Alleged Power Grab In Jonesboro City Court


Jonesboro City Court Judge William W. West has resigned in protest, alleging that the mayor was attempting to take control of the court.

In a letter sent to Mayor Luther Maddox and the city’s six councilmen, West wrote that he could no longer sit on the bench “without interference from the Mayor and certain members of the City Council.”

Then, West said, the city’s solicitor, Jerry Patrick, who prosecutes the city’s cases, told him he was being pressured to give special consideration to a councilman’s friend, a city councilman from another city, who was caught speeding in Jonesboro.


  1. Rick Day says:

    Aw judge, what fun is it to be a mayor of a bedroom community if you can’t help a friend out with a ticket or two?

    Judge probably wants air conditioning or something else extravagant. No one likes a whiny judge.


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