1. Technocrat says:

    If they would compromise so that a permitted weapon could be left locked in the trunk in onsite airport parking or in a vehicle dropping off a passenger………..the fire would drop out of both sides.

    Otherwise the STATE will have to take over the Airport and Atlanta will lose those jobs and revenue. Easy as pie to accomplish. Why give them another valid reason.

  2. Tinkerhell says:

    The Frigtards LOVE to jump in when something generates media attention. Then they screw up whatever it is. The whole HB89 & 915 uproar were perfect examples. We’d all be a lot better off if the NRA would cede all their Ga state members (and that email list) to GeorgiaCarry and let the folks that are doing it right get on with business. If the NRA doesn’t screw it up somehow GCO will win this one too. Gotta love their track record. I absolutely can’t wait to see what we have in the works for the next session! Goodbye public gatherings???

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