Kudos are in order.

The people of Clayton County got it right tonight.  Tossing Walking Small and Jewel Scott in the same night.  Well done!

Kudos also to Charles Bannister.  Winning reelection in a tough environment for incumbents is quite an accomplishment.


  1. Zac Billings says:

    The Bannister victory is something else. I can’t think of many examplesnof incumbents who pull out of the run-off. A very impressive campaign.

    Bannister defeated Lorraine green, Sheriff Butch Conway, Commissioner Mike Beaudreau, Senator Renee Unterman, the biased AJC and Mark Rountree.

    Impressive. And good for Gwinnett

  2. Bill Simon says:


    That’s not how I remember it. I recall Beaudreau writing/saying something somewhere that he was “going to take my supporters to support Green” since Green was running a “clean” (sic) campaign.

  3. When was that Bill? Please provide some evidence.

    Mike called on both campaigns to stick to the issues during the runoff otherwise he’d be forced to endorse the one who didn’t go negative. Both campaigns stuck to the issues and he didn’t endorse anyone.

    Why do you and Zac want to make Mike out to be Charles’ enemy when he’s not?

  4. Zac Billings says:

    oh but he is. Mike went around his district the entire time supporting Lorraine- even set up some meet and greets for her. And he sao things like “you’ve got to elect both of us to get things done” though you are right, he never formally endorsed.

    Mike will be a lost puppy on the commission come January

  5. When and where did these meet and greets take place? I went with Mike everywhere (I managed his campaign) and he never said “you’ve got to elect both of us to get things done.” During Charles and Lorraine’s runoff he went on vacation and then tried to get caught up at work.

    This is a stupid as when one of Charles’ supporters said Mike and Lorraine went door to door together when Lorraine didn’t go door to door at all.

    Keep living in your fantasy world Zac. Make enemies when there’s no need to. You guys earned it by winning last night. As you said it’s all good.

  6. Your welcome.

    The Bannister door to door effort was impressive. When I was campaigning for Beaudreau we saw Charles’ stuff everywhere.

    That’s how you win elections.

  7. c_murrayiii says:

    Thats the truth Buzz, door to door is a great tool to win a campaign. I have limited campaign experience, but I worked with Mike in ’04 and with some state rep. and state senate candidates in college, all facing incumbents, and we won every race we went door to door in. I want to congratulate you too Buzz for running a good campaign, very impressive.

  8. Bill Simon says:

    Heyyyy, BUZZ!!!

    I found what you requested up a few posts. You wanted proof of where Beaudreau said he was going to go with the “clean candidate”.

    Well, as I recall, Lorraine Green signed his “Clean Campaign Pledge” and Charlie Bannister did not.

    Here is a link and excerpt since Bob Griggs has a habit of deleting articles/posts that defeat his (and his allies’) points of view:

    “”I have intended to stay out of the chairman’s race,” Beaudreau said. “However, we’ve seen a lot of negative campaigning and dirty tricks in the primary. If both candidates agree to this pledge and keep their word, I’ll stay out and endorse no one. If one candidate breaks this pledge, I will endorse the other candidate.

    “Further, if one candidate agrees and the other refuses, I will endorse the one that agrees and work to bring a few thousand Gwinnett residents with me.”

    Contact: Mike Beaudreau, 770-855-9159

    Courtesy of TalkGwinnett.com at this post:


    “Bring a few thousand residents with me…”

    Who is Beaudreau’s Dem opposition this Fall? Based on what I read from GwinnettBuzz.com, Beaudreau ain’t the sharpest business-minded knife in the drawer.

  9. Bill,

    You need to read before you post. What you quoted is the same as what I posted above which does not say what you said it says. It does not say he’s going to take people to the polls for Green.

    And another thing. Charles did sign on to Mike’s clean campaign request. Camie Young reported it here.

    If you want to go support a Democrat against Beaudreau be my guest, but you’ll be wasting your time ’cause he’ll get crushed just like Doug Stacks did.

  10. Bill Simon says:


    It says EXACTLY what I said, and I never said he was going to explicitly “take people to the polls” as though this was a South Fulton race. I said he was going to “take people to SUPPORT Green”…the word “support” does not mean “take people to the polls to vote for a candidate.”

  11. Bill Simon says:

    Buzz, Part 2

    You want to know the BEST thing about me living in Cobb County? It’s that I don’t have to live with idiotic Republicans as my county commissioners.

    Annette Kesling just lost her run-off, so that idiot won’t be returning to the Cobb county commission.

    As far as what happens in Beaudreau’s district, I’m not going support EITHER candidate.

    Frankly, based on Beaudreau’s supportive votes of the Kenerly and Green land “deals”, I’m not entirely sure how much WORSE a Dem could do in that seat. Maybe vote against such squandering of county tax money? Oooh. That would be AWFUL, wouldn’t it?

  12. Clearly Bill you’re mind’s made up. Mike Beaudreau has somehow committed ‘crimes against Bannister’ and needs punishment. There’s no sense in my wasting anymore bandwidth trying to confuse you with the facts.

    Mike stayed out of the Chairman’s race. If you and the Bannister people want to exact revenge on him for some crazy reason then so be it.

  13. Chris says:

    Oh, I thought this thread was about Erick booting SpaceyG. Its just about this stupid chairman’s race.

    Can we just indict them both and give the job to Perikle?

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