I Always Find It Best To Fear Those With Nothing To Lose

I never want to be in a fight with someone where the fight itself is all the opponent has.  Generally, I will avoid a fight if possible, preferring alternative resolution.  However, in order to protect life, family, or property, a fight is sometimes unavoidable.   But if the person you are fighting has none of those, then the fight is very different.  They are only fighting for honor, because they have nothing else of value to take away.   A person fighting to protect what he has will fight until his possessions are protected and retreat.  A person fighting for honor must fight until victory is his.

For some unknown and bizarre reason (and off topic, I might add), I was asked in another thread if I thought The Speaker was in trouble.  My opinion is yes, but I’m not sure how much.

In one of my first front page posts, I strongly urged a quite, behind the scenes unification of the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Speaker.  I believe there have even been a few signs that this may be happening.   With the announcement of Rep. Ralston’s challenge, however, The Speaker’s issues become more pressing.   The smart money right now says that the Speaker is re-elected, but the race is still early.   There are reports that a lot of house members aren’t happy with the challenge BEFORE the election cycle has played out, because now the Reps running for re-election may have to answer to their constituents how they plan to vote.  

Rep Raltson has himself indicated that there will be a “grass roots” campaign to elect him Speaker.  I believe he is on the correct track, if there is one.  As such, here’s what we should watch:

Dissension cannot be expected from anyone holding a committee chair or leadership position at first.   These are the folks with something to lose.  Betting on an upstart challenger isn’t the way to go if you enjoy the trappings of power.   I would also not look to legislators from rural parts of the state who are only recently converted to the Republican brand.  The folks back home in these areas are still addicted to the state paying for “much needed local projects”, or as the rest of us know it, pork.

So, the pressure then builds on legislators who don’t yet hold leadership positions, and are in areas that have been Republican for 10 years or more.  For the most part, this would represent the suburbs and exurbs of Metro Atlanta.   These are the areas that sent Republicans to battle against Tom Murphy and a host of Democrat Governors, expecting little state funds to return as a result.  Thus, these are the areas where an electorate may not only tolerate, but congratulate a Rep for standing up for principle knowing that fewer local pork projects wills result.

So if there is a real grass roots movement to oust the Speaker, it will start here.  And if the 5-6 Reps become 15-16, some of those who have lower level committee assignments may begin to get some pressure as well.   If the public number approaches 20, then those near the top of the food chain will begin to wonder if they are better off defending the status quo, or assisting in the coup and moving up a spot. 

The tea leaves of this race can be found in the lower seniority, Metro Atlanta Republican Reps.  These are the ones who have nothing to lose from Leadership, but will have to answer to an electorate.  They should expect to be asked a lot of questions, publicly and privately, about their support of the Speaker.   If a dozen or so of them that have opposition begin to shy away from The Speaker, all bets are off. 


  1. John Konop says:

    The unnamed State Rep. told us the “wheels are in motion”! He also said that “Richardson support is very weak”! As I said I will not spill the beans because he told us not to mention his name, but it seems I am not the only one who has been told this rumor.

  2. John Konop says:

    What I also found interesting is after I posted the rumor comment about a revolt against Richardson last night I got several e-mails and phone calls. The strange part is they all told me I was the only person in Georgia who did not know this was going on, which seemed logical since the State Rep who told me the rumor I had never met before and he was out of my district.

    I apologize for my ignorance on this topic. And this question may make me look even more naïve. Can anyone tell me what are the key issues that is driving open revolt against Richardson?

  3. odinseye2k says:

    “The folks back home in these areas are still addicted to the state paying for “much needed local projects”, or as the rest of us know it, pork.”

    For my own enlightenment, what’s the separating line between pork and local investment around here?

    Schools? Roads? Bridges? Downtown shopping districts? Historical preservation? Farm irrigation?

    ‘Cuz right now, it’s sounding like the “principled ones” are the folks that like to enjoy the opportunities and infrastructure that the ATL provides while shielding themselves in all ways possible from having to pay for it.

  4. Crazy Bastard says:


    Would the same unnamed Rep also be the one that talked you into running for Congress? Maybe he said the Price’s “support is very weak”… how’d that turn out?

  5. John Konop says:


    When I ran for office I was concerned husband, father and businessman who warned everyone that the out of control spending would catch up with us. Many of you called me ‘chicken little” who was right?

    As I said I never met the State Rep. before who told me about this rumor. I also know very little about Richardson as I admitted on my previous comment. If you information one way or the other on Richardson and the revolt issue it would not affect me because I have no dog is this hunt.

    All I know is what I was told. And why would I ask people about the issue if I understood what was going on?

  6. Crazy Bastard says:


    The point I was trying to make was that that you took what you were told from a Rep you had never met, proceeded to run with what he had said, and then claim ignorance on the topic.

    Would you have done things differently if you were elected to the House or would you have just taken what another Representative had said as truth and voted that way? When you were called out in your district would you have claimed ignorance?


  7. Game Fan says:

    IMHO let’s get what’s ours with highway funds/infrastructure (without blackmail/strings if possible) and without outsourcing/toll BS too. And screw all this “attracting business” and pet projects ect… “If you build it they will come”.

  8. John Konop says:


    As I said I have no dog is this fight. But as fairly good horse trader (businessman) one can see with your personal attacks and no defense it looks like the rumor maybe true. If you have any facts that the rumor is wrong present them.

  9. Romegaguy says:


    Local investment dollars are dollars that come into your district or go to support something you agree with. Pork is money that goes into someone else’s district or is spent on an issue that you disagree with.

  10. Three Jack says:

    If one has no dog in the fight, then why would one spread unsubstantiated rumors from anonymous sources meant to create turmoil where relative calm currently prevails? Konop, you are full of it as usual.

  11. John Konop says:

    Three Jack

    It turns out the rumor I heard from a GOP State Rep. was already reported on the PP via Icarus. I admitted that I did not know much about the situation. And I have still have not heard about the reason why they want Richardson out.

    If anything what Icarus posted verified what I had heard. And all you guys can do is attack me and not deal with the facts.

    Is it true all false that Richardson is facing a challenge?

    All I am asking is why?

    Without being defensive can you not answer the question?

  12. Crazy Bastard says:


    I think he is being targeted because of the office that he holds, not because of who he is. Anyone in that office will get targeted just the same.

    Politics as usual. Think of it like you running against Price. You thought you could do it better, the voters in the 6th thought differently (and the percentages will probably be about the same…).

  13. John Konop says:

    Crazy and Three Jakes

    You are right I should of used google but I had no idea this was such a wide spread story. And not to be defensive but the other business people at the table were as shocked as I was when they heard the comments from the State Rep. If I had known about the old postings I would have referred to them in my original comment. BTW I did admit and apologize that I did not know this issue was no secrete.

    I did think since it came from a State Rep from his own Party it was not like spreading information from a bad source ie the other Party.

    The real question is would Ralston do a better job and why?

  14. jenlongstreet1 says:


    He is being challenge because he forgot that representation is supposed to be from the bottom up instead of the top down. This Speaker of the House treats legislators like he is their boss. One legislator responded that the Speaker has us by the throat. No wonder they are so scare to go public.

    The answer to John’s question is yes Ralston would be better. So would Burkhalter or almost any other Republican. We had better get this right or very soon we will be looking at a Speaker from a different party. We can do better than Tom Murphy Jr.

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