Once you go black, you never go back

I guess that’s the message here. Some attorney in Atlanta named Marvin S. Arrington, Jr. has set this up. The Georgia Slate website, however, does not connect the website to his law practice, but rather to his promotions company.

If you aren’t willing to click through, it’s a website that encourages you to vote for a full slate of black candidates, including having Vernon Jones continue in the tradition of Barack Obama by becoming a black United States Senator.


  1. Rogue109 says:

    He, I believe, is the son of the Fulton County Superior Court Judge of the same name. You know, the one that has no problem banishing whites from his courtroom so he can give a pep talk to the remaining blacks in private…the one who we have been told certainly couldn’t be racist or bigoted! Nosiree!

  2. shenry says:

    Lewis Pittman, the endorsee for Fulton court clerk – and thus the candidate most likely to directly impact Arrington’s life – is white. And gay. So there.

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