numerous personal postings having absolutely nothing to do with GA politics, and endless accounts of meaningless Macon b.s. The site just took a turn for the worse, and it really couldn’t afford to.

  7. bigdel1 says:

    I understand the need to focus on Georgia politics, and thus the removal of folks that post irrelevant topics.

    I do not understand posting topics on Macon city government, especially where mayoral or other “important” local elections are not involved. This is not a dig on Erick, who I understand was recently elected to the Macon Council, but simply an editorial comment from a regular reader.

    I’m just a quiet reader who doesn’t even live in Georgia, but I have noticed a significant trend away from Georgia politics on this blog. I check Peach Pundit almost daily to make sure I don’t miss important Georgia political news. The trend away from Georgia politics makes my daily click on PeachPundit a little less satisfying.

    Bottom line: Good move to enforce the Georgia politics nexus, please make the enforcement consistent.

  8. SpaceyG says:

    Yeah, looming, universal political and media issues out there for discussion just don’t stand a chance in the context of what’s going on in the men’s bathroom of the Macon council chambers.

    And since most Georgians are too illiterate to read or too dumb to operate a cell phone, they likely won’t be getting any text messages from the Obama campaign, ones they could then possibly post here right away.

    They couldn’t, for instance, read the text part on a VP pick announcement-based text to a Georgian’s phone where it MIGHT say “Sam Nunn” as well as anyone else.

  9. dorian says:

    Since you gotta itchy trigger finger today Erick, why not ban boyreporter from the site entirely? I don’t see what the big deal is. He apparently has no respect for the site or the people in it, so you’d probably be doing him a favor. There are plenty of other sites he can go troll.

  10. John Konop says:


    I have had many debates with Erick over issues. The debates have been very tough at times on both sides. But what you posted goes over any line of decency. As a parent I am shocked anyone could reach that low. Your comment demonstrates the issue many of us have with you and boyreporter.

    As I said Rouge and I had tough debates on the Wilson issue yet I do have respect for him because it was never personal attacks at families or each other just about the issue.

    If you had any self respect you would apologize to Erick!

  11. Tea Party says:

    ERICK! How compelling your vivid account of Macon infrastructure internals…and kicking Ms. Grayson to the political curb….

    You have a bit of an ego issue, lad.

    Gracey’s comments, acerbic and non-Republican as they may be, are interesting. I especiall enjoy reviews of GA Gang.

    Its’ your world boss, but I think you made a mistake

  12. Demonbeck says:

    Erick has never lightly cajoled me. I don’t even know any of those Macon massage parlor terms.

  13. SpaceyG says:

    Respect for Erick? For kicking me off PP? You’ve got to be f-ing kidding me! He’s the hapless parent who posts about spanking his child because his parenting skills are so woefully lacking he can’t get the kid to do what most parents are perfectly capable of getting their kids to do. (Get to bed and stay in bed, in that case.)

    Well, I needed a good laugh for the day. After all, my feelings WERE kinda hurt, for a minute or two, about being booted outta here.

    See y’all ’round the blogosphere, cowboys and (mostly) ranch hands. It’s been real. But not real fun obviously.

  14. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    I doubt there will be a “free SpaceyG ” movement.

    Erick, maybe you should put Andish Nah Nash Nahhh (Not going to work here anymore) on the front page? Or, I actually miss God Hate Trash, but I guess he/she was banned.

  15. GOPeach says:

    Does this mean I get to be the NEW Front Page Poster Girl ??. I promise to keep all content connected to Georgia Politics as I am 100% Peach !

    Also – after a few time-outs…
    I have learned to mind Erick and behave.
    He will not have to spank me. I promise.

    Guys – you know we need a rose among the thorns!!! This blog can get musty like a locker room and you need the steamy fragrance of a Steele Magnolia just after a Rainy Night in Georgia.

  16. Progressive Dem says:

    As with most front pagers on this site, I didn’t always see it Spacey’s way, but I have to give her credit for being original. Her posts were far more creative than most. This site lacks diversity. It going to get real boring if everybody just takes the “right” side (usually the wrong side) on taxes and guns. Those seems to be the two subjects most likely to motivate responses on this site.

  17. JDP says:

    Wow, this is incredible. This is easily the best news on a slow Monday.

    Today is the day we say: “We will not go quietly into the night!” We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”

    Oh and I agree with putting GOPeach on frontpage.

  18. GOPBuckhead says:

    Looks like the end of the road for Spacey. Outside of PP, no one reads/cares what she thinks. Take a look at her blog – bunch of big ol’ 0’s next to the comments on each of her posts.

    And Spacey – next time you want to criticize people in the state that you live in, too, think about it.

    It’s your elitist, thumb-nosing attitude that cost your party the Presidency in 2000, 2004, and again, will cause your loss in 2008. Take your patronizing, condescending tone elsewhere, missy.

    And by the way – that’s the HONORABLE Erick to you. That’s an elected official you’ve just happened to insult on this post.

    Maybe you could run for something yourself? With that aspect alone, he’s already more credible than you when it comes to discussing politics and government in this state.

  19. shrike071 says:


    Oh! The DRAAAMAAAA!!!!

    Geezus… First it was all the drivel about Macon, then the infantile Spacey Vs. Rogue pissing match, now this.

    Later, PP. You used to be a decent read, but if I was interested in this kind of stuff – I’d be reading the blogs over at “HighSchoolMusical.com”

  20. JamesStratfield says:

    Spacey is like the dorky kid in high school who is really mesmerized by the mating habits of lizards but is very confused about why nobody else finds them as fascinating.

    Props to Erick, big time props

  21. Bill Simon says:

    Hey, Macon used to be the capital of this state. So, there’s some good history having to do with Macon.

    Now, SAVANNAH, on the other hand, can be ignored, along with its infamous state senator.

  22. drjay says:

    “I’d be reading the blogs over at “HighSchoolMusical.com””

    there are high school musical blogs–sweeet–why am i wasting my time here…

    “the dorky kid in high school who is really mesmerized by the mating habits of lizards”

    you should really check out some serious lizard mating before you dismiss so easily

    “Hey, Macon used to be the capital of this state.”

    if by macon you actually meant sav’h, augusta, millegdeville, lousiville or atl–then yeah, your right…and i did not know running against barrow made regina thomas “infamous”

  23. bucky says:

    Sorry, Bill, but Macon was NEVER the Capital of Georgia. Augusta, Louisville, and Milledgeville, yes, but never Macon.

  24. bowersville says:

    Give Bill a break, he said Macon used to be the capital of Georgia because Debbie and Jimbo said it wasn’t.

  25. drjay says:

    well to be fair, bill–i believe when sherman was committing war crimes across the state in 1864 the gov’t had to flee milledgeville and the governor and a few other did take refuge in macon so it was a de facto capital, for a few months anyway…

  26. TPNoGa says:

    I’m sorry, but I am gonna miss her. At first I couldn’t stand her, but she grew on me. She cracks me up.

    Maybe it was living in LA so long, but vocal libs entertain me.

  27. GOPeach says:

    I love that Savannah Senator cuz he is gonna make dadgum sure my grand babies get to go to Paces Academy or Cumberland Christian.

    Only a mother would know how important that is. Seems like a Republican should have led the way in the State House. Tough time require tough choices.

  28. jsm says:

    The world has become so much clearer to me lately as I have realized that liberals’ responses to challenge, or in this case to rejection, are always emotional, never based on fact or principle.

  29. Georgiamike says:

    To remember the Georgia capitols, remember the city of Alma. According to the Georgia.gov website: Alma, the county seat of Bacon County, was incorporated August 21, 1906. Alma is the only incorporated municipality in Bacon County. Alma’s name is an acronym comprised of the first letters in the names of four Georgia capitals: Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, and Atlanta.

  30. IndyInjun says:

    Spacey added a flair to PP and will be missed.

    This being said, losing it and posting vulgarities is decidedly lacking flair or class.

    Yeah, Erick was, and is, a GOP shill, but seeing the electorate hand his bunch of neocon cronies their hats in 2006 was a lot of fun, with more to come in November.

    BTW, Erick, that ‘Obama’ T-shirt over at Red-State spoke VOLUMES about how stuck you are in circa-2000 GOP politics…..you know, the way we were before we found out how rotten to the core y’all are/were/ always will be….

  31. Tinkerhell says:

    I’d have rather seen the site de-trolled a bit; BoyReporter banned completely. Spacey could occasionally cause me to chuckle a bit. It’s good to have an opinion that is 180 degrees from the majority. There are a couple of them here and even one or three that can argue intelligently and follow the boss man’s rules. It IS his site ya know. Damn socialists think they should be a part owner in everything.

    Any way, don’t let the door hit ya…

  32. drjay says:

    sav’h was the capital until around 1785–and for a time the state ledge rotated betwen augusta and sav’h for whatever reason–as to whether she was a “state capital” i guess depends on what your definition of a state is as ga was admitted to the union in 1788–by ratifying the constitution–but of course a a nation our independence had been declared 12 years earlier…assuming grayson is willing to apologize for the worst of her post banning outburst–i for one wouldn’t mind seeing her allowed to post again…

  33. Icarus says:

    Much like the Olympics are being used to hide the attack on Georgia, this is all a smokescreen to divert your attention from the TMC killing another thread of dreams.


  34. John Konop says:


    I have at times seen you debate issues representing your views with valid points. Why is it you would rather engage in mud slinging than debate issues?

  35. Holly says:

    Oh dear. I’m sorry things didn’t work out for Grayson here, and I hope the newest poster has an easier go of it. Will y’all be adding more Dems to the front page? Johnathan McGinty would be a great choice.

    I agree that Indy would be an intriguing choice for a front page poster. He clearly has a unique perspective that the major parties don’t fit.

  36. Doug Deal says:

    That’s some “the show” Icarus. I wonder if it will ever last long enough to make syndication.

    When Spacey calls forth a firestorm, the devastation is utterly devastating. I hope Erick is ok.

  37. Icarus says:

    Well, the TMC has done what my therapist has been trying to do since some early childhood “episodes”. Where should I start sending her checks?

  38. Jessica says:

    “Yeah, looming, universal political and media issues out there for discussion just don’t stand a chance in the context of what’s going on in the men’s bathroom of the Macon council chambers.”

    The bathroom facility nearest council chambers, at least as far as I can tell, are unisex – FWIW.

  39. GOPeach says:

    Okay … I start as a female asking for a chance.
    Next ….. I must be a FEE male.

    I may have to start my own blog and invite all the lady bloggers ” Pundit Pajama Party” or “Still Magnolias” or “Party Girls” or “In Cider”
    work with me … I’m brainstorming….

    Then all you

  40. GOPeach says:

    Thanks John! You have an open mind. I like that in a man. It shows security and strength!

    Shut up Sheppy – You do not have any children – unless you are counting Bill. He is the one you protect , defend, and nurture as if you were the “baby mama”.

  41. Col. Sheppy says:

    Besides, you as well as anyone can read from the context that “our children” is meant in a broad context, not just my wife and I.

    By the way Peachy, still haven’t heard of any contributions coming into the Cobb YR bank account. Still all talk, huh?

  42. Jace Walden says:


    I know I’m late on this, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I couldn’t stand that condescending feminazi.

    Spanking builds character. Maybe Spacey will gain some after this experience.

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