The Politics of Sex. The Sex of Politics. The Politics of Sex In Local Media.

Since this is the weekend and we’re doing open threads, here’s the replay (Part 1 and Part 2) of the Nightline/Bob Woodward interview with John Edwards.

As for the media composition of this wickedly delightful scandal… good for Elizabeth Edwards for not sitting passive/aggressively by her disgraced husband’s side like some lap dog, but making him get out there and clean-up after himself. Alone. Where he should be. And likely will be for quite a long while now.

And one more note while we’re on the topic of politicians’ affairs, I’m hearing whispers of a “girlfriend” associated with a certain key (quite married) Georgia politico. We shall see how National Enquirer-y Atlanta media really can go.

This politician need not lose a moment’s sleep though as Georgia media never go anywhere when it comes to sexcapades, us being in arbitrary media la-la land via our unique Coxopoly. Although that sure is starting to crumble around the monopoly edges, but I diverge…

In other words, it’s not like the AJC or WSB-TV or WSB-Radio will be hopping out of vans and hotel lobbies to investigate the sexual within the local political, given that, when it comes to sex, it might as well be Victorian England around the Cox Plantation.

Anyone, for instance, seen anything in the AJC about the juicy-wicked-bad divorce trial of Cox Television’s president, Andrew Fisher? The one going on right under our noses now?

Despite this ugly divorce, complete with stories of S&M, going through the Atlanta court system, I’ve heard nary a whisper in our Coxopoly town, except a mention in CL… a mention derived from a NYC blog. Read all about it here.

Is there a National Enquirer bureau in Atlanta? I really need to give those people a call!

: “A hearing (in the Andrew Fisher divorce) has been scheduled regarding custody at 1 pm on Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at the Superior Court in Fulton County in front of Judge Lane.” (From Gawker.)

I gotta take a moment here and ask the ladies… given the, uh, opportunity, would YOU have had (presumably sexual) “liaisons” with John Edwards?


  1. SpaceyG says:

    Seriously, GameF. I’m just messing with you. I am a soccer mom. Pure female. I have NO idea though exactly what Icky really is. Nor do I think I ever want to find out.

  2. Romegaguy says:


    Next time Spacey posts a link to some crappy youtube video she has done, look at the adam’s apple and tell me she’s not a man. I hear she does Toby Keith songs in drag, too

  3. boyreporter says:

    Romegaguy: I guess naming yourself after your crappy Flerd County town says enough about you, but just in case…you lack brains, and that’s just the beginning of a long list, I bet. If you know Spacey, you know your insults are stupid. If you don’t, take it from me. Now go tune in WRGA and call into the Swap Shop. Maybe there’s a brain for sale.

  4. GOP Girl says:

    Did we ever, for one moment, NOT think that the trial lawyer Breck Guy was having affairs???

    Frankly, I’m shocked that people are shocked.

  5. El_Capatain says:

    “whispers of a “girlfriend” associated with a certain key (quite married) Georgia politico”
    Interesting comment Spacey…
    C.C. has enough friends, AJC won’t touch it.

  6. boyreporter says:

    Actually, I can’t afford to buy one. It takes all my money to go to school. You might know it: I’m at Uckfay Ooyay polytechnic in Cobb County.

  7. gatormathis says:


    ……….and ya’ll say George Bush throws some helluva ,”politics”……..

    Now the serious countdown begins. It’s time to pick a V.P.

    On the Democrat side, you have:

    Well, it might not be John Edwards. Then again, he’s getting his name out there, ain’t he.

    McCain, he is waiting to see what the Democrats do.(Yea right. A war veteran senator soldier type guy, and he didn’t bring a “plan” to this table. The race of all races, one he has participated in before.)

    Hilliary. If the Kentucky Derby was to be held tommorrow, I would bet on a horse named “Hilliary”. Just on general principle.

    She knows, unless she gets her name on some “ballot” , some “where”, she will resume battle, to convene again, in about four more years.

    A helluva long wait, especially when you’re this close, and still in the 3rd quarter at that.

    So give me odds on Hilliary. She barrs no holds for the highest ranking seat in the land. The title “Queen Bee” would fit her right, because you can really get stung getting in her way.

    I’m just a lil ole pissant farmer down in south Georgia, I feel pretty sure she ain’t mad with me.

    Nor do I want her to be.

    I remember looking at “MAD” magazine a few times in the old days.

    There was the one cartoon about the way you looked on the outside, and the “shadow” cartoon that showed what you really “thought.

    Run one of those on Hilliary, and you see her calmly smiling, waving from time to time to the crowd to the crowd. And being ever so gracious.

    The “shadow” on the other hand, it will be a “million frame per second” b-grade old style Kung Fu move complete with repetitious kicking and chopping. As wide open as she can possibly be, Hiliary will continue on, and as well she should.

    She paid her dues. Her money to, and she can’t even get a ballot to staple on the wall with her name on it.

    Dang Space gurl, and ya’ll always accusing us Republicans of “stacking” the deck.

    ……go figure……….

    “No ballot?, she says, Well I’ll be damned. If we weren’t all Democrats, I’d near-bout swear it was some kind of right wing conspiracy to keep my name off the ballot.”

  8. SpaceyG says:

    24 hours later and I have to assume that the only woman, other than myself and GOPGal, bothering to comment on PP is Icarus.

    This blog needs a diversity program.

  9. boyreporter says:

    Romegaggy: And some of us are not sure you would know a woman from first-hand experience (pun intended).

  10. Icarus says:

    O.K., if that’s how we’re going to play it.

    And I wasn’t even going to call B.S. on the massive edits/revisions/extensions/streams of conciousness that have occurred to the main body of the post since my initial response.

    There are plenty of female Peach Pundit posters. Won’t try to name them all since I got flamed for trying to out the liberals.

    I will note that Holly appears to be in hiding again. And we never got the recipie from her for Aunt Lou’s Sausage Rolls.

  11. SpaceyG says:

    Yeah, sorry ’bout that Icky. I feel the need to edit, add, redact, mouth-off… well, I just go with it. I did move the question you answered to the bottom of the “revised” post to make your first comment relevant and simple and easily comprehendable for all the water-in-the-brains here.

  12. justfouryou says:

    Is there a National Enquirer bureau in Atlanta? I really need to give those people a call provided they aren’t owned by Cox too!

    In this “Cover up” Cox and the Courthouse could both be involved…The court rulings, thus far, seem to be aiding Andy in hiding the truth since he hasn’t denied the S&M allegations.

    Is Atlanta still a small enough city where a big shot media bully can ruin lives, cover it up, and seemly appear to get away with it?

  13. atlantaman says:

    You constantly mention how irrelevant old media, like the AJC, has become, yet you still look to them for the important stories. Isn’t it a bit hypocritical for you to be sitting on such a major story, such as a married GA politician having a girlfriend, hoping old media prints the details.

    New media isn’t supposed to be about live blogging what kind of outfits that candidates are wearing.

    This is the kind of story that could catapult the Spacey Gravey Review to Drudge or Huffington status. If you haven’t got the guts to get the word out, then you and your little blog are no more relevant than a couple of guys chatting in a barbershop.

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