Newsweek Declares South Too Stupid For Change

Chris Dickey, son of the famous Southern poet James Dickey, cons Yankee editors at Newsweek into believing he’s still a son of the South so he can write-up a load of overwrought, overwritten, stereotyping copy about our behavior during this time of “change.”

Now this part of the country, where I have my deepest roots, feels raw again, its political emotions more exposed than they’ve been in decades. George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama have unsettled the South: the first with a reckless war and a weakened economy, the second with the color of his skin, the foreignness of his name, the lofty liberalism of his language. Suddenly the palliative prosperity that salved old, deep wounds no longer seems adequate to the task.

Seems to Dickey Daddy’s Boy that none of us are all that crazy about “change.” Could be most of us Southerners aren’t all that crazy about pretentious wankers from Paris trying to pass themselves off as natives. Full story here. And Matt Towery’s take on all this backwater bs is here, y’all.


  1. Icarus says:

    One of my friends over at, “The Dragon”, sent me this a couple of days ago and suggested it as a post here. I still haven’t had time to dig through it, but it usually works out pretty well for the Dems when New England elitist types start making fun of us Southerners (Cough. John Kerrey. Cough).

  2. SpaceyG says:

    John Kerry never made fun of Southerners that I know of. Nor did he treat us as folk still incapable of procuring indoor plumbing or an education.

    I personally know more than one Southerner capable of windsurfing like a pro too. Maybe Kerry raced a few of that sort at Yale or something.

  3. ChuckEaton says:

    I thought Towery nailed it. If you’re going to imply that white people in the South are not voting for Obama because they are racist, you first have to look at the percentage of white people who voted for Kerry and compare it to Obama.

    I haven’t seen the article and have no idea where Newsweek found a drive-in movie theatre to take pictures, but would like to know the location. It would be fun to see a movie strictly from a retro-cool standpoint.

  4. Grayson today on Newsweek’s depiction of the South: “overwrought, overwritten, stereotyping copy about our behavior during this time of “change.”

    Grayson two weeks ago: “Georgia has historically been the lynching capitol of the world (we specialized in lynching not only blacks, women and children, but Jews too),”

    You only hate stereotypes that you didn’t think of first.

    Perhaps Christopher Dickey can redeem himself by writing story in Newsweek about a five-year-old Toby Keith song that he read about on HuffPo.

    Now that would be real journalism!

  5. Honest Abe 706 says:

    I am a Republican and a Southerner. My vote will go to McCain – not because he is white — but because he is the more conservative candidate.

  6. “I can write whatever I want; I live here.”

    You Yankees ain’t allowed to call us Southerners parochial and defensive unless y’alls is from here.

    Way to rebut the stereotypes, Grayson.

  7. DMZDave says:

    Do you think maybe Mr. Dickey got under Matt’s skin just a little? That was truly a first class rant on Matt’s part and he nailed it. This Dickeyhead guy is more retro than the drive-in they pictured in the magazine. (It’s near Lake Burton).

    I don’t know if John Kerry ever really made fun of the South but I do know, we all sure made fun of him. Same thing went for Al Gore for much the same reason – he’s not real. His daddy may have been from Tennessee but Al Gore grew up in a hotel in DC and drove an Alpha Romeo to his private school. As one of my friends recalled who was a classmate of Al’s at Saint Albans, “Al Gore was like the rich kid you hate in every formula Hollywood high school teen movie.”

  8. drjay says:

    “You Yankees ain’t allowed to call us Southerners parochial and defensive unless y’alls is from here.”

    hell yeah–what’s wrong w/ that…dickey sounds like some kinda jerkish, expatriate, scalawag to me…

  9. SpaceyG says:

    Hey Guys! Let’s all meet at the drive-in tonight to chat about all this. Catch a picture show and have a soda pop. Maybe we can handle some snakes afterwards at the tent revival.

  10. SpaceyG says:

    NO NO NO. I may be a lot of things, some of them even true, but I am NOT NOR HAVE EVER BEEN A YANKEE!!! That was a gross error on my part, and I deserve to be called-out (not lynched please) for the error of my ways.

    Yes, I should have said “…have a Co-Cola.” My bad.

  11. landman says:

    It appears that Mr.Dickey”s understanding of the New South is on par with Obama’s understanding of Foreign,Energy and Economic Policies…… 300 acres wide and 1 inch deep!!!!

  12. ACConservative says:

    As it appears to me, ole Mr. Dickey was just looking for an excuse to write an Obama fluff piece and accuse Southerners of racism and backwards thinking in one fell swoop.

    Something also tells me he was a little disappointed that Merle Black didn’t reassure his beliefs of all Southerners being ignorant yokels.

  13. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    I didn’t really see anything wrong witht he article. Afterall, it was only 7 years ago that GA took the Confederate Battle Flag off of its State Flag (actually, a couple of years after that if you count the Barnes Flag).

    You can’t have it both ways. Right or wrong, the rest of the country is going to laugh at you for holding on to such a symbol that’s so blatantly racist to everyone else.

    Oh, ‘Soda Pop’ is a midwestern term and can also be heard in parts of California. North Easterners (true Yankees) prefer to just say “soda”

  14. John Konop says:

    Speaking of change I heard a major RUMORS by an unmentioned GOP State Rep. At a business event an unnamed Republican State Rep. was telling us how Richardson days in leadership are over. He also claims this is wide spread revolt! All of us were sworn not to spill the beans on the name of the Rep. who gave us the juicy gossip.

    The last RUMOR was that Icarus is also an unnamed GOP State Rep. I am not asking Icarus to verify this rumor of him or her being a Rep. Yet it would be interesting if Icarus could tell us if Richardson is really in trouble?

  15. shep1975 says:

    Personally, I’m voting for McCain because he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills. I am personally happy McCain doesn’t dress in lace and powdered wigs!

  16. Rick Day says:

    Jackson, Lincoln and Franklin did not do the wig thing, although Ben was rumored to wear lace underwear.

    I thought the article was spot-on. You Saltines of the South ™ just got a good dose of “that ain’t me in the mirror by god’ denial.

    Yes it is. There was no BS in that article. If I am wrong, prove it.

    Vote for the Mighty O.

  17. Game Fan says:

    Does the outside world know that we have cuddle parties here in the South? Wouldn’t this make us appear more modern? More…accepting?

  18. rugby fan says:

    You know, adding an article, specifically “the” in your title, as in: Newsweek Declares the South Too Stupid For [sic] Change” would add clarity and specificity to your title, making it better.

    But I guess you are “too stupid” to know that, being from the South.

  19. atlantaman says:

    The similarities between Dickey and Spacey are amazing. Two folks who were born in the South, but have become extreme, off-the-wall liberals; losing all touch with their roots.

    Their memory seems to be poisoned by watching too many episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard and the movie Mississippi Burning.

  20. boyreporter says:

    Game: “No” is a word you’ve heard many times, I’m sure, so I bow to your authority. Keep trying, though. You can’t be all bad.

    ACC: Southerns racist and backward? How could that idea ever have started? It’s moreso now that it’s red all over. Basically, except for Spacey and me and a few others and a tiny island of blue here and there, the red South really does suck. So does Game Fan, if you can believe John Konop. They got that room, I hear.

    By the way, Rugby: Lighten up on Spacey, the brightest spot in this whole PP universe. Have another Foster’s.

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